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    Italy now needs dominate Folie more than ever.

    Non of MBs right now is attacking good, and Folie is the only one next Robin who can be the main scorer in your team. Danesi is doing her job in blocming but their (Danesi and Christina) attacking stats are terrible. Fahr is not yet their.

    I just hope She can be healty :heart:

    Smart move not bring her at this crazy VNL. That is not for her at all. Mabye only in Final6.

    I don’t know what to say about this girl. Lowe had some wow moments, in Busto and in Conegliano against Eczacibasi but with so many ups and downs.

    Drews for now is average player with no so mch wow effect in my eyes. And When you look at Hooker She still has it, but with Hooker I’m more subjectiv than objectiv.

    She is my legend :super:

    Maybe USA can try with

    Bartsch-Hill as OH, Larson ass OPP and Robinson as libero. :lol:

    But I don’t know that people get me wrong, Robinson is great OH, great addition for every team who needs reciver, defence player and Still can score some points in attack. I repeat She is perfect for Fener.

    I would put her in starting six If I have OH who is great attacker and bad reciver but USA with Hill and Bartsch don’t have this problems. And I repeat myself, especially when I don’t have strong OPP, non of Lowe, Drews are not even near Hooker golden days and even now She is USA best OPP.

    If Bartsch didn’t improved her reception they would need Robinson next to her but not anymore.

    Vakifbank was way better last season because Gozde was more as Hill and Bartsch. (Type player, not comparation) Robinson is as Bosetti, Picci (again not comparation)

    This is how I look at skelet of TEAM.

    Sorry :offtopic:

    Caterina Bosetti was 10 times better than her at the age of 15, when she debuted in Serie A1!

    She played for Villa Cortese in 2009-10 when the level of Serie A1 was crazy high (not the best ever, but still way higher than now). She was younger than Pietrini when she was starter in her club and still she din't keep all the promises. She's now an good player, nothing more.

    She broke her knee literally in two peaces. And still Vakifbank wanted to signed her ofc She is not yet their :what:

    And again two way different players.

    Pietrini is more as Zhu, Brankica, Sylla type (She is not like them, so You wouldn't attack me) and C., L. Bosetti, Picci, Robinson, Larson are different type of OHs. You never expect from them to be main leaders in attack.

    Being promising and being the next Piccinini are 2 different things. Italy Will have to wait 100 years for another outside hitter like her.

    But She is ONLY 19 years old, already performing at HIGH level at international level. Her attack is already at the same level as any other OHs. She is only 19 years old. I think everyone has the right to call her new big deal for Italy. Now it is up to her to work and to become even greater.

    Her reception improved so much in one year, and She still has long way but how fast She is improving She can become good reciver to.

    Her back row attack in just 1 year improved that I can't believe that She is the same player and so on...

    She is so different player from Bosetti and Picci.

    I saw her once and She sucks at passing. Real bad actually.

    Pietrini Who compared to Bosetti at her age. You have zero knowledge. I feel sorry for you. You should Watch tons of mid-2000s matches or go even to the 1900s.

    I wonder what you would Say about Venturini, Kirillova, Fofao, Pachale, Sokolova, Godina, Artamonova, Kun Feng, Zhao Ruirui, Perez del Solar, Jelic, Phipps...

    Who is now the most promising players at/under 19, name me top 5 ?

    You can't talk about Eda's level and in the same day praise Akinradewo, a player who is not NEAR in her best, be consistent, please. Or it is a pattern to not realize that American veterans aren't in the form of their life anymore, like defending Larson too?

    True, but baby USAVolley (I don't know full name sorry) talked how non USA MBs are fast as Foluke, and that is normal because She is the greatest MB hard to compare. But that doesn't mean that I said that She is the same player as before or anything else. That is so out of context.

    But I would still put Foluke over any MB that USA has and Larson over Robinson.

    And Eda over any other Turkish MB right now.

    I don’t want to be rude but when did Hill prove herself so much? She spent most of her career playing with world class setters like Glass, Wolosz or Naz who were giving her almost perfect sets on a single block but the truth is that when the ball is out of system she struggles a lot. She was not near the same player when she played in Sopot with Belcik or Novara with Signorile and she is not a great attacker by any means. I like her a lot and she is a world class OH but Robinson & Larson can actually kill the ball that is out of system...

    Maybe at WCH when She got MVP award:what:

    Hill, Bartsch >>>> Robinson.

    That girl can't score.

    What? Eda Erdem is the captain and one of the most impactful middle blockers in the world (even you should not deny that) and Hande was 2nd top scorer after Ebrar. It should be at least even, unless Italy really is all about Egonu...

    I like Aylin too, she can be starter if she continues to play well

    True Eda is amazing, the greatest MB ever, but be real her level dropped this season She is getting older, but We saw what Egonu can do at her own this season. Just remember Vakifbank 3:0 lost with Zhum Sloetjes, Rasic and Robinson in your team.

    I have to say, the attacking performance of Robinson are not as good as it used to be. She isn't a smart attacker, something Bosetti is. But overall Robinson is the better attacker of the two at this moment.

    True She is better attacker but that is so insignificanlty, and Bosetti is far better defence player and blocker to.

    Hill and Bartsch all the way for me that is it. Not when you don't have Glass, Hooker and so on other things that I said. If you have them I would put Robinson in over Hill or Bartsch.

    Did you watch Robinson at all this season ?? She had so bad season with her attacking, She couldn't score against Novara, simple TERRIBLE.