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    Moscow win 20-18 in the TB. Minsk defended really well, but in the end Goncharova had too much quality.

    Was not able to watch the game, but was curious if Goncharova played the entire game or as a substitute? Guess her injury was a minor one aftet all good news for Russian NT.

    It's hard for Kazan to defend the CEV title this year. NGapeth is no way close to Leon's level in scoring in clutch time. Both Maxim and NGapeth had terrible performance during WCH 2018. Hope they could adjust fast for club matches.

    Ngapeth still has time to adapt and improve his game, and what are you talking about Maxim is playing well even in Position 4. But I agree with you Kazan will not be the clear favorite this year with the departure of Leon. And I think there is one more factor, Zenit updgraded their opp position and Grozer is playing like a monster :white:

    I was just thinking the other day what happens when Goncharova retires? As evidenced by the recent WCH, the trend is clearly a strong and dominant attacker and Russia needs to find Goncha's heir apparent soon. Russia already have a good OH duo in Parubets & Voronkova but the backup OPP spot is still a big question mark coming into 2019. And come to think of it, Goncha is already 29 this year and she will probably retire after Tokyo 2020 and will be far from her peak years after 2020.

    Malykh - is a good enough attacker, but her usefulness is limited by her size

    Malygina - very tall, but sadly very poor in all the elements

    Voronkova - can probably be a good candidate at OPP, but Russia really needs a tall OH1

    Biryukova - I don't see anything special in her game really

    Kotikova - Her natural position is at the opposite position, but she is even shorter than Malykh

    Lazareva - tall, good arm swing, and has potential to be good.I think she is the best candidate to be Goncha's backup and should have more playing time in Moscow and NT starting next year

    *Kosheleva - If she ever decides to return to NT, IMO I think her best spot is to be Goncha's backup and Koshe is a good blocker as well perfect for the double sub (but highly doubt Koshe will agree to be backup :wavy:)

    *Kadochkina - Someone in the WCH thread mentioned here this player, but at 15 years old she is really too young to be even considered maybe after 5 years? But after seeing some of her videos, this girl might just be the next big thing if her development is good

    Question for Italian fans, can Monica de Gennaro be compared/as good as Paula Cardullo? Or is she even better than Cardullo? Other than the obvious, I think De Gennaro really is the core of this Italian team along with Bossetti allowing Team Italia to do their counter attacks.

    Just read this article on the FIVB site, Paola Egounu sets new record on the highest-points scored in a single match: 45 points smashing the former record of Kazakstan's Yelena Pavlova 40 points AND highest all-time scorer with 324 points breaking the previous record of Turkey's Neslihan Demir with 251 points.

    Boskovic, not to be outdone, is the most efficient scorer/spiker of the 2018 edition with an impressive 53.66% efficiency, however the record is still held by Russia's Elizaveta Tishchenko from 2002 with an amazing 65.03 effiiciency :white: I hope Russia produces another prolific scoring MB like her in the near future :lol:


    I just watched the entire China x Italy match and I must say like all others De Gennaro is amazing. Especially that bump set to Chirichella on the slide in the 4th set such a beauty to watch! I actually think they were not able to control Zhu as much as in the previous game and Chinese middles were very active especially Yuan maybe she all heard us lol It's hard not to root for this young Italian team but it will be tough against a more experienced and arguably a more powerful Serbian team. If Egonu an co. somehow manages to get past the Serbian block I think Italy can take it. Will root for Italia to get the gold medal. :box:

    Interesting article by Fabio Menta on the coming China vs Italy match. Also, it seems to me he is dissing Zhu as only a "cross-court" type of player and not a variety on the latter's attacks. I always thought Zhu belonged to the very top in terms of her attacking skills, but in this context somehow a "cross court"player is suddenly worse (somehow this reminds me of Atanasijevic being dismissed for his prediliction to cross court attacks). Thoughts?

    "There is something about the Italian Game that China cannot cope with. The superiority shown was a mixture of Physical/Technical/Tactical power that forced Coach Lang Ping to use her bench and still not find a solution, ‘cause the problem remained on court: Zhu Ting!

    Totally annihilated the 1st time, up to see her cool gone when protesting against her Setter to the point that, twice, Jenny Lang Ping subbed her, and more positive in the 2nd game when she started attacking line, where Italians don't cover, but slowly going back to same old cross court game, where the Italians are almost unbeatable with De Gennaro.

    Zhu plays against Italy like a first timer: insecure & nervous.

    And her “limits” are visible: cross court player or nothing when it comes to attack with power and limited directions of attack (only 2) plus that Jordan Larson’s “Give me the perfect ball or I take no responsibility jumping and spiking” attitude that I find irritating at the level.

    A great spiker attacks well a bad set ‘cause anybody can attack well a good set, used to say Coach Julio Velasco. A Champion is seen in bad situations and Zhu, against Italy, has disappeared far too many times!"

    Link to full post:…49199058855855?__tn__=K-R

    Speaking of world class opposites (or European opposites for that matter), I always wondered why Boskovic was always compared to Zhu, when they both play different positions. Now we finally have Egonu who can give Tijana some serious competiton. I personally think Boskovic hits the ball harder, but Egonu it seems can hit anywhere in the court and I think has a higher contact point when spiking.

    Sloetjes and Goncahrova are just a notch below these two. Your thoughts guys?

    I can't believe some people still don't understand the rules when we're already in the final round. Wins before points, how hard is it to understand?:gone:

    Wins it is then! So the VNL finalists Turkey & USA are out, same thing that happened to Russia & France on the men's side. Maybe that says something after all