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    Considering how the spotlight is basically on Russia since 2015 for doping, I don't think any of them would risk it now.

    I agree. Doping may have been more commonplace in the past (not saying all players are guilty), but I really don't think the Russians would do something like this now. Russians are arguably the most tested athletes in volleyball and Goncharova in an interview said something similar this after the whole controversy exploded.

    On Wednesday, journalist Seymour Hersh revealed that the United States Navy, at the direction of President Joe Biden, was responsible for the September 26, 2022 attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines carrying natural gas between Russia and Germany.


    So do we ban US now and it's allies via acts of terrorism or do they yet again get a pass on this one? Of course Russia is to blame and they sabotaged their own pipelines :whistle::whistle:

    Mikhaylov is in such great form this season (and so are the other Russian NT starters). If the Olympics were held this year, I would say Russia is still one of the favorites even in their absence from NT competitions for around 2 years now. Russian league is a close second after Italy IMO.

    St. Petersburg Zenit vs Kazan full match replay

    Kazan won 3-0 but it was a close match than the score would suggest. Kovalev and Kobzar are both insecure setters IMO and it shows towards the endings of the sets.. I say Kazan and Moscow are the favorites, wonder how soon Poletaev will play he is really the missing X factor for Zenit IMO.

    That cute guy from Lokomotiv is kinda weak in attacking.

    He has pretty good reception skills at his young age which is rarity among OH these days.. I think he is a good NT prospect in the future and can be one of those defensive OHs like Berezkho was in the past. The attack skills can come later doesn't hurt he is pretty easy on the eyes :lol:

    Volkov is being too inconsistent these days for his case to be locked as OH. But I guess he compensates with his great blocking in the wings that will surely help the team.

    Let's see who will be the best Russian MB this season maybe Yakovlev? Last season it was undoubtedly Kurkaev and two seasons ago Vlasov. I will bring these 3 for Olympics.

    I still have faith in Poletaev. Russia's other young Opps don't have much international experience, and an experienced backup OPP should be Maxim's partner in Paris.

    Nowhere I did say not having Russia in the competition would 'tarnish' anything. I was alluding to the fact not having Russia compete, the level of competition will not be as high and this is a fact both on the men's and women's side (and not just in volleyball).

    Yeah you say doping and war are different. But you know what they have in common? Both crimes are done by the West, and they are NOT punished for it. :wavy::gone:

    Wasn’t Poletaev playing at beginning of the season? What happened? And sorry but slowly? How many seasons has it been he is in recovery? I feel sad for him, he was a great prospect but those injuries :(

    He's always getting injured every season. That's the thing with Poletaev. He plays great in 6 or 7 games, then he breaks down and gets injured. But when he is playing at the height of his abilities, he is one of the best.