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    Surprisingly, Moroz is playing really well but we'll see against stronger teams. I feel Fetisova-Moroz is the best middle combination Russia has (Podskalanaya is liability in block and Zaryazkho is really inconsistent) . For some reason this Russia reminds me of London 2012, seeing both Goncha and Gamova :cheesy: First real test will be from USA this round.

    Russia's starting six roster against Thailand:

    Setter: Startseva,

    Opposite Hitter: Gamova-Mukasey,

    Outside Hitter: Obmochaeva, Kosheleva,

    Middle Blocker: Fetisova, Moroz,

    Libero: Kryuchkova / Malova

    Beside the three attackers mentioned above, the two middle blockers did
    give us an impressive performance especially with Fetisova’s block. She
    delivered 4 kill block throughout the match (Total 12 for the team).
    Regina Moroz who is a new comer of the team was able to score with
    spectacular quick attack, total 7 points in the attack. It is
    speculated that the result may be attributed by the chemistry among
    Startseva, Gamova and Moroz who are playing in the same club, Kazan.…e-1st-victory-in-the-wch/

    My thoughts: I said before Fetisova would earn her spot as starting MB and she is placed within same rotation as Obmochaeva, Gamova so her lack of attack isn't really a problem. Startseva will be main setter for this team, and reception continues to improve go Russia :box:

    With current reception line surely Russians got to be happy for any medal, gold is out of question. US team is also looking modest. I think Brazil can have an easy road to gold this time.

    I'm not saying Russia will win gold this time. But come to think of it, even teams like Brazil has some weakness, plus the pressure to win gold for them might be a factor in important matches. It's still early part of the tournament, but yes Brazil is leading the pack

    Press release for some of the coaches in Pool B:…&Language=en#.VCF2bPKRM1A

    Brazil coach Zé Roberto Guimaraes: “It
    is a big honor for Brazil to be here. It is a huge tournament with very
    competitive teams. Pool B may be one of the strongest ones. However,
    the tournament is long and with 13 matches to be played until the gold
    medal clash, many things can happen. Every game can be decisive.”

    Bulgaria coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin:
    “In the past three month Bulgaria won a couple of tournaments.
    Unfortunately, we lost Eva Yaneva due to an injury just some days ago.
    Bulgaria is a small country and the choice of excellent players is
    different from other nations. My favorites for the crown are World. No 1

    I just find it a bit weird for Kuzyutkin to declare Brazil as his favourite, not only because he is Russian, but he was the coach that led Russia's 2010 victory. Does he know that the current Russian squad is overall weaker from the team that competed in 2010? Thoughts?

    Brazil is far away from being a clear favourite to be champion.Their name doesnt mean they r the best,they r beatable team and russia can do it with gamova-kosheleva duo more easier than most users think.

    i'm still optimistic with my Team i really hope they can reach the finals and eventually win again
    with Gamova back in the team and..i do really hope that Marichev did some magic on the :super: in the past 3 weeks..... :super: :drink:

    Here's my prediction: If Russia reaches the Finals, and that is a big IF, they will most likely win the tournament (whether facing Brazil or not). However the last time Russia reached a Finals match in a major tournament (except EC 2013) was in WCH 2010 correct me if I'm wrong, that says a lot :whistle:

    Latest interview with Gamova at R-Sport:…d-psychological-pressure/

    In other news oh my god I can't believe Russia is playing without their main MBs. On hindsight, Russia qualifying in Final 6 of WGP seems not so bad after all especially for the young MBs Fetisova and Podskalnaya for experience. Lastly, do we really have confirmation Morozova joining/not joining at all? I am not really impressed by Moroz but at least she is a decent blocker.

    Just thinking if Russia wins WCH, gamova will be the first player i think that have won gold in three consecutive editions. If she wins another MVP, then that is really an amazing feat.

    I know we have done this multiple times but let me post my ideal lineup:

    I wonder if Marichev will apply double-sub since we have Gamova always on the court... which brings me to my next point re Malykh, as much as I like her, I really think she will be underused in this tournament. I really don't see her fit as OH because in terms of attack power, arguably Obmochaeva is better than her and when it comes to reception, Pasynkova is better. Re MBs, if Morozova is not going to play (I think 90%) Shlyakhovaya is the best Russian MB and she should be Marichev's first choice. Moroz is not NT material I think but we'll see. Second MB is a toss up between Podskalanaya and Fetisova but I prefer the latter. But I think the biggest question is who will be main setter now that Gamova is back with the team, I know Gamova can hit most balls but you can't deny she and Startseva already has that connection from years of playing together. Lastly, I want to discuss about Russia's morale coming into this tournament. Obviously, they together w/ Brazil are the favourites to win. I really think they are really motivated to defend their crown, and especially to Gamova, the loss at London OG, add to the fact the recent comments of other coaches :whistle: Many are saying the odds are against this Russian team and this might be true, but when it comes to spirit, I think this Russian team is second to none.

    I hope Pasynkova play very well, because it will be the replacement of Lyuba. She has a good reception and can improve the attack. Do not like the idea of putting together as Kosheleva Ombochaeva and OH. It is very dangerous. Marichev Pasynkova trust, and hope she is prepared to place Sokolova. In the Grand Prix she was not as good in attack, but in the last game against China showed that as the tip has a better attack / very well in reception and blocking.

    What I think the technical Marichev does wrong, is that when Pasynkova misses 1 or 2 receptions, he substitute another player, causing her to lose confidence during the match. I think she even missing a bit, he should trust her and pass that confidence. Play World Cup is another level.

    Kosheleva Pasynkova and OH were double winners of the European Cup. I think they all have two to become World Champions too, with Gamova playing as OPP. Let Obmochaeva as a reserve.

    Yes I think the 'real' game of Pasynkova really showed in the match against China. She showed much power and variation in her attack, and she was, as per, Paul Sunderland, a "lights-out" passer whatever that means :lol:

    I think it is a bit too early to judge but I would like to see Obmachaeva receiving when the WCH starts. Some players might be surprisingly good in a short time. Lets see how she receives first and if she is that bad, Marichev will always have Pasynkova or Scherban as alternatives. To me, the biggest problem with Obmachaeva-Kosheleva duo is back line defense or lets say no defense :lol:

    Pasynkova/Obmochaeva can always trade places as second OH as needed.. This is where ideally Kutykuova can come in handy, tho she has to be substituted when in the front row obviously for attacking/blocking purposes.

    Sorry for the noob question, but why did Brazil have the maximum 9 points why Russia only has 8? Did they not have the same set ratio losing 3 sets total?

    Re Russian team, I still think Spiridonov is a must due to Sivozhelez's absence for improved reception, if Pavlov is playing below his standards, do you think Voronkov should let Moroz play instead? I haven't seen his quality of play so far in this tournament.

    Marichev says:"Lyuba is highly professional, she's very critical to herself. She thinks that her current form is far from conditions Russian NT demand. She would like to help the team, but today it's not in hers powers. The end of club season she spent with injury. Recovering from that took some considerable amount of time. Now Lyuba has to get into shape that she would consider optimal. And right now she thinks that she would only take someone's place in the NT"

    Now that we get the confirmation that Sokolova is out, it is even more imperative for Kutyukova to be back in the team. I admit I was one of the first to dismiss her, but after Russian reception in WGP, I think Russian reception needs to be improved considerably and now that Goncha is playing as OH.

    Re Russian MBs, if Morozova is not 100% ready to play, then it's best if Marichev will not bring her to Italy. Fetisova is a really good replacement IMO, her lack of attack will be less of an issue especially so if she will be in the same rotation as Gamova.

    Sad news about Morozova :( On the upside, we have Shlyakhovaya back and she should be 1st MB. Fetisova seems to be good replacement for Morozova blocking wise and should be the other starter. I think Marichev will only bring three MBs this time and I'm still unsure who Marichev will bring for last slot (Zaryazkho perhaps?).