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    Anyways I think we can all agree that the Chinese girls and staff had nothing to do with this and we all already hated all volleyball federations of like every country and continent before this also... So nothing really changes much :rolll::thumbup:

    honestly this all boils down to FIVB incompetency. If they actually did their job from the beginning, properly screening all players documents, this should caught on immediately and Ismailoglu would have been able to secure her papers years ago. Ismailoglu is the unfortunately victim here. Hopefully this doesn't dampen Turkey’s spirit while they fight for the OG ticket.

    :aww::rolll: ok, sure China is completely innocent! If that makes you sleep well at night, hell they are even the victims here, you win. You are totally not the only one here with that opinion and its totally not because you are Chinese

    All we know is that Polsat is a reliable source of news and it seems almost 90% sure China had something to do with this which on itself is terrible enough... You know its very mature to be able to critique your own country and its not a bad thing at all, its what made the west so great. I do it daily too to our current regime :)

    Im not actually Chinese or from Asia 😂. And no one is claiming China as innocent or not innocent since no one really knows what the heck is going on there. What is proven is that TVF failed to secure Ismailoglu’s papers and came back to bite them in the asss. Now the more pressing question, since Ismailoglu is apparently playing without the proper papers for years, can other nation use this to invalidate some of their past winnings where she played. Wow that will be horror

    Are you dense or sth? It's obvious, Chinese Federation was looking for things to exploit in Turkish players paperwork...

    This is not an on the moment thing, there's serious planning behind this. They probably looked for and spotted Meliha's lack of proper documents in VNL finals or VNL week 4 then waited for IOQ to bring it up...

    That's what makes all this very disgusting....

    PS. my like for your post was accidental I was trying to click quote...

    no im not dense or anthing, im actually trying to think rationally. This conspiracy nonsense towards China is just dumb. We cant just ignore the mistake of TVF of not securing Ismailoglu’s release papers after playing for them for years and FIVB for being basically incompetent and blindly blame it to China. Obviously TVF wants to “move on” from this because they know they are complicit. In all honesty TVF should be thankful that it came out now rather than later during the more import events like Olympics. What does China gain from bringing this out now exactly? If they want to be shady, they could have use this as insurance and just bring this out if they loose and invalidate Turkey’s win. But then why would China go all this trouble when they can easily secure the oG ticket in the ASIAN qualifier.

    I think it is best to focus your anger to wards Turkish Fed and FIVB. 1.) It is Turkey’s responsibility to secure Ismailoglu’s release papers from Bosnia from the get-go. Why are they are only doing it now? 2.) How is FIVB finding this just now. Speaks volume about their incompetency. She has been playing for Turkey for many years and this papers are just being secured now?? Blaming China about this issue when they are not even part of it is just dumb

    Hmm if the document

    I'm just happy the staff seems to have handled this professionally and she is in China now! The more reason to beat China tbh :evil:

    Im sorry but it doesnt make sense. How is she in china if the problem is VISA related. You cant be allowed to any country if your papers are incomplete. The papers missing must be FIVB related for her not to play if she is already in China. And they could just included her to the official line-up if there is no FIVB problem.

    A bit surprised with Wang yuanyuan making the team. I thought out of the 6 MBs she is at the bottom. Zheng Yizin’s inclussion makes sense since they dont have real 2nd opposite hitter.

    Kovalev and Butko have the same style & strength but Butko is more stable. I think Kobzar will still be the main setter and team captain. Semyshev is young and have so much potential and it make sense that he is getting these experiences compared to Podlesnykh who I feel very limited offensively. Im very happy they are willing to develop Semyshev because I really think he is very good allaround. I am surprised Karphukov did not get a call but with Voronkov playing really well as a back up Im ok with it.

    Is this similar to what coach Manabe is doing couple of years ago? I think it was called hybrid or something but ultimately did not work? Not sure though

    LOL that was messed up. Anderson as MVP? Shoji?? I would have thought MVP is either Kobzar, Poletaev or Iakovlev

    I would hold the conclusion after they play ECV and WC.

    Remember Russia slayed other teams in VNL 2018, but they did not even make top 4 in WCH.

    Im not concluding anything and Im only saying that seeing the contrast of their play from last year and previous years to now is just mind blowing. I really didnt think they can elevate and evolve their play this fast. they evolved from being dependent with the pins and Musersky to bail them out to playing all around. If they win the OQT next month with Iran as the only real threat to them, i definitely see them resting the regulars for the ECV and WC.