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    I’m happy that in last part of season teams as Scandicci, Monza, Busto and Novara are rising their levels so that Conegliano can have many high levels and to play under pressure like they had against Scandicci.

    They are gone be full ready for CL final and I hope in their peak.

    I have felling Play-Offs are gone be hell good :box:

    Conegliano not only that they have won all matches in regular part of season, they have won max. number of points without single tie break.

    This is something that is going in history. Not many teams are gone repeat this record. :super::cup:

    In case sb was wondering, Folie was out just for precaution, she is healthy but they already decided that she would not play today because after being out for 4 months she can't play every 3 days full time.

    Fahr had a muscle injury but Santarelli said she is doing way better now.

    Still nothing about Perinelli, seems something that will take a bit long to recover but didn't seem extremely serious.

    Btw, Chieri has been a very pleasant surprise for me this season, very nice team play, long bench and great fighting spirit. Also, I came to love Mazzaro, she really impressed me! :super:

    Thank you for info about Folie:heart:

    Yes it is true that 4 foreign players have increase level but right now Conegliano has 3 foreign players in their starting six and they can play even with only 2.

    Same goes for Scandicci and Busto. Both of this team played with 3 foreign players (now Scandicci transfer Vasileva, but they can play with Pietrini anytime over her).

    Only reason why is Seria A rising year by year is because of their local players and We don't need to talk about it that pretty much many of them are very young :teach:

    Yeah you are right also tomorrow it gonna be so exciting ...I hope savino catch last spot if italy gets an extra one

    Chieri vs Conegliano and Scandicci against Brescia. It is almost sure that Scandicci is gone take last spot but you never know with Seria A how are gone match ends because both of this teams can make surprise :wavy:

    Yes you are right....but even if they are 3 or 4,we already know 3 tickets alresdy have owner....imoco,novara and monza,teams can reach team at standings

    One thing surprise me is that cl tickets are based on regular season and not the place at the end of season ..

    For example:monza 3x busto 6,if busto won they catch monza place and should go to cl but no specially when this league has been so tie

    For me it fair that regular part has way more impact on CL ticket because season is long you need to reward the team who was on high level all the time not only on the end.

    Can someone remind me or redirect me to a post of the rule of deciding CL spots in Serie A1? What are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd priorities to look at?

    1.ticket: Winner of Regular part of season - Conegliano

    2.ticket: Winner of Scudetto - ? (If Conegliano is gone won it, second placed team in regular part of season)

    3.ticket: Next team in ranking in regular part of season who still didn't won ticket

    (???)4.ticket: Next team in ranking in regular part of season who still didn't won ticket

    In case of 4 tickets, top 3 ranking teams in regular part of season are locked for CL spot. (For now 100% CL tickets are getting Conegliano, Novara and Monza)

    In case of 3 tickets, top 2 ranking teams are going to CL 100%. (For now 100% CL tickets are getting are Conegliano and Novara)

    I don't know if I'm right, pls someone correct me.

    Geez, guys, this rumor says that Italy may receive 4 spots in Champions League, but it doesn't mean that only Italy will receive additional spot, it's just an info from Italian website, that's why this information is 'Italian-centric'.

    If you look on CEV ranking for female volleyball which is a basis of specific number of teams every volleyball association can submit for participation every year to the Champions League, Italy isn't even first in a ranking, for 2017/2018/2019 seasons (always three last seasons are basis of this point system) - the first country is Turkey with a huge lead, because Turkish clubs won 2017 and 2018 Champions League, 2018 CEV Cup and 2017 Challenge Cup - it may change this year because it looks like Italian clubs may get better results, but if those changes are planned right now, it's probably a reform that allow two or three best countries in a ranking (Italy, Turkey and Russia) to submit four teams instead of three. There's no way someone decides to give solely to Italy additional spot when they're not even first country in a ranking, haha.

    This year we had this change based on interrupted 2019/2020 season, but it's kinda obvious that number of good leagues and teams because of financial crisis is shrinking in both male and female volleyball, so to increase level of Champions League it's becoming a necessity to allow best leagues to submit more teams to participate in CL.

    To bad I don’t have knowledge of english like you :flower:

    It looks as if those who are in favor of Italy getting 4th spot is supporting the idea only if Italy gets it. Scandicci plays a good match just once this season and they deserve it. Really?

    I am going to come up with another idea, they should give 4th spot to Italy instead of Dinamo Akbars’ spot since Fabris is staying another season, they are doomed to fail. Thank you very much. lol

    Messy Scandicci would smash any Turkish club except Vakifbank. And it is not like they have beat Vakif last season. Almost the same team.

    And you will have opportunity to watch one more clash between Turkish and Italian team in Cev Cup if Gala manage to go in Final:gone:

    So no it is not only about just because We love Italian club it is about that they have great results in last 3season in CEV competiton.

    There are rumors that Italy will get once again 4 CL spots, we might get one more mediocre CL adventure by Scandicci :rolll:

    Happy for 4CL tickets :woohoo:

    Scandicci with this kind of performance like against Conegliano could challenge Vakifbank, especially other teams. They are more unlucky this year.

    Differents between balls. Molten spins way more and Mingardi does that often. She spike that ball with spin and She is hitting way deep and many time on the line. Especially when ball is OOTS.

    She has done it many time yesterday but Mikas ball is not always spinning.

    Btw speaking of Mingardi, she did a decent job actually today overall but I have to say I have never seen a player hit THAT far out that often lmao. What is she even aiming at :D She legit hits the end of the Arena lmao