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    Soccer matches have a good time schedule for all continents. Even Eurovision which was held in Azerbaijan started in Baku I guess local time 12 am (midnight) which was for Europe 9 pm (It starts always at 9 pm).

    What I try to say is that FIVB should give the early matches for the American teams so their native people can watch the matches at a normal time, afterwards matches to Asian teams who would play on midday which is not a big problem for them and the latest matches to European teams who can watch the matches at a normal time in the morning.

    Yes I know this can‘t be always done like this if you have not a balance, just saying.

    Or one Pool plays on a day and the other Pool the day after so tht we don‘t have so many matches (which have to start early local time) on one day. Even the players are not used to play a match on 10/11 am local time.

    Fivb is really miles miles miles behind fifa and fiba!

    Thanks to Japan's special treatment, China is once again getting almost all of the prime time:lol:

    Almost? All ( oh sry except one match)! Really unfair and I don‘t care about prime time due to time difference a 12:20 CET match may also be a prime time for European teams instead of 3:40 CET.

    A 10 o clock or 13 o clock match (local time Japan) is not that bad for China or Asian teams. It is a world championship and you want to get as much viewer as possible so put some European teams in the last spots so european habits could watch the games, too. Same of course the other way around if such a tournement is in Europe or America.

    Turkey seems not to be in form for this competition and I can‘t explain why. Guidetti is having one of his worst matches as a coach. I mean watching this messy team he must be more angry and furious like we all know him but he is very calm.

    Tactically Turkey especially Guidetti is not prepared. They can lose of course but not playing so bad. I mean he waits until Meryem gets blocked10 times to substitute her, those are things I am not used from Guidetti.

    True, this is the first time that I'll get up for the early match in this competition because it's such a big one. Whoever loses will have a hard time getting to the F6. I hope it's a good game, to me this looks like a 50/50.

    To keep the chances alive for both they need a 5 set match :lol:

    3 of CHN, TUR, ITA, USA, RUS will go to the finals and I see RUS as the weakest link.

    I see the teams (top 3) from Pool B in the advantage they could beat all 4 teams from Pool C, whereas the teams from Pool C will have tough opponents.

    Lowe, pretty as always, how I missed her :rose:. I‘m so sorry for Robinson, I guess she won‘t see the OH jersey in the NT anymore in the future, as long as USA has a good libero who plays also in a pro league. And even if this will be possible, it will be difficult to earn back a starting spot besides Hill & Bartsch-Hackley.

    In addition to the schedule: I just figured out that Italy almost plays every match first in the group : 6:40 CET, I guess) and China plays ALL matches last (12:20 CET), I am used to this that the host gets the latest time spot but this schedule in this group is very unfair.

    Actually it was a close match besides of set 1. The number of mistakes made the only difference.

    Simge and especially Eda were really bad today. But we can see that Ebrar is on fire and this is due to Lang Pings who didn‘t work on Ebrar and the Chinese girls couldn‘t defend her at all. I really wanted to see more sets no matter with the outcome.