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    Lol people talk about Drews like she was a disaster. The only trouble for the girl is Kiraly: he lost 2 opposites at once (Fawcett and Lowe), and there was no one behind Murphy. Drews, just like Whitney, has been called out of the blue, with zero international experience and put into a team supposed to play for a gold medal in each tournament. She had just the 2017 Panamerican Cup to prepare herself to the international volley, a tournament where the strongest teams where a rather weak Dominican Republic and what is left of Porto Rico after half of the girls who qualified for the OGs retired. Kiraly has no idea what is doing. At the 2016 Panamerican Cup he called Holston and Taylor. In 2015 he send to the tournament 6 outside hitters and no opposites. :lol:

    Obvious Karch knows what he is doing and has put together some very good teams. The USA won the VNL and Pan AMs.. There was no way they would have won the Gold in Rio with China and Serbia playing as well as they did. Opposite is lacking, just like other teams are lacking in positions. Everyone talks about losing Lowe, Oh we need her back, she is going to be the game changer for the Opposite side. Really? She had one or two solid games a few years back and then tanks because every team started figuring her out. And she didn't do well in China. Everyone needs to go back and read the comments about her on this board and other boards. We have no clue why he didn't take Fawcett, and I can only guess why she didn't make the team. People think he needs to throw in these new players when either they haven't played international ball or they made a team for a month and barely played a game. The Pan AM games are pretty mediocre at best.

    Wow how quickly this thread turned. It was a great tournament watching Turkey play. So impressed with their defense; blocking and everyone going after digs. Just a few bad plays and they lost. They beat really good team during the tournament. I’m not sure if their A team players could have done any better. I would have liked to have seen their libero get the award how amazing is she.

    Happy that USA won...they did look discombobulated a lot of the time and not as strong as in the past but several different players playing different positions. Kelly did a decent job at libero and we really don’t have anyone else. And I don’t see her playing that role when she goes back to Turkey to play which will hurt our future. I don’t think JWO has a professional contract this coming year so she is not a good option. People think Lowe is the answer to the OPP. She was only a decent player. A lot will change in the next couple of years.

    My opinion of the USA vs Turkey. Turkey was digging a lot of hard hitting balls and scoring on them. That makes a big difference in the match. Turkey has a lot of new younger hitters who haven’t been scouted much and not the normal players teams are use to playing. They played really well. The USA team look discombobulated. Foluke doesn’t look good at all out there, yes set were not good but her blocking was rusty. I don’t know why she hadn’t played more during the tournament. So with Turkey digging a lot does that mean Hill and Larson were not playing well? I don’t know, they just weren’t playing well. MBH should have started but it was good to get her in there. Dixon played well, Gibby played well too. She is good at blocking. I saw her rubbing her thigh and then had a bandage wrapped around it. Hopefully it’s minor. Kelsey as a long term libero. I don’t see it, but who else do they have? the other libero right now who has never played professional, Benson at home who hasn’t done much of anything.
    A lot of people want to blame Karch but it’s the players who have to go out there and play and they, not the coaches, didn’t play well. The USA NT loses players during the quads because many don’t get picked up by foreign teams to play, then they lose the experience and the coaches have to wait on new players to come through. Going from NCAA to professional is not easy compare to players who live in foreign countries with different club levels.
    USA NTs have always been good with some of the best players but no coach has ever lead them to a gold medal. Or no team of players have won Gold. Good example 2012 Olympics when they played in the finals, the team froze and couldn’t pull it out. They were just staring at each other.
    USA will always be at the top tier but I don’t see them being the team to beat at tournaments.

    You know the reason why I like inside volleycountry then other blogs in the USA, is that most of the posters have really something to say about the match and players without someone taking over the thread with negative comments and trying to instigate fights and talk shi*t. Yes, sometimes it gets spicy, especially during club seasons, but overall I think most posters want to have a good dialogue with each other. So thank you.

    This is my opinion from what I have seen the coaches with the NT do... they aren’t going to take a player still in college and put them on the NT unless it’s for a minor tournament. Just won’t happen till they are out of school. And based on that what part of the 4 year cycle, a player who may be very good in college won’t get on the roster in time. USA has had some good players who have only play as a backup, a year or two from big tournament and still not ready to play.