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    Thaisa should definitely be in Tokyo with how she is playing now. I reckon if she didnt have that nasty injury, she would still be the No. 1 MB in the world right now..

    Even Rasic, an incredible blocker that she is, Thaisa's peak was just something else.

    Thaisa is having great season, so Proud at her... Living legend!!

    Thaisa at her peak, she was untouchable. Outstanding BOTH in attack and block (*cough* Akinradewo), a potent server, can attack in the backrow, and she is probably one of the few MBs who can decently set her teammates.. The diva attitude on court is just the tip of the iceberg :cheesy:

    Tbh not just Turkey and Russia will fight for 4, ofc anything can happen but I'm also not 100% on USA beating those two.

    You have a point. USA beat Russia both in 5 sets last WCH and WC so I think their A-teams are on the same level.

    I still think Kosheleva will make it to Tokyo, especially now she is back playing in Russia so the Federation will definitely put pressure on Buzato to consider her (if only due to her experience). No question she will be the best candidate in the double sub, compared to say Khaletskaia or God forbid, Malygina. Only question if she will allow to be backup to Goncha :whistle:

    I think the most likely scenario is a bench role under Parubets and Voronkova... but Lazareva wasn't bad at reception so the odds are high Kosheleva's going to get the cut before Tokyo or she's making it as a fifth OH but Russia badly needs a defensive OH so an offensive OH kinda does not make sense

    If Russia takes 5 OHs, then I guess they can only bring 1 libero? I doubt Buzato will allow it. The OHs probably look like this: Parubets, Voronkova, 1 offensive OH sub, 1 defenisive OH sub. I think Kosheleva will compete with Lazareva for that offensive OH spot.

    What do you think Russia's chances of making it into the quarterfinals in Olympics? They can lose to China, Italy and USA and win against Turkey in their pool and they are though. But they will probably face Serbia in QF so I think their journey ends there.. I can now imagine Maja vs Goncha will have some drama :lol::box:

    Who are the first two MBs of the Russian team at the moment?

    If we are talking about NT, Muserksiy and Volvich I think have their spots secured seeing as they also are the most experienced internationally. But for MBs playing in domestic league, Iakovlev and Scherbinin I think are the top MBs. I would add Kurkaev on this list if not for his injury.

    But if I were the coach I would take Muserskiy, Kurkaev, and Iakovlev to Tokyo

    I think Yakovlev is the best MB in the league at the moment. He and Kurkaev (coming from an injury) will be fighting for that 3rd MB spot to Tokyo.

    Speaking of injuries, Poletaev has yet to return to court. Russia will be in big trouble if he does not play in Olympics, Mikhaylov will only return playing Opp after the season.

    Buzato: I" saw Kosheleva at the club world championship, only at that tournament she played as a diagonal. She is able to play well in this role. Let's see, maybe in the Russian team we will try her in two positions - the game player and the diagonal."

    Koshe can be like Sokoraite in Italian NT, backup OPP but can also play as OH if the need requires. I think this will be the perfect role for her in the team

    I think Pool B for Olympics 2020 is one of the hardest pools (if not the hardest) in recent years. What do you guys think?

    I think China and Italy from this pool are the clear winners, USA can fall to Russia, and I think Russia and Turkey will be fighting for that last QF spot. Too bad they will probably face Serbia in QF, unless Serbia play mind games again..

    I didn't expect France to take the last Olympic ticket with so many key players missing from the team.. Ngapeth with the winning point/serve.. The rivalry between Grozer and Ngapeth will surely carry over to Russian League this will be exciting :box:

    But my heart goes to Bulgaria ;( ;(;(

    Fabiana and Thaisa are in another level than Eda.

    I think Eda can be considered one of the greats in her generation, not sure about legend status. In contrast if we compare her to a different player, say Goncharova, one of the best OPPs we have right now, but not enough to be considered a legend.

    watched a little bit of BUL x NED today and NED x SRB the other day... this tournament showing some surprises. NED are a mess, passing is bad and so attack really suffers. OTOH whatever happened to BUL, they were a mess at the WCh playing at home, at the euros, and now they beat FRA. maybe their pool (with SRB) is too strong and the other pool too weak?

    and SLO beat GER in 5... why did grozer not play?

    Grozer had a minor injury the previous day against Belgium, since this match was not a do-or-die, they decided to rest him for SF