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    Asia women volleyball market is the future, because of the larget audience. Japan supports fivb for a long time. Lots of volleyball competition are held in Japan like volleyball world Cup. Maybe it is too much burden for japan to organize all the matches. I believe more and more international matches will be held in China in the future. Thailand and China are also a big market to develope.

    Well, USA B team is struggling with poland now. Now it is eaier to understand why turkey wins over USA Yesterday. The whole team of USA is just not ready!

    Tomorrow, poland vs turkey will be an interesting to watch ~~~ :teach:

    I was thinking the same but not now anymore. If the future volleyball market would be Asia then we would have the same for the men‘s teams but obviously mens volleyball is more spread in America or Europe.

    That means that only FIVB rules the volleyball world by money. Who gives the most gets the best advantage, that is it.

    For me it is only China buying his advantages.

    I didnt see too many eour fans watched eourpean pools matches.we can see the numbers of every pool's the top 7 matches, hongkong has 6 matches.and asian countries pools has more audience.please stop complaining these things.your eourpeans have the most pool.China surely played 4 four pools in China.but we are big.from an eourpean country to another,it is not far.

    Sure but you cant compare a volleyball hall in Belgium Netherlands Turkey Italy Serbis or Bulgaria with a huge hall in one of Chinas metropole city halls and do not forget about the population. Nevertheless Chinas advantages due to money are unfair. Let them travel the whole world and don‘t host the final even Lang Ping would not travel with the A players and China would send a Z team and would not take this tournement serious at all!

    So enjoy it as long as China feeds FIVB with money.

    The WGP now VNL is the "commercialization" of the volleyball tournament by the FIVB. If only nations like DOM or other European nations or the American continent are more willing to bid in fulfilling the commercial aspects sought after by the FIVB then definitely they may host more, just like the soccer World Cup. Right now it happens that the Asian Continent incl China, Japan, Thailand are more willing to bid for and can afford the hosting of VNL and other int'l women's volleyball events. And FIVB loves such great support. That's all. Money talks. Without the money lube the sport won't flourish either! You should complain why the members of CEV won't throw in more money to host the VNL!

    Money talks! Thats it! It is sad when you want to host something and gets bet by a higher offer. Hosting every pool okay but hosting the final 2 years in a row. We all know that FIVB does not care about the popularity of this sport it is all about money. In Europe it would get more attraction and is more pleasure to watch than in Asia but money rules.

    And European countries are smart enough not to invest so much money into greedy FIVB 8)

    Dominican Republic had the unlucky draw from all countries ever. This travelling is already insane and must be really exhausting but no other team travels the world so much as them.

    They started the VNL in Brazil (South America) flying to Italy (Europe) then Thailand (Asia) then Germany (Europe) and the final Korea (Asia) each Pool they are changing the continent. That is crazy.

    And China as always and like last year only traveled to Brazil and after that never left China even the finals are again there which is really unfair.

    As an European citizen I am pissed off watching almost all important tournements early in the morning. :down:

    for all main coaches of all teams,I think Jenny langping is the most calm and cool one.most male coaches always play dramas or show his angry too much to their players.I think female coaches ,especially who ever was a good player,can understand and feel how their players feelings .they can control the tempo .and also they can try to make her players clam down when they face problems.with so many talented female players ,I hope more female coaches will be the main coaches of national teams.

    Its for sure Japans head coach!

    :what: Pietrini was one of the reasons why Italy was able to change the match in the 2nd set . Our most experienced players,like Bosetti and Chirichella, were bad today, but it's still understandable for me since the girls started to train together on Monday

    which might be true but she was one of the reasons why Italy lost in the 5th set. Keep this also in mind.