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    DARLING, you ASKED why is LISE playing so terrible?, so I just answered your question and showed the facts that Lise is not playing terrible as you said. You have the right to say whatever what u want, and Im not talking about U...My point was to show that Lise is playing just fine.

    And if you want to express your opinion u need to use the word "I", and say I think Lise is playing terrible. Then I have no right to say anything about it, because is your opinion.
    but when you say " Lise is playing terrible", this is not your opinion, but u r generally speaking, and once that is no true, I have the right to come here and correct you, because the people that are not really watching the league will read your comment and think it is I just come here and show the facts and the true. :cheesy:

    HONEY come on i wrote the comment so its obvious tha t is my opinion..there is no need to use specifically the word "I" just wanted to say something....Ok Lise is the best in the Turkish League,are you happy??now give me a break!!!!!!!

    ok calm your she your sister or what? I said i like both of them and i m a fan of them but todays Van Hecke and previous years Van Hecke are 2 different players..that's MY opion and you cannot criticize it!!!

    Where did you watched it?? :sos:

    wow i didn't know any of these changes,thank you.. 8| :drink:

    dont forget Kasia Skowronska :P and dont be sad, you will have more fun as Opp, thats the best position in whole volleyball :D

    oh yeah,Kasia plays as OH for Rabita if i'm not mistaken..:) my problem is that as a middle you take sometimes the ball,the opposite takes the ball most of the time and it's a very responsible position because you must make the points,i hope that i'm gonna used to it in the future.. :S

    In this season my team hired a new coach and even though he knew i play MB he changed me to OPP because he thinks i'm more usefull in this position,the fact is i was playing Middle Blocker my whole life and i'm a little bit confused and disappointed with his decision but i 'm trying to do my best.. :( some professional players that have change their positions are Berenika Okuniewska she was a MB and i think she will play OPP this season and also Dimitris Djuric is also changes his position many times from MB to OPP..i would like to hear your opinions about this topic and also if you have some advices for me are very welcomed.. :sos: :heart:

    I don't know if there is another similar thread,but i found it a fun idea to create a thread to write our dislikes about players,clubs or NTs..we all have our "hates" about a team or a player and is not necessary to be a reason for that,it just happens.. :whistle: :P i want to note again that is just for fun,so keep your language "clean" and be nice..:) :lol:

    my dislikes:-Brazilian women NT
    -Bulgarian women NT
    -Daymi Ramirez
    -Thaisa Menezes
    -Ivan Zaytsev
    -Italian men NT
    -Generally Asian NT (just not the style i like to watch..too defensive for me)

    :win: :heart:

    A game just for fun..6+1 bonus questions..the only thing you have to do is to put the names of the players tha i give you in order from the strongest to the weakiest..maybe i'm not gonna ask you about the best players but the players that i'm intrested to hear your opinions about them..Let's get started... :thumbsup:

    1)OPPOSITES: A) Kasia Skowronska
    B) Jovana Brakocevic
    C) Ekaterina Gamova
    D) Sheila Castro
    E) Neslihan Demir
    F) Manon Flier
    G) Margareta Kozuch
    H) Serena Ortolani

    2) MIDDLE BLOCKERS: A) Robin De Kruijf
    B) Milena Rasic
    C) Eda Erdem
    D) Strashimira Filipova
    E) Christiane Furst
    F) Stefana Veljkovic
    G) Bahar Toksoy
    H) Jenny Barazza

    3) (ATTACKING) OHS: A) Senna Usic
    B) Carolina Costagrande
    C) Brankica Mihajlovic
    D) Neriman Ozsoy
    E) Tatiana Kosheleva
    F) Maren Brinker

    4) (DEFENSIVE) OHS: A) Tijana Malesevic
    B) Gozde Sonsirma
    C) Brizitka Molnar
    D) Jaque Carvalho
    E) Logan Tom
    F) Debbie Stam

    5) SETTERS: A) Naz Aydemir
    B) Maja Ognjenovic
    C) Asuman Karakoyun
    D) Carli Lloyd
    E) Denise Hanke
    F) Bojana Zivkovic
    G) Alisha Glass

    6) LIBEROS: Α) Suzana Cebic
    B) Gizem Karadayi
    C) Brenda Castillo
    D) Nicole Davis
    E) Fabi
    F) Gulden Kayalar Kuzubasioglu
    G) Giulia Leonardi

    B) Busra Cansu
    C) Eda Erdem
    D) Bahar Toksoy
    E) Ergul Avci

    i hope you enjoy it!! :win: :heart:

    hmm good question... I wouldnt say its more exciting but i prefer women's volleyball because it is not just about power.
    There are longer rallies and its kinda more beautiful.
    And i just like to watch females more cos their emotions are more different from the mens. Its just more fun to me.
    and to be honest i never ever really tried to get into mens volleyball :S

    but its not just in volleyball like that... same in tennis, i prefer WTA than ATP

    so, it must be in my genes :lol:

    totally agree with you!! :drink: