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    This loss against Belgium can be blamed by poor coaching. Smirnova was playing amazing for 2 sets then Busato for whatever reason replaces her in the 3rd set then never took out Kadochkina even after getting buried scores wise.

    Busato did not have anyone to sub Kotova.

    Did not have anyone to replace Lazareva when underperforming in the latter sets because Busato already subbed in either Kadochkina or Kapustina early in the set. Obviously Startseva cant replace any of the hitters. What the fckkk

    Now that Brovkina is injured they are only left with 2 middle blockers. Hopefully it was just a minor one but this incident just exposes how stupid Busato’s decision to only bring 12 players instead of 14

    So what happened to Gorbunova and Efimova? Why not just bring a full squad.

    There is zero downside of bringing extra 2 persons even if they are benched anyway.

    What do you guys think about Kovalev getting a call back to NT? He has a good block same with Pankov and jump floats.. Admittedly he did not have a good club season, I prefer him over Pankov

    he brings a good contrast to Kobzar and Pankov game its just that his condition and health have been questionable that really brought down his level especially his consistency

    Euro Champ is in less than a month,

    ideally keeping these 12 players is the best thing but I wouldnt be surprised if some skip it since it has been a long season for some.

    We are back to 14 players in the roster so it will be interesting who gets added. Obviously another libero but will they bring another Middle or maybe a spiker?

    I wish they had brought an old setter either Grankin or Butko for when the starter chokes;(

    nah these two especially Grankin is way over their prime now. With how the game of volleyball have become so physical, these two will drown. They cant even carry their club teams now. Also Butko have been a choker king lately.

    besides there is really no need to depend on these veterans when they dont bring anything to the game besides their potential “experience”.

    So is Busato fired yet?

    to be fair to him this team really exceeded expectations

    I especially like that he brought in Pilipenko to help with FD and Smirnova to serve. Also Enina as the 3rd MB. Although pretty much everyone here was already suggesting that.

    I really think Tetyukin especially Verbov can bring something new in the national team. Need to inject a lot of youthful athletes and coaches in the team

    I would live Sammuelvuo to continue coaching the team.

    I really like how he elevated the game of the 94-95 born guys. Also he keeps including the younger guys in the wide roster.

    Such a heartbreak loss.

    Although the team exceeded my expectations, I still hoped they win it all.

    Good thing is this team minus Mikhailov, all the players will be in their prime come Paris 2024. With couple of very promising players in the pipe line.

    They should. Volvich is just a loophole in the block and France loves to do pipe attacks

    France and Russia only met twice this year one in VNL and in the pool play and both times France beat us easily 3-1.

    I would say France is the favorite

    Wow they are in the final.

    Love the fight in the 3rd set where they came back and win that set.

    I wonder if they should start Kurkaev instead of Volvich in the finals.

    Lets get real most of the superstars in this team is pass their prime.

    I will only retain Micah, Erik , Matt and Sander even if they are on decline just because there is no one in the pipe line to really replace them especially with Paris only being 3 years away.

    TJ will get better with experience. Hopefully Ensing too even thougg i feel like his potential ceiling is not that high.

    The rest need to either retire or step up big time.

    They are playing Canada in the QF.

    I think Kliuka should not start on this game but still suit him up incase he really needs to sub in.

    Pls don’t be complacent since Canada has been playing lights out.

    She would come in for 3 rotations in the back court.

    IMO they should do it EVERY set if they aren't going to set Arina many pipe attacks.

    I agree Arina has passed/defenced alright but Pilipenko is still better (assumably) and she should come in and contribute.

    Sorry i mean 1 sub not 1 rotation.

    they are not gonna burn that many substitution for Pilipenko especially when Arina is playing well. And she is only coming in for one sub when they are actually in deep trouble.

    they are saving those subs for servers especially for Smirnova who has been very effective

    I wonder why they don't use Pilipenko much more often though?

    Seeing that Arina doesn't seem to hit many pipes anyway.

    Pilipenko already subbed Arina several times thru out the tourney. To be fair Aside from that game against Italy, Arina has played decently so far. Besides Pilipenko can only come in in one rotation so they are using her during the end of a set if they are in trouble which they did during the China game.

    just watched again the game against China and USA and Busato is till making me scratch my head with some of his decisions. Yes we won those matches but he should not be making these dumb decisions going forward.

    Good example is when we were leading atleast 8 points, he subbed out Startseva with Matveeva that resulted USA almost gaining momentum. I dont care how wide the gap is, you do not sub out a player that is playing lights out and pretty much blocking every ball. Also doing it with Arina for Smirnova. Like come on.

    Also wasting challenges and using them so early in the game. Jesus Christ.

    Podkapaeva and Voronkova’s defense is just clicking. Arina is still missed receiving some balls but atleast she is not overpassing or shanking it like she did in VNL. Just keep that first ball in your court and you are good to go.

    Finally Fetisova is making her presence. And the times were Enina came in to sub, she is atleast not useless and deflects some balls.

    Dont be complacent and play even harder! We believe!!