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    I guess this lost of desire comes with the failure of qualification for the Olympics. After Sloetjes, Plak takes the same decision.

    That is the thing: you compare any club with Conegliano and Vakif and yes sure both seem to be unbeatable and are really strong but don‘t you forget that a club could also be successful without beating both but nevertheless being successful?

    I really don‘t like this kind of image like in soccer: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are the best because of Ronaldo and Messi and they are super strong and now the same with volleyball Conegliano and Vakif are the best because of Egonu and Zhu and they are super strong. You started comparing any individual player club staff no matter what with Vakif and Conegliano and therefore you don‘t even give a chance to any other club. This kind of thoughts are really sad.

    Why don‘t you give a chance for Eczacibasi? I mean no matter which team they build you guys are coming with prejudices that they will flop.
    They are hiring big names big stars and they will flop, they are hiring young talented players and they will flop. What kind of volleyball knowledge do you guys have?

    I think they will be more successful than in the past. They hired young talented players, some of them did already prove themselves and some of them are about to prove it and maybe this will happen in Eczacibasi?
    I mean you are talking about like this team hired U18 players, so seriously?

    I said from the beginning her transfer to Blaj wasn't smart. She was back-up for Popovic and Romanian league isn't as strong as the German league.

    Now I think France is her only option, because all German teams ranked from first to seventh already have a libero. There are no other leagues who will hire a foreigner libero. I hope she atleast signs with a club in France where she will be a starter and play champions league...

    She should have stayed in Aachen.

    No it is not. The problem is not that you are sharing transfer posts in a league thread the problem is that you don‘t follow the rules. You cannot mix threads and their topics. Share as much as you want in the transfer thread but keep the rules as simple as that.

    This may be a small „problem“ for you or even not a problem at all but it is against the rules and than everyone starts ignoring the rules and do whatever they want to. So it starts small bit the outcome might be big.

    Sorry guys but this is a thread for the league and not for transfer news in Germany.

    It is not difficult to follow the rules. I would really appreciate if you post your transfer news in the thread where all others do the same. Thanks!

    It is non of your business why do you don't want to understand it? We know your opinion about turkish league turkish clubs and turkish nt actually everything related with turkish. It is provokating if you keep saying it all the time everytime!

    You don't even care about this players when they play in the NT you don't even support 1% Turkish NT so why do you share your wannabe ''interest'' to those players that they would not sit on the bench in italy? Why? You are not a fan of them its their business not yours. Basically shut up.

    Than Turkish league will fall and Italian league keeps being the best league and now? What should we do against that now? Why do you have the desire to share this with us all the time? It is non of your business and therefore come up with normal comments without provokating anyone or anything or otherwise leave this thread and stay in your Italian league thread for ever. Thanks.

    When will you stop provoking this forum and especially Turkish users with your comments and grow up as a HUMAN? Start growing up and then come back and watch how turkish players grew up :wavy:

    you’d be surprised. Most top players have been signed since late February

    A lot of things happened since then until now. Seriously put yourself into that position. Even if you have signed since February, things changed. The epidemic is a pandemic now. Almost all leagues are cancelled, even the Olympics are postponed and your mind about your contract would have changed, too.

    Let‘s not forget something. The year before the Olympics players are usually split into 2 groups. 1 group prefers a shorter league, a league where they don‘t get exhausted and prepare for the olympics. (Most Asian leagues)

    The other group prefers a more challenging league to play always high matches, league matches as much as possible continental cups and to get challenged by opponents just to make sure to be ready for tough matches. (Most European leagues)

    And now imagine the year after the olympics. There are for sure players who for example chose a shorter league before the olympics but now aftet the olympics they want to play more challenging matches where they have to put everything seeking a lot of trophies and of course the other way around players who prefers a shorter league after the olympics basically for a healthy recovery because the olympic year was exhausting enough.

    So after postponing the olympics the most of the players have to decide again how they want to spend the year before the olympics. Basically VakifBank who already made their roster for the next season will be again without Zhu Ting which they just get to knew after the official statement of postponing the olympics. And as an example just imaginary MBH was to leave VakifBank and signed with another club could be interesting fot VakifBank again, so this the same other way around for players.
    Therefore contracts signed on February are meaningless for me.

    Even we have to change our lives, made some choices regarding university or on our jobs, internships and now we have to overthink and reorganise everything again. As a friend of mine should have done an internship he signed the contract and thanks to Corona his internship was cancelled (sure this is the decision of the company) and the same applies to the players as well. Signed contracts are for sure unvalid for them before they are not sure how things will develop in that country where they will play in live for at least 10 months.