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    :lol: of course. who doesn't like cute. hahaha. Personally, it irks me more when a player does not bring anything other than just being cute or pretty. Can we hype Ivan Zaytsev more? hot and great player too. hahaha. Or Nataliya Goncharova on the women's side. pretty with skills to boot.

    You must be new here :wavy:Zaystev and Goncharova are clearly past their prime (they were both Top 3 Opp in the world maybe 5 years ago). Goncha, meanwhile, has a lot of haters on this forum even during her peak lol

    Has Jiang Chuan retired from Chinese NT? Will he be back for WCH?

    That historic win against Brazil is really something and IMO, the team should be inspired. Chinese setter Yu Yao Chen looks really promising as well and of course the hero of the match Zhang Jing-yin :rose:

    If Sokolov leaves Moscow, who could be a good replacement? Is there still a top Opp in the market who is free? There were some rumors at the middle of the season Poletaev may leave Zenit Sp for Moscow, but i don't think this is likely and Poletaev's departure depends if Zenit can find a replacement if he leaves.

    I couldn´t watch this final six but since last year Pankov is taking all the MVPs. Last season, Sokolov deserved most of them but seems they don´t want to give it to him^^.

    I think Sokolov should have been named MVP, and Luburic should have been best Opp. Pankov deserves best setter (in the absence of Christenson).


    Dynamo - Lokomotiv Final

    Kazan - Petersburg - 3rd place match

    Dang Zenit Sp is Moscow's bit*h. 14 consecutive losses.. I'd still root for Zenit, hope they can take the bornze and beat Kazan :wavy:

    Lokomotive is the best team of the season (along with Kazan) and the gap betwen the two teams is not so big, and Kurkaev no doubt is the best MB this season.

    Russian SF pairs are confirmed:

    Kazan (A1) vs Lokomotiv (B2)

    Zenit (B1) vs Dinamo (A2)

    Kazan has a crazy long winning streak, I want them to lose and hope Lokomotiv can pull the upset lol In the other SF match, I hope Zenit can finally break the curse and manage it's first win against Moscow. Manifesting a Zenit Sp x Lokomotiv finals match, but most likely it would be the two Zenits in the gold medal match.

    Match for 1st place in Pool A between Kazan and Moscow was pretty entertaining and actually pretty close than the score suggest (3-0 win by Kazan). Moscow had chances in Sets 2 & 3 but they made mistakes toward the end of the set.

    Russia would have been one of the top teams for NT season this year. Arina, Parubets, Voronkova + Goncha is really good on paper. If there were some miracle, I hope they still get to play at least WCH.. In my opinion, Sport should be outside politics but that's another topic ;)

    Goncharova, for someone who had a great career like hers, ended in the not most unfavorable way possible (forces outside her control). Sigh

    I would guess he means the creation of alternative systems to SWIFT.

    SWIFT is just a minor nuisance if we look a the bigger picture.. The status of the dollar as the world's reserve currency is at stake. The YT video below explains this eloquently and is simple to understand (but is kinda long-ish around 45min long) but is very well presented IMO.

    Can you elaborate on that? I don't see USA will be hurt in the long run. Indeed, they are the winner of this conflict pretty much in every sense

    “The oil market, and by extension the entire global commodities market, is the insurance policy of the status of the dollar as reserve currency,” said economist Gal Luft, co-director of the Washington-based Institute for the Analysis of Global Security who co-wrote a book about de-dollarization. “If that block is taken out of the wall, the wall will begin to collapse.”…ng-yuan-chinese-oil-sales

    Putin was stupid by taking the bait. Now Russia is lonelier than ever. Russian civiilians will suffer a lot due to sanctions and hatred growing towards them all over the world. Europe will face many economical problems themselves due to high inflation and massive immigration wave from Ukraine.

    Can you guess who would benefit the most out of this conflict now?

    Sanctions will hurt Russia in the short-term yes, but in the long-term this will hurt the the USA more. The death of the Petrodollar might be sooner than previously thought.

    Russia invading Ukraine is a Psy-Op, they are not carpet bombing civilians and public infrastructure, they are only targeting Neo-Nazi military locations, but this scum are using civilians as human shields. Part of why this "invasion" is looking drawn out, is because Russia is securing locations for civilians to safely exit, and, they are actually "encircling" these cities and forming a 'military cauldron' (look up the definition), in the hopes of the Ukranian Neo-nazis to surrender. Don't believe the mainstream news Russia is losing the war in Ukraine, in fact it is the very opposite. China aiding Russia for military aid? For what? Russia supplies arms to China, this is another bogus story from the West.