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    This booing was for the whole Team, not only for Mareen. If someone else would standing there, there would have been the same reaction. They booing was because of nobody from Dresden deserved to be a MVP in this game. After a 0:3 defeat against a Vilsbiburg, who are very weak during the last weeks, was a blame. So if some guys are booing, why not - this is Sport. In other Sports, Players don`t run away because someone is booing (Arjen Robben). And we are know, that Girls are Close to tears.

    This happens week after week also in other Clubs, in smaller leagues, that players are getting blamed by their own "fans" and they don`t earn Money with their playing.

    In Volleyball (especially in Germany), Players are spoiled by warmer atmosphere, cause a Team can losing and losing and guys on the stands continuing clapping. And if there is a Situation like this, Players cannot go on with it. A Sport is living fropm the atmosphere and in Germany, there is no atmosphere. That`s why Volleyball is less popular in Germany.

    Look at Turkey, Greece, Polska - hot atmosphere on the stands - in Germany, just clapping, no booing, nothing....

    If relegation system works, Belgium and Bulgaria might play in first division one year later. By the way I am also concerned about the future of European League. Turkey might still want to participate since our federation want to get a wider player pool with international experience, also our youth and junior NTs have good players who can play in a B-NT. Serbia also have a wide player roster. However except those two I don't think other GP participating teams would eager to participate also in European League :whistle:

    European League is getting more and more uninteresting year by year.

    Teams are sending reserves, cause they don`t care about the final result.

    If this League wouldn`t exist anymore, no one outsides this Forum would cry

    What i wont never ever understand - a Team (f.e. Gent or Schwerin) is playing totally crap and the supporters are clapping and clapping. Why don`t they pipe ot sth like this like in other sports... Is Volleyball a "ideal world"!?!

    Schwerin is blaming the whole German Club Volleyball this season. They are totally crap... This Cup is calling " Champions League", not Cup of "Desaster"... They have nothing to lose in this competition, whit such a mess Team