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    How are Zelensky and co “traitors of the worst kind”? I’m genuinely asking here, I don’t pretend to be an expert and agree the Western media is largely biased so I’m interested in alternative takes.

    1-Zelensky can at any time halt the Ukrainian troop buildup aimed at a new offensive in the Donbas and return his forces to their bases and send his troops back to their barracks.

    2-Zelensky can at any time pledge to return to a state of cessation of hostilities and work to implement a ceasefire.

    But of course, Zelensky must follow the orders from his US/NATO masters and so we have the situation we are in right now. In other words, Zelensky is nothing more than a puppet, he has been bought out by $$$$ and I would not be surprised he will actually get killed by the side he thinks he is on when he has served his purpose. - I'm using this site for all things Russia-related, but a disclaimer this is pro Russian but the users/commenters (from all over the world) are not your typical Western Joe who has been brainwashed by the mainstream media.

    If Russia were to put missiles in Mexico, how do you think USA will react? The current government in Kyiv was installed with the backing of US/NATO. Putin has sent the Chechens for the head of Zelensky and co who are traitors of the worst kind.

    because you say "And now Russia is invading Ukarine with "minimal" casualties to purge the country of Neo-Nazis"

    lots of Nazis here, where civilians are


    What's your point? This is Putin's "war" as what the mainstream media likes to call it of course there will be casualties. If Russia really wanted to, they could take the entire Ukraine in less than a week but obviously that is not whats happening. The media you consume is biased, and that's an understatement.

    Look, I'm not saying Russia's actions are justified (or one side is objectively right than the other). Each side can peddle the version of the truth they want, but incriminating Russia for the very same actions the West has "disguised" as war on terror in various other countries in the past that and the West not receiving this kind of treatment. That is hypocrisy to me.

    What a stupid decision from CEV and FIVB. They can condemn Russia government, but players are innocent.

    When USA bombed Afghanistan, did CEV and FIVB have guts to ban any USA teams?

    I am sick of this double standard.

    You forgot when US/NATO bombed Serbia, Iraq, Libya did UN bat an eyelash? And now Russia is invading Ukarine with "minimal" casualties to purge the country of Neo-Nazis (don't believe everything you see and here in mainstream media) and Russia deserves to go to hell. The hypocrisy of the West disgusts me.

    I agree with this. It's time for Russia to test their young players out, especially since Max isn't getting any younger (I feel like Paris will be his last tournament with the NT) and there is a shortage of good opposite hitters in Russia. Klets is probably Russia's best chance for a tall opposite, followed by Murashko. As with the other positions, I wouldn't mind a Kobzar-Abaev setting duo (with a sprinkle of Pankov). Middle blockers are basically set once Lyzik comes since Russia still have Kurkaev if Yakovlev and Volvich underperforms. Fedorov can easily kick Golubev out of the starting libero position just like he did in Zenit-Kazan, but the real bloodbath happens in the open hitter position. Semyshev, Volkov, Kliuka, Podlesnykh and Tetyukhin would be fighting for a spot in the national team.

    Russia's next big opposite may come from one of the Lokomotiv pupils - Klets, Sapozkhov, Murashko but currently the gap between Maxim and Poletaev, and all other opposites in Russia is huge. So I would say it would take another 2-3 years to establish them as an NT candidate. I"m still on the Poletaev train even if he is always injured, hopefully he can regain his good form for the home WCH.

    So someone finally made some posts here, I thought I was the only person in this forum following men's Russian league lol After some sleuthing , the conflict in fact is not between Sammelvuo and Kobzar, but between Kobzar and wait for it.. Yakovlev! Turns out, the root of this issue where this all started between the two all because of the captaincy (is that even a word lol) in the team. According to some Russian VB fans, the team had a vote and Sammelvuo and the coaching staff voted for Kobzar, and most of the Zenit players sided with Yakovlev. Some fans also noted Yakovlev liking fan comments in Instagram saying he is a more worthy captain that Kobzar lol Due to all of this drama, the climate in the team got affected, and it affected Kobzar's relationship not only to Yakovlev but to the rest of his teammates to the point that they weren't on speaking terms (I know crazy right sounds like HS drama).. This apparently is the main reason why Kobzar is not starting, if we were to believe. Rumors notwithstanding, except for yesterday's match with Lokomotiv, Kobzar is playing really poorly so he deserves to be benched but I think he regained some of his mojo back after yesterday's game.

    I still have two questions lingering in my mind: 1. Why on earth Poletaev is always injured? Seems like Sammelvuo is using Viktor as his scapegoat, as to why the team is always playing sub-optiamlly and not with the strongest composition. 2. And to echo one user, why does he get to keep his job in the club even after the very mediocre results with the team.

    Zenit is cursed. All players transferring to that team regressed. Yakovlev is not the same players even compared to last season. Kliuka during Fakel days was objectively better, and Poletaev I really don't know what to say. Even Zhenya seems lost a times.