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    They're playing in a hall for 20,000 people and there are not even 50 watching :aww:

    Probably even in CL F4 it will look creepy, such a small volleyball court in such a giant stadium...

    Indeed it seems really strange. but probably there will be much more for final four.

    Rabita really doesn't looke like last final four rabita (even though they didn't do so good with Vbank). They seemed really weak - Skowronska doesn't try hard, cruz is so overrated :thumbdown:, rourke is really heavy and slow, except for libero doesn't look like star players are playing. But I think Vbank has all the chances again and only Dinamo may try do something.

    And the other team - only rivera and crimes were not so bad. The rest are just funny :D . Especially lichtman and that funny wooden mb klimovich that imitates jumping and when she finally does - forgets to put hands in the air :rolll:. So i don't regret watching :mirror: :lol:

    Did Thomsen get injured or was she so terrible that Vercesi declared her unable to play?? Gasimova is libero now for Azeryol...

    I think it was a political move by Azeryol after Fener just smashed them away :rolll: :dance6:
    And after the game they will be like: "Oh, yes today our libero got injured and there was no one to receive the ball. But our girls fighted like heroes.. bla bla.."

    Let's just wait till interview comes out :mirror:

    Does anyone know if Veljkovic is still injured?
    I know Montano will soon start training with the team so I feel bad for Rabadzhieva who is performing surprisingly good recently :aww:

    I am glad that Montano is better. Now there is small chance that some people will make less excuses when galatasaray underperforms at the end of the season.. :cup: :dance4: :wavy: :mirror:

    Rabita's next targets should be Harmotto,Gibbemeyer and Paolini so they can have all USA NT MBs for themselves :lol:

    I believe there is huge difference between Paolini and others as I believe she is very overestimated. I watched grandprix and she was very slow, weak, predictable, no cleverness and much lower level that you would expect US NT player :what: . There are just so many dozens of US players who are so much better than she is. One thing for sure - she is a one lucky mamasita. :whistle: :mirror:

    Thanks Matthias, we are trying to do our best.

    BTW Cruz is a player of Rabita ;)

    It will be decided by the end of the season!

    Is it so, that Rabita is planning to do business like Volero (Buy everyone and then "lease" and "rent" half of the players)?

    Nevertheless, I believe Rabita is a big club with pro staff and hopefully no players will be leaving 10 at time like in Igtisadchi, lokomotiv. :rolleyes:

    Wanted to comment on Alisha's anti-perfomance but after seeing so many comments - I have nothing to add. She was just horrible today even worse than Azeryol's libero. She kept on setting almost into the net. But the girls still won as forecasted by Mathias :win: :dance4:

    what a horrible season for Chinese players playing in Europe :white:

    Just not exactly in Europe - in Igtisadchi ;( (that makes it "1.25 players out" per month since October, so by end of April it should about 9-10 players out)

    Also not only for Chinese players - for everyone who plays there :S

    Igtisadchi has parted away with Chinese NT MB Yunwen Ma . I don't want even want to know what stories they come up this time to justify the part away :rolll: Poor bulent. And shame on those agents who brought those players there... :call: :white:

    At the same time it makes angry as this doesn't stop... :down: Let's see if she ends up in lokomotib :rolll:

    Jones is not in the roster for tomorrow, Azeryol with 11 players and 3 of them setters.

    About the other match, Dresden is in very bad shape at the moment, the team is totally overplayed from too many matches in the last weeks, so it might be very easy for Uralochka tomorrow :S

    WOOHOOO :dance6: :woohoo: If jones will not play then I guess it should be easier.. but i forgot about di iulio :aww: . Still I think it should be manageable :rolleyes:

    Uralochka - Dresden and Fenerbahce - Azeryol will be live on Laola tomorrow :)

    I looked at their eurostats and I think it will be tough if the jones and kozuch play but we should be able to overcome them) Also abondanza should know their style by now :super: .. :heart: :woohoo: :dance4: :cup:

    She's already playing today...

    Obviously, Azeri press is not happy with another signing by their teams signings.



    It seems there is more behind this signings. It says that she almost never played in azerrail. Then (in 2013/2014) contracted for 2 months but never played in igtisad, after that went to indonesia for 2 months but their she also got kicked out, and now she has signed with Lokomotiv. That makes 3 clubs in half season?? What a beautiful way from Igtisadi to Lokomotiv :lol: These clubs should make a pipeline of players between each other, so at least they don't touch other players.

    Did anyone count how many players these clubs have contracted this season? ?(

    Fenerbahçe seeems to play very good but I still insist that they should play with Bauer insttead Havlickova as third foreigner. The difference between Bauer and Gökçen is much more than Seda and Havlickova

    I agree on the fact that Bauer is much better MB to loose a position as a foreigner. Abondanza 's play is team is playing much faster than last season. Perhaps Havlickova is faster ^^ and has adapted better to his style of play than Bauer :dance4: . Because that is the only reason why I can see her as a foreigner instead of Bauer. I guess any other coach would have Bauer as a foreigner instead of her.

    I really like the way abondanza makes team play :heart: team is very well organized and moves accordingly. looks like a machine :roll: already hope he will continue that in new season in CL :cup:

    Yeah god bless Fener, god bless the ultimate leader Aziz! Daaa...
    I'm not critisizing Fenerbahce as it is now, but it's stupid that they claim "We are a republic, we are Turkey". Then do something for the country, don't use money to buy ready foreign players only like Real Madrid.
    Your discussion of 50 good young players is nothing but fun. Yes if each club produce 5 young good players, there will be 50 good players but then probably 5 or 10 of them which are the best of those 50 will be top players. This is how you aim development. :whistle:

    You are wrong And Should Mend . Also, you would defend any point without single sense of objectivity and fact to defend the point against FB - just another hater from galatasaray. :S

    Cannot agree more.
    Dear corinthiali, please don't be so lazy and check things before you declare them. Eczacibasi also won the Turkish title when Naz was playing as a setter for them. So she already has been the setter of a champion club? Ok?

    Henry, although I dont like federations dictating things on clubs, they are making a good job by forcing them to promote young players. We will need native players in the NT anyway, I dont want Turkish league to be like Azerbaijan where clubs are amazing but NT is not. Vakifbank and Eczacibasi are already doing great jobs, GsD is at least trying. Moreover, yes the players that GsD buy are from minor clubs too but at least they buy them when they are still young and give them opportunity to train with a good team.

    Why are we commenting what is already clear?? :aww: Naz started her supershinning era at Fener. Naz was always great but - watch this letters - in 2008 she was playing for Junior National Team. And The Biggest Star internationally she became while at Fener (incl. ECL Runner-up in her first year). :mirror:

    Seriously? I respect Fenerbahce for their strategy to transfer good players but Naz was already a good setter in Eczacıbaşı even when she was 15 she got the main setter position. If you actually looked to the results of youth leagues:

    For girls: http://www.tvf.org.tr/icerik/130/
    For boys: http://www.tvf.org.tr/icerik/131/

    You will see that Fenerbahce is not good, especially in girls category. Fenerbahce is unfortunately well known of transferring good players but not developing any and this is not only limited to their volleyball teams.

    ))) Moreover to what Henry wrote - I believe there is huge difference from having

    - 2007 Youth Black Sea Games "Best Setter" award with Eczacıbaşı and

    - 2009-10 Turkish League Final Series "Best Setter" award with FENER :cup: :whistling: :tzz:

    I agree but in a way it doesn't make a big difference. You only get %10 of the points that youth team collects I think. Also it is a good reminder to everyone that teams like Fenerbahce do not really invest in young players.

    Yes, we do. Fener has given many chances to younger players and even to younger player from coming from other clubs who have made their names at fener like naz and eda