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    Well most ladies who are getting photographed put on a white foundation as a first step and then their second foundation over it. If not done correctly, the white shows. This is the case. Don’t ask me why, I don’t wear makeup so I can’t explain any more.

    The referees tonite are killing the game.

    Fe Garay is doing everything but playing well this season... Sheilla just began to play okay-ish... But I agree that all of them will be in Tokyo :(

    It will be the same team, except the most important one, Fabi ;(

    And how did Brazil do with these same players in Rio2016. A 5th place finish. That’s the problem, most teams don’t allow the young players to really get a chance to play and then the team declines with the older players. Kinda of like the USA team. But the last couple of years, USA has been brining in the youngsters. And that has helped them.

    After the finals of the NCAA tomorrow, I’m taking a break from reading about volleyball. I’m not following Club ball this year except what I read on here. Hanging up my volleyball shoes and knee pads

    But I don’t want to miss the qualifier. Is there some place I can find out what dates they are?

    What I dislike about Karch's system even more so than the system itself is: he is clearly taking advantage of the fact he can ditch players he doesn't like by simply claiming, pulling the 'They do not fit the system' card and his ego is strong enough for him to persist in rejecting other players in this made-up ideal roster. But even he could see that a player like Thompson helps so much even just bringing some fresh energy, diversity on court last year and can not deny that. So cut this bs about ur system and be real with people.

    It’s been years that everyone has talked about Karch’s system. He used to run a fast one but is he still doing it? It seems other teams are running faster. I think the plan now is using all your pins/give your MB some play but they are used for blocking, and more of a precise game. But I do like Hancock’s dumps and jump serves

    You got to be kidding? Pool B is the hardest so many team to fight to get out of pool play.

    If you read the comments on Gibby’s IG post on the matter, she has a lot of support from members of the NT and others. So I think if she left on bad term Larson and others wouldn’t have posted anything.

    She was there in London 2012 and didn't help her team to win the Gold. Only Logan Tom showed up in the Gold medal match

    Spyro is right. Everyone on that team gave up and looked scared in the finals. Tom and Berg were fighting. Arruda and Park shouldn’t have been there.

    White Princess. That’s just plan rude. I don’t think Lowe can get the job done. I agree unfortunately I see in the top 4 and top 2 even but USA has always missing 2 terminal hitters.