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    Yeah more MODs are needed, is it possible to get more? And personal opinion fights should stop, too.
    There is no rule to like/love a NT but you have to respect the results and the game played by those NT no matter which NT. It is disrespectful saying If team X would have been there than this team Y would have no chance in the finals. It doesn‘t matter anymore but guys please have respect and accept the result and don‘t come up with old quotes/arguments or whatever. I am sure everyone should stop talking about it now and also stop having the attitude of „I must have the last word/comment“. Tomorrows game: the team which plays better volleyball will win, nothing more, nothing less.

    To be honest, I don‘t think this Turkish team will be playing and defeating like this long enough. As known they are a new team which plays tactical very well with Guidetti. Other teams don‘t have much video material to study this team and to defeat them. This is why I think in the WCH it won‘t be that easy because the teams will have all matches from VNL (the most matches you can play in this VNL) to study the Turks and to make tactics of course here comes an important role for the coaches.

    Then this schedule should have helped the Netherlands, too but they got even the last place 6th. So just stop looking for factors off court and show respect to the victory!

    There is no favorite now! Who plays better volleyball will win!

    The celebration might be also so huge because by now this is the best result Turkey achieved on world stage. The best until todays match was a bronze medal in WGP 2012 now they guaranteed a silver medal.

    Once again: stop looking for excuses, just accept it and appreciate the effort and respect the result. It was definetley not a gift by Brazil or fivb with the schedule, this is really unfair.

    ?( ?( What about when a Turkish fan (meatball) starting his argumentation by calling you "immature" even though i didn't provoke him or beri always accuse someone as "hater" or "disrespectful" because we disagree with her? If these are not a provocation or insults, then tell what they are.

    Are we a child now and pointing out with the finger to give the fault to others and don‘t see any mistake by ourselves? Go and cry :wavy:

    No wonder Gui and the Turkish girls are so happy with this razor-thin victory, could be a fateful winning indeed. Their opportunity is still widely opened. The 3-point outcome of tomorrow's match between SRB vs USA is quite possible!

    Yeah actually Turkey will advance for sure by any outcome of tomorrows match besides a 3:2 win of Serbia.

    Zehra Güneş is really new rising star in volleyball. Her stats when it comes to attack and blok are already very good. You can't even compare Lubian with her and they are the same age.
    She has already won Champions League and Turkish league and is choosen the best MB.
    I am so happy that we will watch her against the best teams of VNL.

    Made my day. Where are the croatian rising stars? :lol:

    Italy deserves much more to be in Final6 than both Turkey or Holland, escpecially if they beat Brazil but I believe they can.

    Seriously I can‘t handle your posts anymore. Just say something smart or never ever post something here again. Why does Italy deserve it more? Why didn‘t they send their A team to the first two weeks? If they want this final then they should have send their A squad and not B or C or whatever! Just because they are rolling up doesn‘t mean they deserve it more than other teams.

    Seriously you have no respect for the performances of those players by making such comments. Before the start of this VNL nobody had hopes for Turkey that they would be so close to make it to the finals. Even more who would have thought they would beat USA as the only team by now? Or the whole Asian teams, and were so close to beat Russia and even Serbia?

    They are a young new generation and you criticise it immediately. Same goes for NED, they beat serious opponents to be on position 4 right now!!
    Do you think those teams became the points as a gift from FIVB? They didn‘t own it by their own to beat the opponents?

    You don‘t have to like those teams but what you really should get is respect for the teams, their performance and players!!
    And if a team has 9 or 10 wins out of 13 games so far they deserve it!!!! I don‘t get your point by not deserving it what should they do to deserve it!

    Sry but I really do wanna insult you because of yor stupid comments which I have to read but it is against my respect that I have been taught.

    Go and get some respect and return when you deserved it!

    China will be stupid if they would send their A team to Germany. They are in the finals and due to travel distance (which they would have done for the first time in the VNL) and time difference when they need to travel back to China for the finals. So it does make sense to rest the players.

    Technically, no team is guaranteed the ticket to Nanjing yet, but USA, Brazil and Serbia should be fine. They can grab at least 11 wins. The remaining 2 berths will be from Turkey, Netherlands and Italy. Russia probably will end with 9 wins, so they're out. Turkey's opponents are Korea, China, Netherlands and Germany. Korea and Germany should be easy wins. Match against Netherlands will be critical, probably will be the decisive match! I assume China will send their B team to Germany, so they could beat them too. If they can grab 11 wins in the end, they should be fine.
    Netherlands' opponents are Serbia, China, Germany and Turkey. They need to try to grab 3 wins, but it's going to be hard. Italy's opponents are Dominican Republic, Belgium, Thailand and Brazil. They need to win all 4 matches, then they'll have a chance to qualify, but their fate is basically in Turkey and Netherlands' hands.
    I personally would prefer Turkey and Netherlands. If Italy really wanted to qualify, they shouldn't have sent their B team in the first 2 weeks. :cursing:

    USA is guaranteed for sure. China is currently 6th with 20 points but as a host their score is not important as the 6th team also qualifies when China is under the top 5. So 7th is Italy. USA have 31 points and Italy has 18 even if USA loses the upcoming 4 matches and Italy wins the upcoming 4 matches their maximum points Italy could have is 30 so they could not get over USA