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    Russia NT lost all 3 of their matches. More than the result, I think what is more important the head coach now realized which players he will cut from the NT. Speaking of Kosheleva, many Russian fans have the same observations saying her performance was not what it used to be (not that we didn't already know a few years ago). I think she can still be useful as OH sub, or Goncha's backup.

    Goncharova is so annoying. :down: She can just dream about being a twice european championship MVP. She reminds me some old italian NT players and their jelousy to Piccinini... :whistle:

    Russia would be a way better NT without her, her ego, her trash talking and her frozen vibes.

    Then if Goncharova annoys you then why taking the time here to comment? Lol This is the Russian NT thread, not only did you not contribute anything relating to the topic, you bring all your hate with you? Such a low blow from you insulting other players.

    If I don't like a specific player, I simply don't bother to comment. Simple as that. For example beri made it known here she dislikes Goncharova, but she said it in a way that is not disrespectful or negative. I guess some users really just don't have manners and so full of themselves :lol:

    I really like Fedorovtseva. They better start Kadochkina drilling her passing skills since she is still young. These two should be starting on the NT now. Get rid of useless girls like Malygina and Stolyarova

    I think the duo of Fedorovtseva-Kadochkina can be the new Kosheleva-Goncharova of the new generation of Russian NT. Add the promising MB Brovkina, and super-tall setter Matveeva. Hope these players can successfully transition to senior NT

    Oh my god I can't believe you guys all this Goncha-hating still around here. I admit she doesn't have the best/warmest personality, but that is her nature she is an introvert. She has come a long way and mellowed down from the feisty Goncha on her younger years. And if she really was that terrible, she wouldn't have been close with Maja Poljak, and even she and Maja had a good working realtionship before the split with Moscow happened.

    I don't get the comparison at all to Kosheleva. Between Goncha and Koshe, let me remind you it was Goncha who was always there available for the NT, every summer. It's only recently she has skipped WGP/VNL for the past few years as he is not getting any younger. Without her, Russia wouldn't even be a competitive team in the recent years, she deserves all the credit even when some other people always dismiss her and judge anything about her BESIDES her game.

    Not everyone can be a Koshe personality-wise. I reckon even Parubets is more of an ice queen than her, but for some reason it's always Goncha that gets the hate and bashing. Being beautiful really has effect on some people :whistle:

    From what I read, Goncharova is injured and will continue to rehabilitate in the club and will not take part in the tournament at Kaliningrad. Hope I'm wrong though..

    Do you know if leagues will start soon? (well, not now, it's not the right time of year)

    If leagues don't start then I'd think things would be pretty wild, since everyone has had months to practice.

    If they do start then I think maybe USA would get hurt since their covid situation is nowhere near under control and they don't have a domestic volleyball league. Who knows what'd happen to the players if they don't play competitively for a while.

    USA NT mainstays play their volleyball overseas in Turkey, Italy etc. so I don't think the situation in the US will greatly affect them club-wise.

    Isnt Lazareva better option?

    Sorry I forgot about her :aww: Yes, it seems Lazareva is the closest thing to become Goncha's successor, but she really needs to find a team where she can play as starter. Kadochkina can also play OPP, but I prefer she continue to play as OH and improve her reception as she is quite young.

    Malygina I don't get why she keeps getting invited to NT.. Oh well Busato will see for himself :wavy: After Goncharova, the opposite position is a black hole in Russia. Maybe one of Kosheleva/Voronkova can be backup OPP.

    Whoa. Galkina and Kurilo are out? At least Malova is back. How about Kotikova?

    Maybe I'm blind but I don't see what's so special about Kotikova. For an OH she's not so tall (for Russian standards) and she hits better in Position 2 which is not really helping her a spot in the team. Kadochkina and Lazareva are more promising than her IMO.

    If Voronkova does not get her previous shape back circa 2018, Koshe will take her spot as starter. Speaking of Kosheleva, it seems she had a better season in China compared to when she was in Brazil. I know I totally wrote her off from NT, since like 2017, but if she improves steadily I can see her now back to the team :what:

    EDIT: Sad Khodonova is not part of the list, I think she's better than Schreban

    I hope Tandara will regain her old form so she can be starting Opp in Tokyo. Is she playing next season with Roberta? They had such a magic connection circa 2017.

    I have some time on my hands, so I'm doing a Beauty team male-version, cos why not?

    OH: Cebulj, Deroo Subs: Louati, Podlesnykh

    MB: Vigrass, Loser (I figured there are too many good looking MBs, but these two appeal to me)

    S: Kobzar, Brizzard

    OP: Poletaev, Sokolov (special mention to Moroz, he was the sexiest volleyball player for me lol)

    L: Grebennikov (I can't think of others besides Jenia?)