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    I really wish I knew why Toray played this Final Stage, let alone the whole season, without Mari Horikawa on the court. What is the dang deal with that?

    Injury and (probably) coach's decision.

    1. Horikawa got injured on her right finger before opening match and she couldn't block, so Kanno didn't use her on front row at the beginning of the season.

    2. Kanno basically likes offensive roster (2 seasons ago, he used Sakoda-Horikawa at the same time and Kimura sisters did 2 players passing), so I guess he was thinking Kulan-Kurogo-Horikawa was the best line-up before starting this season.

    But watching a) Kulan's passing skill , b) this affects to her attacking performance and c) Horikawa's performance after injury, he probably changed his mind Kulan concentrating on offence and using 2nd libero (Nakata) is better than using these offensive trio.

    Sorry for my poor English!

    Good to see Foluke winning so many awards, and of course her team winning.

    I'm surprised Jana did so well. I remember I was always wondering how can a player her size be that bad of an attacker

    Being free from reception burden is the key to success for Yana IMHO.

    I think she is one of the best foreign players who ever played for Toray, along with De la Cruz (07-08) and Zhang Yuehong (08-09).

    I wonder Toray extend the contact with Yana because Toray is the team which don't extend the contact with foreign players basically (only exception was Adams Monique who played for 03-05 season).

    Individual awards: Link

    MVP: Foluke Akinradewo

    Fighting-Spirit award: Jana Kulan

    Best Scorer: Jana Kulan

    Best Spiker: Foluke Akinradewo (3rd)

    Best Blocker: Foluke Akinradewo

    Best Server: Jana Kulan

    Best Receiver: Risa Shinnabe (5th)

    Best 6:

    Risa Shinnabe (3rd)

    Jana Kulan

    Brankica Mihajlovic (2nd)

    Foluke Akinradewo (2nd)

    Sinead Jack

    Nanami Seki

    Best Libero: Mako Kobata (2nd)

    Receiving award: Risa Shinnabe (5th)

    Best Newcomer award: Nanami Seki

    Why you try to prove something to me? Do you think that I'm unaware of our Superliga and players?

    I almost watched ever game of Superliga and that game too.

    You think Lazareva deserves to play in NT because of playing one or two games during whole season. In that case Russu played much more than her. I know our players' capability and she needs to choose the club where she will be main OPP and prove herself and than I'm sure she will get invited to NT. I can't understand why people want to see Lazareva in NT ??? Because of playing one or two games during regular season ??? She is the young player and she needs to prove herself and become main player and face of her team.

    We'll see which players will get invited to NT for VNL this year. I'm looking forward to seeing the list of players for VNL


    When did I say you are unaware of Superliga or you are wrong ?

    I never write such a thing...

    I just told my opinion on previous post.

    Every person has different opinions so I respect you.

    @canhotrodrigo, thanks for creating the thread !




    There are huge difference between them and other setters.

    I wonder who another setter will be VNL roster. Novik? Ryseva?



    Kosheleva (also OH), Kadochkina (also OH)


    - On domestic league, Kadochkina certainly be the best Opposite along with Goncharova. I hope she plays some VNL matches before joining to youth team.

    - Kosheleva as OH will destroy the team's receiving line so Goncharova's back-up is the best choice (and she will be better compared to other Opposites).

    - I hope Lazareva get some experience on VNL this year, but because of lacking playing time, I think Pankov will choose Malygina instead of her :aww:

    - Khaletskaya showed amazing performance at the beginning of the season, but then significantly dropped. I don't think she get invitation,

    - Despite too short (180cm) for NT, Sophia Kuznetsova from Leningradka is interesting player for me.

    Outside Hitter:

    Voronkova, Parubets

    Shcherban, Kotikova (also OP), Bavykina

    Yulinskaya (also OP), Kutiukova (also L)

    - Voronkova and Parubets should be starters.

    - I know Shcherban underperforms this season, but she's still be an important player for NT and she's the 3rd choice on this position.

    - No one mentions so far, but I think Anastasia Bavykina improved a lot this season. She's still a weak passer, but good option when team needs offensive power.

    - Considering that South Korea is the one of the strongest serving team, Kutiukova (or Frolova) as a back-row specialist is a reasonable choice . In terms of passing, her and Frolova are the only players who is better than Voronkova & Parubets.

    - I hope Krotkova will come back to the team on Olympic season:rose:

    Middle Blocker:

    Fetisova, Koroleva

    Lazarenko, Lyubushkina

    Enina, Efimova

    - I hope Lazarenko get more playing time and grabs 14 spots.

    - Lyubushkina shows solid performance both attacking and blocking, she's better than Efimova IMO.

    - I really like Enina, but has she ever got called ? She's one of the best MB last 3-4 seasons, but never seen on the wide roster.


    Galkina, Podkopaeva


    - Watcing shaky performance on Moscow, I don't think Talysheva get invitation.

    I think it’s a very interesting development. We know that for all the great talent Japanese players have they sometimes lack in the power aspect of the game. Perhaps a few players from African heritage can help this problem in the future.

    Naomi Osaka’s father is actually from Haiti though. :P

    Oh, thanks:aww:

    I had NO idea Japan had two black players lol I assume Ameze Miyabe is fresh out of highschool?

    Airi & Ameze's father is Nigerian while Reina Tokoku's father is Ghanaian.

    Recently there are many Japanese athletes whose father is African, like Naomi Osaka.

    One thing that's weird, and it throws me off, is that when the Shimokitazawa Seitoku (hope I have that right) setter sets to Mayu Ishikawa it's like she thinks Boskovic is in the corner--super high sets. It really changes the rhythm of the game.

    Attacking / Setting high set balls is Seitoku's policy from before.

    Ai Kurogo (purple No.1)

    Riho Otake :

    A lot of these kids end up with Hisamitsu. Does Hisamitsu just have better scouts while other teams aren't looking or is there some arrangement between them and the High School.

    I don't know how player's scouting works in Japan, but for last 10 years, it's one of the 'trend' that best player(s) of the year from Higashi Kyushu Ryukoku joins Hisamitsu.

    - Here is ; Iwasaka (2009), Nagaoka (2010), Shiori Murata (2011), Tsutsui (2011), Toe (2013), Kato (2016), Taura (2017), Nakagawa (2018) and Hirayama (2019)

    Exceptions are Akutagawa (2010) and Nabeya (2012).

    Nabeya actually had the offer from Hisamitsu as a setter (and her high school coach also recommend this), but she hoped playing as a wing spiker and earn more playing time, then joined Denso. Wise choice.

    Another trend is the best player of the year from Shimokitazawa Seitoku High School joins Toray Arrows.

    - Here is ; Araki (2003), Kana Oyama (2003), Miki Oyama (2004), Saori Kimura (2005), Miya Sato (2005), Yukina Hayashi (2014), Kurogo (2017) and Ishikawa (2019)

    News Update:

    Two more announcements of new player recruitments:

    • Kurobe Aqua Fairies - Yuri Umezu [OH] (Higashi Kyushu Ryukoku H.S.). Sources: 1, 2 (2019.02.12)
    • Hisamitsu Springs - Shion Hirayama [MB] (Higashi Kyushu Ryukoku H.S.). Sources: 1, 2 (2019.02.21)

    Btw Higashi Kyushu Ryukoku H.S. produces players like Miyu Nagaoka, Nana Iwasaka, and Sayaka Tsutsui.

    Yes, Higashi Kyushu Ryukoku H.S having too much influence to Japanese female volleyball and produces many V-league players.

    We can easily create one team.


    Yuki Kawai (Himeji/ 2008 Olympian), Erika Sakae, Higane Sisters (Toyota AB & Hisamitsu)


    Miyu Nagaoka, Hikari Kato, Miyu Nakagawa (all Hisamitsu), Yurie Nabeya (Denso), Miharu Yoshioka, Minami Nishimura (all Okayama)

    Middle Blocker:

    Nana Iwasaka (Hisamitsu), Aika Akutagawa ( JT)


    Mana Toe, Sayaka Tsutsui, Yuka Taura (all Hisamitsu) , Kyoko Katashita (Himeji)

    (Bye Vlasov, you will not be missed).

    For the first time I watched this, I had no doubt he will become next Muserskiy and he will lead NT for next 10 years:aww:

    It seems that his transfer to Moscow isn't success so far, especially after Nova's MB came to (and is he injured now? I don't see his name on the stats lately).

    I hope he improves that amateur service at least. This is the worst element for him compared to another Russian MBs.

    Yes, he hopes to play for Russia since 2020 (he will be enabled in this year). But I don't know if Russia has another nationalized player (probably Musersky?)... In this case I prefer Dmitry.

    Thank you for the answer!

    Muserskiy isn't counted as a nationalized player because he only played for Ukraine youth NT (same as Kliuka).

    Camejo, Butko and Bakun can't play together.

    inc0gnito, thank you for creating the thread !

    About OH position, Volkov-Kliuka duo must be the starters.

    Watching Russian league, I think Berezhko still be good option for NT, especially for back row defense. If he stays healthy (This is most important thing for him! ) , I would pick him.

    Other candidates will be Voronkov, Podlesnykh and Ursov IMHO.

    I hope Anton Semyshev & Pavel Tetyukhin also grab the NT spots someday:) (I understand this won't happen this season.)

    By the way, I have a question about Camejo Oreol.

    Does he hope to play Russian NT ?

    If so, since when he could play for NT ?

    Irina Koroleva got injuried during the last match against Uralochka ;(

    It was't shown the detail, but it seems to be serious injury according to coach's word.

    Edit: It was minor injury and she already returned to court :drink:

    News Update:

    More announcements from a number of V-League teams about their recruitment of new players just out of high school:

    • Toyota Auto Body Queenseis - Hinata Shigihara [OH] (Furukawa Gakuen H.S.). Source: 1 (2019.01.24)
    • NEC Red Rockets - Haruna Soga [MB/OH] (KinranKai H.S.), Ayumi Yoshida [OH] (Furukawa Gakuen H.S.), Regla* Martinez [MB/OH]. Source: 1 (2019.01.25)
    • Kurobe Aqua Fairies - Aya Hosonuma [MB] (Kasukabe Kyoei H.S.). Source: 1 (2019.01.29)
    • JT Marvelous - Yuki Nishikawa [OH] (KinranKai H.S.), Sakura Kanda [MB] (Shujitsu H.S.), Aki Momii [S] (Hachioji-jissen H.S.). Source: 1 (2019.01.31)

    * not sure if the romanization of the first name is correct.

    It's correct !

    She was an internatinal student from Cuba and her mother is Tania Ortiz, who was part of Cuba NT and 1992 Olympic Champion.