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    I don‘t know what is going inside GS. GS for sure plays better with Hande ad Opposite bu they are starting with her as OH.

    She is still Eczacis player so I guess they didn‘t allow GS to use her as OPP which is really bad if they have influence on that.

    On the other side, why did you transfer Atkinson if she won‘t be starting, lets forget about starting, even don‘t let her playing besides of that double change. Really I don‘t get it.

    I don‘t care who will take the last final spot but I want to see a new CL winner. I am tired of VakifBank winning it. And I am always cheering for a team who has not won this trophy yet.

    Conegliano is doing anything they can to win this cup for several years, I guess this time they can make it.

    How great it would be to see Vargas in NT:super: I am curious if is there any offer from Fenerbahce or TVF to Vargas. Is it possible to see her in NT. I can see Vargas will be next Yeon Kim of Fenerbahce (she played 6 or 7 years for them)

    yeah, I am thinking the same. I mean Turkish NT lacks in this position, when this is possible with Juantorena in Italy or Leon in Poland why not Vargas in Turkey. Turkish basketball NT both men and women are doing the same, there is always 1 in the team who took Turkish nationality mostly Americans.

    Natalia should be really a done transfer. Kim is really awful this season. I would go wirh one foreigner OH and Meliha. Meliha improved a lot and she is close ro Larsons level she can still improve even if not next season but maybe the season after it or after it Eczaci will be thankful if they let keep her as a starting player. She can become a player like Gözde in vakif.

    Eczaci needs to look for a better setter or should have kept Maja. Even in other teams, there you have Guidettis brain. Cansu Özbay was loaned from Besiktas to Vakif and at the same time Cagla from Vakif to Besiktas. Guidetti saw the shine in her and after that one season they let Cagla go and transfered Cansu as their own player now. After having Naz and now Cansu as a good setter I don‘t think that this is pure coincidence. Vakifs scouting team works with brain, whereas Eczaci is not building a team, they are just buying Names on every position.

    And renewing with Motta in the middle of the season was more than stupid.

    Imocos defence is superb! I have seen such a defence seldom. Ecz players are getting frustrated because they can‘t kill the ball at first attempt.

    If imoco gets eliminated then because of their mistakes, they make too many silly errors.

    So all the wanna be and big dreamer of italian teams who made predictions or comments based on one single bad match the turkish ones played to praise their italian teams are now silent, or I hope so.

    Especially the ones who predicted 3:0 or 3:1 wins for the Italians. Thank you so much. I love it how people sometimes make comments based on their heart and not with their brain by giving factual comments.

    And at the same time you guys can now start to demolish VakifBank as they lost today. So I guess we will read some posts like „they are not strong, they lost, you can bea them easily, when Novara has a good day they can crush Vakifbank, they are not as strong as they look like“ and so on :rose:

    I am glad that Vakifbank lost they need a loss otherwise they think they are strong and unbeatable. I am also sure that they will win in Istanbul in 3 or 4 sets so this loss won't affect them much.

    Where are the Fener haters because Fener lost to Dinamo, too. Based on that match you guys don't even give a chance for Fener against Scandicci.

    thats what forums are all about.

    So my last post about this because this is getting funny and I can't explain you guys everything in details. Or you basically don't want to understand it.

    Tell us your opinion, once or twice is enough we got it but not for several days having a battle whose opinion is the most right one and therefore keep telling us the same thing just in different ways! So, no forums are not about this.

    Thats it, but most users are into an argument here about their forum status therefore will never accept this and will find excuses.