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    So I found this interview with Maja on WoV

    Your former teammate Nataliya Goncharova called your move as treason.

    I am sorry if she sees it in that way. I can’t say anything bad about her, we spent a lot of time together. On the other hand, I understand her, she got used to the Russian league, 8-hour flights and everything that is physically demanding. I am sorry if I made her feel that way but we have to move on,” says Maja Ognjenovic for WorldofVolley.

    I'm a bit surprised Goncha said that if the interview is to be believed. I thought she and Maja were, not best friends, of course. but they were pretty close in the court sometimes even hugging each other :what:


    I think Pool B for 2020 is the most death group ever any single team can beat another one on a good day.. Here's a comparison during OG 2016

    Pool B Tokyo






    Pool B Rio







    No, AFAIK Romanova will stay in Uralochka

    Romanova moved to Dynamo in May 2019 from Uralochka (Sverdlovsk Region), but in October she returned to her former team.

    “Tatyana herself appealed to Dynamo with a request to terminate the contract, she had the right to do so. We went to meet her. The second connecting Dynamo will be Elizaveta Popova from the school of Ekaterina Gamova. This is a promising player we are counting on,” said Chernyshov on the phone.

    Haak is not Egonu or Boskovic, but she's very very close to them. Even Tandara, Sloetjes or Goncha would have to fight really hard to start over Haak...and Haak would probably still start over them.

    Let's not delude ourselves here. Tandara, Sloetjes, and Goncharova are a level above Haak. Was there even a rumor here that Vakifbank originally wanted to sign Maja + Goncha but of course Goncha declined. And do you really think Haak was Guidetti's first choice even if let's say Goncha was really out of the picture? :whistle:

    Hi guys ,this is my first post ever on this forum . The Russia men's volleyball team has a lot of great players and tons of potential. We all know that .But it seems that even do they are winning the commercial event(VNL) using a more young team ,they fail to win the big events using their best players and it seems that the changing of the couch did not help.The Olympic games are next year ,they don t have any time left to experiment with the team,only another Vnl but they will most likely rest their best players like always. So what team do you want to see at the Olympic games? Starters and the bench,the bench is really important as well.Sorry for my amazing bad english , I can't wait to read you answears. Btw please argument your choice.

    You're English is good and welcome to the forums! You are correct about your observation. This happened already twice: last year the failure at WCH, and this year ECH (you can probably include WC as well). With regards to the veterans there is only four left after London: Butko, Grankin, Muserskiy, and Mikhailov. I think the problem is not the with capabilities of the veterans per se, as all 4 of them are still able to show a good level. Personally, I think the problem is team dynamics/chemistry and the coaching staff not able to determine a clear "starting six". Sammelvuo tried to rotate a lot of the roster during ECH, this was also the same in VNL this year, but to a lesser extent. With that said, I always advocated in this thread that Russia has to go away with Butko-Grankin duet. A lot will depend in the upcoming club season, and I think Sammelvuo transferring from Kuzbass to St. Petersburg will influence his roster choices.

    Below is my ideal 12-man lineup for Olympics:

    OH: Volkov, Kliuka, Voronkov/Semyshev* (sub offensive OH), Podlesnykh/Karpukhov* (sub defensive OH)

    MB: Muserskiy, Kurkaev, Iakovlev/Philippov* (both are now Zenit SpB players)

    S: Kobzar, Kovalev (Russia has been the most successful with this duo, both are different kind of setters and both complement really well IMO).

    OPP: Poletaev, Mikhaylov (Poletaev should be the starting OPP now, Mikhaylov can also play as emergency OH)

    L: Golubev

    * I feel these are the players that are interchangeable

    After watching Russia's games, Vlasov is just so useless I wonder why Sammelvuo keeps on giving him chances .. Even Japanese MBs can block him :lol:

    btw, is Romanova staying in Uralochka:what:

    Wasn't she supposed to move to Kazan? I rather have her stay in Uralochka to be honest but considering Startseva's poor shape, she may have chances to be the starter in Kazan.

    You must be kidding. If you watch Russia league and VNL, you'll be pissed off by Vlasov's performance. One good game is not enough to save him. Vlasov's block is his biggest issue. Kurkaev and Yakolov are more promising than him in NT. Tomas did not even bring him in to Chicago for final 6 in VNL 2019.

    I completely agree with this. Vlasov only "plays good" against teams he has a considerable physical advantage. His attack, albeit looking impressive due to the great vertical, is really nothing to write home about. And of course blocking is his biggest liability. I can name at least about 10 Russian MBs who are better than him. He is the male version of Efimova in NT. Kurkaev and Yakovlev are miles better than him as evidenced by the roster choice of Sammelvuo during the summer.

    PS. I'm not a Vlasov hater, just stating some facts :teach:

    It's lowkey another way of Goncha saying "Koshe was a great player and we thank her for her contributions in the past, we moved on without her" :rolll:

    Interviewer: Keep in touch with Tatyana? You can say that she lacks the team?

    Goncharova: We do not keep in touch. She has not been in the team for two years, right? We really haven't played together for a long time. And therefore it is difficult to say objectively, we are already playing another volleyball and, to be honest, I’m used to the team that is now, I’m comfortable with it. Tanya is a great player, I think, they will call her next year. I hope she helps.

    I always thought they were somehow friends off the court seeing as Goncha was invited to Koshe's wedding waaay back but this interview really put things into perspective.