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    It looks like Milano will be host of Super Final, in arena of capacity of 12. 000.

    I do believe it can be sold out, especially if Conegliano reach final. To soon to talk about it. Sorry.

    Italian SuperCoppa is rehearsel to see how will organization work for CL.

    I watched Bergamo vs Perugia and Strunjak surprised me a lot, she never played like this when she was in Bergamo. Loda had a very good impact from the bench, she has good connection with Mirkovic,whose sets to the outsides are quick and I like that.

    Strunjak was and still is very young MB,Her stats are amazing this season... And look She worked a lot with Santarelli and She had nice performance even before and She missed ECH because of mini injury.

    Croatia has very nice couple of MB with her and Samadan...

    Seria A is again great this season, even bottom teams are putting great matches

    Perugia took first 2 sets againsz Bergamo, Chieri putting nice fight against Scandicci. Caserta and Busto are very tie same goes to Cuneo Firenze.

    Only Conegliano is on their own, but they are one of or even the strongest team in the World. So no surprises.


    Too bad there is not free stream anywhere. :(

    I guess Sloetjes is now in very tough position. She is starting Opp but she has very strong sub. If she won't open a match in a good way, coach will try Stysiak asap. There is not waiting for Sloetjes and her good play.

    This is HUGE problem for everyone in this team. Do you guys knows who is their "original" starting six?

    Even in one match they change whole team twice...

    It is okey to give your bench players playing time, but YOUR starters needs to have that chemistry... And Scandicci still don't have it..

    Hill is performing more than good I'm not afraid about her at all.

    Conegliano is Already playing their next match in just 2 days before first match of CL :white:, same goes to Novara...

    I do believe Santarelli will start with another starting six. I hope to see Folie-Ogbogu duo and maybe to see how will things work out with Hill-Geerties as OH. :)

    Egonu with 32 points(63% in attack) and Folie with 17 points(72% in attack) (4blocks) :super:

    Folie is really performing great this season, if not the best MB in Seria A(For me She is) , in top 3 for sure. I hope She will keep playing this good and without any injuries :heart:

    You contradict yourself. So if you don't watch the match, don't say anything about any player!:roll:

    Sylla is playing well in attack, but not in reception. That's why they played better with Geerties on court for her. I agree on you with Hill. Geerties should play instead of Hill, so she can cover Sylla in serve receive.

    4 points(for now) vs 20 points that She was making last season.

    She Literally only had 1 good match this season.

    Thank you pop, but I don't know how to change VPN on iPhone :/

    Hill has done amazing match in the last two games but I can't say anything about today match

    Robin De Kruijf is still underperforming, Ogbogu is waiting :whistle:

    I'm happy That Novara is on high level, still one of the best teams in Europe after so many problem with transfers and injuries :). They will make nice impact at WCCH afterall