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    I really thought about italian volleyball federation mafia or something like that so they won‘t allow in a match like this that Imoco is close to be out of competition...

    To be honest I am still furious at imoco after buying the final 4 ticket as a host even they weren‘t qualified for the playoffs yet at that time. But I wan to watch good strong quality matches and I don‘t want to see weak teams in the next round so I hope they can still make it.

    Gala beat Nilüfer : 3-1

    Nilüfer's MB Özgenur 's lateral movement is quite fast in going for a block. better teams than Nilüfer could consider her for next season. MBs having fast legs are pretty important in volleyball

    i like MB jackson..she can ascend out of nowhere going for a slide..if she were a good blocker she would be playing in the Usa NT now

    3rd set was 25:9 for Gala. This is something I really can‘t accept in such a league as the Turkish league. Seriously not even getting to double diggets is embarrassing for any team in the league.

    I remember he was also with Neriman when she played in Italy in Modena. Sad, I thought they were a cute couple, he sure was quite handsome :P

    Yeah, he is handsome! So sad for them I mean he was with her in Modena and last year in Japan.

    Could it be the difference at all?

    Don‘t know where to post or ask it but did Neriman Özsoy get divorced? She was with a basketball player/trainer married and if I am not wrong she also changed her instagram surname but now back to Özsoy and no pictures of both..

    beri I am more shocked how you really think about this topic as a turkish user. First of all I have turkish roots but I was born and I am living in Germany and I am not a person who is practicing religion or a big fan or supporter of a hijab.

    You should take care what you are saying and don‘t mix it with your personal opinion or view. As you already said, that she must be a refugee, so you don‘t know how they (I assume Syria) are practicing it and how seriously they are into their religion, most of them lost everything maybe their religion is the only thing they have, to put it into other words: don‘t judge them immidiatley by her hijab which you don‘t tolerate in such a young age. Sure you must not tolerate this but you are not allowed to give commands what she should do instead, you can never know the reasons and I am really shoked how you think about it.

    Sure, in most cases such girls have to wear it because their father says so, but these are more speculations you are attacking her family just because she is wearing a hijab in that age. It is up to everyone what they want to do and don‘t mix your personal opinion with turkish and syrian muslims either.

    To close this, even if it was like this was you said, her father would not even allowed her to play volleyball, not even to wear a shirt or to show skin, but I guess she was and she just was wearing a hijab but she is doing what makes her happy: playing volleyball? Being a volleyball player?

    Please don‘t judge it with so much hate, as I said, you don‘t have to accept or tolerate this but you are not allowed to criticze her or her father in this way based on personal experience or opinion you have made in the past.

    Fivb or CEV is such a looser in comparison to fiba! First of all the matches have long long breaks in between the next one, severa years ago there was every week one match I guess 2 years ago they changed it to every 2 weeks and now it is (almost) every month one match, not to mention how boring and week the pool stages are!

    And the most big problem now is, we have to pay to watch these matches, very smart move by them. We don‘t have to argue why volleyball is not popular as basketball look at fiba, every week a euroleague match and even a youtube live streaming (talking about womens basketball) I mean it could not be more nice!