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    I am very happy about Brazil's first win, though not so happy about the team's performance. There were a few bad combinations between Lins and some attackers, especially Sheilla. I also hope Garay will return to her usual form, because we are really gonna need her powerful attacks later on the competition. The highlight of this match for me was the defense. What a great job the team did! :rose:

    It was also nice to see how Vasileva has turned into such an interesting player. Comparing today's performance with those the had in Brazilian Superliga, she is much more mature, knowing how to vary her hits, tipping, etc. Her reception, though, :P

    I find Kosheleva's attack movement just so beautiful and efficient. She can balance height and power, attacking over the block on the back of the court. And she is gorgeous. :love:

    On the other hand, I always have the impression that Malykh, when scoring a point in attack, was actually lucky. She does not give me the impression of being very coordinated.

    I think it is very interesting how Turkish players face the Brazilian team. They are not intimidated at all. They really study and analyse Brazil's NT and prepare adequate tactics.

    I believe Zé Roberto, on the other hand, did not prepare his team as he should have. Come on, how come all the serves were not directed to the Turkish libero?, just to give an example.

    A positive outcome of this match is the certainty that Brazil has got good bench players. I even think that Tandara should replace Sheilla as a starter in the following matches, she did a great job today.

    As a Brazilian fan, I really don't care about winning the Grand Prix. Having the WCH as the main goal, losing now has the advantage to show what needs to be imported. Having that in mind, I'm not really sure if Turkey can beat Brazil (if better prepared to face the Turkish NT, of course) again during this season. Let's wait and see.

    Interesting piece of information about Gamova's return
    (…-por-caminhao-de-dinheiro )

    In an interview after Brazil's crushing victory over Russia, coach Zé Roberto Guimarães declared that Gamova's return to WCH is due to money; the Russian Federation would have offered a great deal of money to the player. Sokolova has not yet accepted.

    "I was talking to Sokolova and she said she would not be back. It would depend on the money offered for her return. I know that, to Gamova, it was offered a truckload of money. That's how they are trying to get those players back", guaranteed Brazilian head coach.