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    I honestly think what Kazan needs are new fresh setters. Butko aint cutting it anymore. The zero involvement of the MBs it what separating him down from younger setters of other teams. And dont even get me started with his back up setter Alekno who is there just because his father is the head coach. Without the connection no team would want him. Kazan’s setter from the youth team or any back up setters from other teams can totally replace Alekno’s son but we know that aint happening.

    Just watched the match between Kazan & Lokomotiv. Lokomotiv’s young MBs were both doing well & their setter fed them as much as he could. Damn, Russia will not have to worry about producing MBs for years to come.

    Abaev is definitely a good young setter along with MB Lyzik but i feel like Savin is usually the one who bails them out during difficult situation. Both need to be tested out in VNL.

    For Tokyo I wont be surprise if Savin gets the 4th OH for his experience, leadership and FD with Sammelvuo bringing Kliuka and Volkov as the main OHs. The 3rd OH is the biggest question mark with couple of young guys vying having almost the same strengths.

    the younger players that Sammelvuo brought to the NT seems to have great chemistry and everytime he brings Butko, Volvich & Musersky they dont seem to perform well. Even with Kovalev’s innacurate settings work with the newer guys.

    If i were to form the OG team based on what everyone is showing now it will be

    setter: Kobzar, Pankov, Kovalev
    OH: Volkov, Kliuka, Savin

    MB: Kurkaev, Ilyakovlev

    Opp: Mikhaylov, Musersky, Poletaev

    Libero: Golubev

    yup i will officially be taking only 2 MB & 3 OH while bringing 3 opposites & 3 setters but realistically Musersky can play MB and Mikhaylov OH and Savin libero if needed. Poletaev is having an very average season but he seem to play his best when playing with Kobzar, Ilyakovlev and Volkov so I will gamble taking him. 3 setters because Kobzar and Kovalev are such contrast while Pankov play making seem to be the most neutral and stable.

    starting 6 will be Pankov, Kliuka, Volkov, Ilyakovlev, Kurkaev, Poletaev, Golubev

    Kazan finally started with Kadochkina and Fedorovtseva and won 3 sets.

    I think this is a good thing to move Kadochkina to opposite especially with Fabrice not being her self for the past couple of games. They did fine. Reception and digging was ok with Fedorovtseva but definitely needs a lot of improvement. Setting was horrible as usual.

    Bricio is really impressive and carried the team.

    Don't want to hype Arina too much, but she is really the next big thing on the female volleyball scene. I would compare her 'arrival' to the likes of Boskovic and Egonu when they were still at the early stages on their NT careers when they started to be noticed by volleyball fans. Only time will tell if she continues to be a great player like them but the stars are aligned :heart:

    the thing with Boskovic and Egonu, heck even with Pietrini when they were coming out to the scene is that their club/national team have their 100% support and backing even when they are making errors or struggling at some games. Their confidence on these players were 100% and that is something we havent seen with Fedorovtseva or with Kadochkina from their home club. Biryukova is still starting over these two but we’ll see on the incoming games.

    Fedorovtseva’s first game w/ Kazan back after winning MVP in the EuroU17 was pretty impressive. She came for Biyukova and her attacks & serves were pretty impressive. Although struggled with reception at times but she is definitely getting better. I would definitely start her over Biryukova and Kadochkina at this point.

    Not impressed with Saitama’s setter and MBs. No connections at all. Even passing was poor. What the heck happened to them?? Opposite wasnt receiving so I guess preparation when Joseph comes in but passing was poor.

    If this is their main team plus the inclusion of Joseph, boy they will struggle big time.

    I think she had some issues with her knee. She got treated after being subbed out.

    dang she is really injury prone. She has been dealing a lot with injuries for the past 2 years but she is still so young. She is definitely one of the futures of Russia. She and Parubets feels like compliment each other interms of strength

    Russia NT lost all 3 of their matches. More than the result, I think what is more important the head coach now realized which players he will cut from the NT. Speaking of Kosheleva, many Russian fans have the same observations saying her performance was not what it used to be (not that we didn't already know a few years ago). I think she can still be useful as OH sub, or Goncha's backup.

    yup some players making the team really questions you the decision making of the coaching staff. Clearly club and personal connections play a big role that I think it negatively affects the team by leaving out clearly more deserving players in favor of others. The amount of time the national team gathers throughout the year is also questionable compared to other top teams.

    I really like Fedorovtseva. They better start Kadochkina drilling her passing skills since she is still young. These two should be starting on the NT now. Get rid of useless girls like Malygina and Stolyarova