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    (Bye Vlasov, you will not be missed).

    For the first time I watched this, I had no doubt he will become next Muserskiy and he will lead NT for next 10 years:aww:

    It seems that his transfer to Moscow isn't success so far, especially after Nova's MB came to (and is he injured now? I don't see his name on the stats lately).

    I hope he improves that amateur service at least. This is the worst element for him compared to another Russian MBs.

    Yes, he hopes to play for Russia since 2020 (he will be enabled in this year). But I don't know if Russia has another nationalized player (probably Musersky?)... In this case I prefer Dmitry.

    Thank you for the answer!

    Muserskiy isn't counted as a nationalized player because he only played for Ukraine youth NT (same as Kliuka).

    Camejo, Butko and Bakun can't play together.

    inc0gnito, thank you for creating the thread !

    About OH position, Volkov-Kliuka duo must be the starters.

    Watching Russian league, I think Berezhko still be good option for NT, especially for back row defense. If he stays healthy (This is most important thing for him! ) , I would pick him.

    Other candidates will be Voronkov, Podlesnykh and Ursov IMHO.

    I hope Anton Semyshev & Pavel Tetyukhin also grab the NT spots someday:) (I understand this won't happen this season.)

    By the way, I have a question about Camejo Oreol.

    Does he hope to play Russian NT ?

    If so, since when he could play for NT ?

    Irina Koroleva got injuried during the last match against Uralochka ;(

    It was't shown the detail, but it seems to be serious injury according to coach's word.

    Edit: It was minor injury and she already returned to court :drink:

    News Update:

    More announcements from a number of V-League teams about their recruitment of new players just out of high school:

    • Toyota Auto Body Queenseis - Hinata Shigihara [OH] (Furukawa Gakuen H.S.). Source: 1 (2019.01.24)
    • NEC Red Rockets - Haruna Soga [MB/OH] (KinranKai H.S.), Ayumi Yoshida [OH] (Furukawa Gakuen H.S.), Regla* Martinez [MB/OH]. Source: 1 (2019.01.25)
    • Kurobe Aqua Fairies - Aya Hosonuma [MB] (Kasukabe Kyoei H.S.). Source: 1 (2019.01.29)
    • JT Marvelous - Yuki Nishikawa [OH] (KinranKai H.S.), Sakura Kanda [MB] (Shujitsu H.S.), Aki Momii [S] (Hachioji-jissen H.S.). Source: 1 (2019.01.31)

    * not sure if the romanization of the first name is correct.

    It's correct !

    She was an internatinal student from Cuba and her mother is Tania Ortiz, who was part of Cuba NT and 1992 Olympic Champion.

    Nothing weird is going to happen in the East, but I hope last night's match is a sign that Okayama is going to send Toray packin'. Toray is a better team but Okayama tries harder. Both have reasonably easy schedules from here on out, only two matches against teams above them in the West.

    Toray has to play Hitachi twice but if Miya Sato is injured Hitachi won't get to be the spoiler alert :(

    The commentator said Sato was absent because of ’various reasons’ , not injury.

    Probably someone in her family passed away.

    Watching Uralochka-Yenisey I wonder if Russian players consider it indecent to tip the ball. They always hit hard, which leads to countless block points for both teams, and there are lots of attack errors too.

    Ilchenko is playing the worst match I've possibly ever seen of her, but Uralochka doesn't seem to have a substitute for her.

    Uralochka is doing almost 2 players reception by Parubets & Podkopaeva because Garelik isn't a good receiver.

    This system heavily affects to Parubets's attacking IMHO.

    Watching Krasnodar- Leningradka, left-handed opposite Mariya Khaletskaya playing really well :cheesy::cheesy:

    If she keeps this, she deserves NT spot instead of Malygina.

    Havelkova was indeed a disaster, both in passing and attacking but she wasn't the only failure on Moscow's side of the net today.

    I agree, everyone except Fetisova underperformed on yesterday's game.

    Goncharova needs some time to get back her former shape.

    And Gendel... well she played almost the whole match and scored 0 points :lol:. I had to laugh when Sukomel finally subbed on asiEfimova who scored 2 points in a row. Honestly, Fetisova was the only player on the team who played well.

    me too:rolll::rolll:

    Ognjenovic & Genzel should find good combination as soon as possible.

    I wonder who will grab 2nd MB spot for Moscow (Fetisova almost guaranteed her 1st spot IMHO).

    Genzel : very strong blocker, but her connection between Ognjenovic is quite off now...

    Efimova : her slide is very efficient and threat for opponents, but her blocking movement is problematic.

    Lyubushkina : despite short MB (Is she really 188cm ? I think she is around 185cm tall.), very balanced on both attacking and blocking.

    Foreign players for 2018/2019 Japan V.Premier league

    Panasonic Panthers : Michal Kubiak (POL/OH)

    Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza : Igor Omrcen (CRO/OP)

    Toray Arrows : Antonin Rouzier (FRA/OP) & Aung Thu (MYA/OH)

    JT Thunders : Thomas Edger (AUS/OP) & Liu Libin (CHN/OH)

    Suntory Sunbirds : Dmitry Muserskiy (RUS/OP,MB)

    J-TEKT Stings : Valentin Bratoev (BUL/OH)

    Sakai Brazers : Nikola Gjorgiev (MKD/OP)

    F.C. Tokyo : Jason Derocco (CAN/OH)

    Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adlers : Lawrence Yakan Guma (RWA/OP) & Marck Espejo (PHI/OH)

    V.C. Nagano Tridents : Artem Kiselev (RUS/OP)