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    actually in 2008, BRA was the heavy favorite, followed by ITA (ranked #2 in the world at the time), USA, etc.

    CUB of course impressed everybody in group stage by beating both CHN and USA, whereas ITA got humiliated by BRA in their group (remember how many times aguero was blocked? the BRA basically put a roof on her...). ITA might have reached final 4, but fivb did a draw for the 2nd and 3rd places, so ITA had to face USA (2 x 2, instead of 2 x 3). and of course CUB disintegrated in the semis and bronze medal match. 2008 was the last time CUB had a top team, i think.

    in 2012, the USA were the favorites but they disintegrated in the final against BRA.

    and I think that year was one of two of their best teams they had taken to the Olympics.

    I think Brazil will be going through growing pains like the USA. Except Brazil had injuries this year. The older players are getting older and still playing because the younger ones just don't have the experience to play in major tournaments. I think each team has setters that are good but struggle with consistency and the 3 setter who are reserves are just not ready to play. Does Brazil have a true libero. Suellen, but she and Gabiru (who is not a true libero) have been hurt. Suellen just for a short time. USA has a libero problem none of the ones that have come out in the last year or two have done well in tournament. Kelsey is a very good athlete but has limited time playing libero and it shows. Where's Fabi? OPPs. Tandara is good but struggling for some reason? Lowe came out of retirement because we had no one else but she struggles too. Kelly is doing well but sets to her are bad. Brazil does have a OH problem. Fe is not the answer, Natalie is injured and Gabi isn't the answer either. USA Larson is older and her hitting isn't like it used to be but you need her as a 6 rotation player. Kim is hot and cold and MBH can do well. I think USA has an upper hand with MB. Brazil no one has shined but also they have to get a good set.

    Ze...need a new coach. He is such a downer.

    I agree setting Hill and Murphy over and over again was ridiculous. I would have like Carli to do a setter dump when nothing else was working. Was Carli not setting her because the passes were bad to set a middle? I think that was more of an issue. But actually Russia was doing a great job hitting and blocking.

    Lloyd tried so hard to lose the match, but USA prevailed.. If you have a player like Foluke in the middle you CANNOT not play with her, it is so stupid

    I think what you are saying is that you need Foluke on the floor at all times....I disagree with you. Just my opinion but she is late to the block, which causes less of a block for and she is getting scored on. USA is not using the middle as much. She had a good serve run for a set. But I don't think she is the key to the middle.

    Bosetti is such a smart player, always admired smaller players who knows how to attack. She's a key veteran with experience that Italy needs.

    I think thats what Turkey is missing, a veteran outside hitter. Meliha and Seyma aren't enough.

    that’s what I’m thinking. During club people bag on Bosetti but she has been around for along time so she knows the technical game well. Whereas Egonu just hits the ball without thinking what’s the smart way to play it; tipping, placing, brushing off the arms. Turkey looks flat but also Italy looks tired.

    Kingdom hasn’t been playing all to well and has lost of what she had been doing last year. Terminating the ball, slow in the back court. Whilte can put up a good block much better than Kingdom. Don’t know about Lowe over Drew’s but then again I’m not in the gym.