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    There is still many teams that wants to finish play offs, scudetto. In special conditions in post season. Conegliano, Monza, Bergamo, Chieri, Brescia and Scandicci.

    Novara wants to play post season but in special conditions like they already said BUT only in promoting purpose not for Scudetto.

    Best serving team




    Best blocking team




    I will ad Best defence team with same rule



    De Gennaro

    Camila Brait gave small interview for FIVB.

    “To me, De Gennaro is the best in the world,” said Brait. “There are several others I love, such as (the Dominican Republic’s) Brenda Castillo and (Serbia’s) Silvija Popovic. Japanese and Chinese liberos are usually great as well.”

    “I think that it made me mature a lot and pushed me to step up on something Luizomar (de Moura - Osasco Audax’s head coach) has always asked from me, which is managing the team’s backcourt,” she reflected. “It made me more confident and more comfortable to be more of a leader in the team. I also feel like it developed a sort of maternal spirit towards my teammates. I always want to check on them and make sure they are well, just like mothers do.”

    So Regular season is offical done but play offs not yet.

    And CEV CL is not yet cancelled.

    They are waiting how will situation go so that they can organized compatetion in different formula

    Australia is almost "done" with Corona. Only 19 new cases and more than 100 cured as of today numbers. More than 50% are cured.

    Same goes for Austria, day by day less cases and more cured peope, 3 times more cured than new cases.

    Germany from yesterday to today, 8k people got cured.

    Well done Australia, Germany and Austria :win:

    Wish/suggestion based on two foreign MB.

    Rumors for Conegliano

    Paola Egonu, Wolosz, Sylla, De Krujif, Folie, De Gennaro are staying

    Adams OH is coming, and if Hill will not stay in Conegliano they are gone signed Bartsch.

    So Conegliano will looks almost the same next season. But having Hill-Bartsch is not gone happend. To bad.

    Duo Hill and Bartsch would be great, with this upgrade Conegliano will be out of this World :cheesy:

    Maybe Robinson is going to Ecz, my God I hope they will not signed Thompson next to Hande :what:

    Magdalena Stysiak had gave great interview for CEV. I will post it here

    "I am still working out every single day,” Magda says. “Luckily, I live in a rather small village, and my home has a garden as well, so I can spend some time outdoors as well. Three times a week, we have a training session with the other members of the team through videoconference. I am especially working on my back and trying to stay active, while keeping contact with the family in Poland.”

    Stysiak is sure that moving to Italy was the right thing to do. “This has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life this far! It has been a truly great experience and I can see how I have been developing as a player and as human being as well. I would definitely encourage more players from Poland to try the same experience. The Italian national league is probably the strongest and most competitive one in the world. Turkey have a very strong league too, but there is a big gap between the top four teams and the remaining ones. On the contrary, in Italy the level of all teams is very high and you have to focus on every single match if you want to win – there is no easy opponent or match to play here.”

    Magda is not only happy with her improvement, but with life in Italy as well. “Obviously, the current lockdown is something that none could have expected. Apart from these last few weeks, it has been a truly great experience. I feel at home and the staff from the club is always ready to help and support with any sort of little problem I may have. The atmosphere in the team is great too. Lonneke Slöetjes is 10 years older and she plays as an opposite hitter too – but this does not matter at all. We always help each other no matter who plays and Samantha Bricio has been extremely supportive as well,” Stysiak continues. “I have started to learn some Italian – the Volleyball jargon is now all clear and I can understand everything that our coaches say; I am taking language lessons to improve my understanding of Italian outside of Volleyball as well, in order to have a closer relationship with the fans and other people too.”

    Standing at 203 cm, Stysiak obviously has natural features that make her suited to Volleyball. “When I was a child, let’s say around the age of 10, I would spend quite some of my time playing soccer with the boys from my village. However, we can say that Volleyball was some sort of love at first sight. I was never interested in basketball, especially because of the physical contact, while I play tennis or billiard just for fun in my spare time.”

    “I broke my finger, so I did not play the matches with Maribor and VakifBank, but I have very good memories from those against Kaliningrad, especially the one in Russia, where I received the award for the MVP. The Champions League implies a lot of extra pressure, because you play the top teams in the world, but it is very good especially for a young player like me in order to develop mentally, other than just physically or technically. I could not wait for the quarterfinal matches with Eczacibasi until the virus unfortunately stopped everything.”

    I wouldn't put that much hope and pressure on Lucia honestly, when she came back after her previous injury it took a long while before going back to a good level, so they still need another reliable OH.

    Lucia is world class player first of all because of her reception but especially because of defenece. It is easier to comeback in that part in right shape than in attack, but I get it you.