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    Is there not an Italian A1 Cup this year? I haven't been following pro vb very long, but I remember last year it was ending around this time of the year. I haven't found any info on it this year.

    Guys, who watched Zenit - Macherata game last night? I've read in Russian press there was a big conflict between Sivozhelez and Zaytchev that almost ended in fist fight. What was that about and was it really that serious?

    From what I saw, in the 4th set Sivozhelez got kill to put them up 23-21. He celebrated by punching the pole pad. He got a yellow. The next point the serve hit the tape, rolled over the net and fell for an ace. Zaytsev took exception to Sivozhelez making a motion basically telling him to suck his ****. Zaytsev went to the official upset. Sivozhelez laughed it off. The next play Zaytsev pounds a ball from the right pin. He turns away from the net and gives the same gesture. Zaystev went on to miss a serve on set point. Sivozhelez must have motioned or laughed because Zaytsev went storming to the net.

    When they switched sides to start the fifth set the coaches even got into a bit of an argument. The whole fifth set Macerata imploded and Sivozhelez made an issue to direct his celebrations across the net: laughing, or even putting his hand to his ear as to say he couldn't hear them. I am not a huge fan of Zaytsev, but it would have been amazing to watch him put his fist through Sivozhelez's nose. The guy was surely asking for it.