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    When will you stop provoking this forum and especially Turkish users with your comments and grow up as a HUMAN? Start growing up and then come back and watch how turkish players grew up :wavy:

    you’d be surprised. Most top players have been signed since late February

    A lot of things happened since then until now. Seriously put yourself into that position. Even if you have signed since February, things changed. The epidemic is a pandemic now. Almost all leagues are cancelled, even the Olympics are postponed and your mind about your contract would have changed, too.

    Let‘s not forget something. The year before the Olympics players are usually split into 2 groups. 1 group prefers a shorter league, a league where they don‘t get exhausted and prepare for the olympics. (Most Asian leagues)

    The other group prefers a more challenging league to play always high matches, league matches as much as possible continental cups and to get challenged by opponents just to make sure to be ready for tough matches. (Most European leagues)

    And now imagine the year after the olympics. There are for sure players who for example chose a shorter league before the olympics but now aftet the olympics they want to play more challenging matches where they have to put everything seeking a lot of trophies and of course the other way around players who prefers a shorter league after the olympics basically for a healthy recovery because the olympic year was exhausting enough.

    So after postponing the olympics the most of the players have to decide again how they want to spend the year before the olympics. Basically VakifBank who already made their roster for the next season will be again without Zhu Ting which they just get to knew after the official statement of postponing the olympics. And as an example just imaginary MBH was to leave VakifBank and signed with another club could be interesting fot VakifBank again, so this the same other way around for players.
    Therefore contracts signed on February are meaningless for me.

    Even we have to change our lives, made some choices regarding university or on our jobs, internships and now we have to overthink and reorganise everything again. As a friend of mine should have done an internship he signed the contract and thanks to Corona his internship was cancelled (sure this is the decision of the company) and the same applies to the players as well. Signed contracts are for sure unvalid for them before they are not sure how things will develop in that country where they will play in live for at least 10 months.

    I doubt that any player will sign any contract before the middle/end of summer. I guess they will make an oral agreement but no official signature because of the Corona Virus pandemic and how it will develop.

    E.g. Italy got hit worst in Europe and before things won't get any better no player will sign anything with any italian clubs. The players for sure take a closer look how things develop in those countries where they got an offer from but they will for sure hesitate and wait until they sign anything.

    The main problem in this forum is always those different opinions which most of the users does not respect and feel attacked.
    As simple as that, most opinions are not neutral opinions it has a „secret“ insulting message towards others favorite club/player/league.

    The level is more provokative and too much personal, which end up in long argues and fight.

    Even FIBA rescheduled the games of the womens euroleague matches from Italy to neutral court Slovenia this week after 2 clubs said that they do not want to play in Italy.

    CEV has to take the same decision!

    I fully support Scandicci, all matches should be played.

    If it would ever happen that you just start the engine of your brain and to think only logically and without emotions (like being the biggest fan of anything volleyball and Italy has to do in connection)?

    If it were the other way around you would be the first one SCREAMING that the italian teams should not travel to TURKEY and play there! Just start thinking!

    Thanks god you are not an italian citizen otherwise your self-confidence would be as far as to the moon and back!

    Neutral ground in both matches, yes. Not in just one. We all know what are they doing.

    And Like I said stop overreacting that is sentence that doctors are saying over and over again.

    Even WHO stated the Emergency! Of course we should be calmed down but Italy is the country with the most cases in Europe after China and South Korea!
    Before that China Asia were far away for the population in Europe, now the Virus just knocked at their front door, so you never know.

    Savino del Bene said on Instagram that the match against Eczacibasi is still scheduled and will be held even tickets went on sale.

    Fenerbahce and Eczacibasi stated to CEV that they do not want to play in Italy due to Corona Virus.
    CEV is in close contacts with WHO and Italian Health organisation.
    They will Have a closer look to either postpone the matches or to play in a different country.

    I think, I am right, that Novara will meet Moscow in the quarters and that there are just three possible outcomes for the draw for the three others?

    1. Conegliano vs. Stuttgart, VakifBank vs. Fenerbahce, Eczacibasi vs. Scandicci

    2. Conegliano vs. Fenerbahce, VakifBank vs. Stuttgart, Eczacibasi vs. Scandicci

    3. Conegliano vs. Scandicci, VakifBank vs. Fenerbahce, Eczacibasi vs. Stuttgart

    Why should Novara meet Moscow for sure in the quarters? If not then:

    Conegliano vs. Stuttgart

    Conegliano vs. Moscow

    Conegliano vs. Scandicci

    Conegliano vs. Fenerbahce

    Eczacibasi vs. Scandicci

    Eczacibasi vs. Moscow

    Eczacibasi vs. Stuttgart

    Vakifbank vs. Fenerbahce

    Vakifbank vs. Stuttgart

    Vakifbank vs. Moscow

    Novara vs. Scandicci

    Novara vs. Fenerbahce

    Novara vs. Moscow