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    The starting line up for Turkey should be:

    Eda-Dicle or Kübra

    Turkey needs a Mittleblocker who can be the most scorer of the match. One of them is Eda, so they need a second one, and i cant see it in Bahar sorry. Bahar can only block in my eyes, she isnt a good attacker. Sometimes i think if she is scared from the boll or from the block she attacks so scary, and she cant serve sorry, its not normal to fail your serve everytime or often you can fail 1 or 2 times but not so much as she does. Think about that when she didint fail the serve maybe there were some points for the turks to collect that in your own serve. Potentiall MBs are for me Dicle or Kübra, turkey need the height of Kübra and the serves from Büsra but she is also not so good for me.
    Actually Turkey has one of the best players, look at all of them in the league in the clubs, every year is a turkish club in CL final, Gözde strong attacker good defense and good reception what do you want more? Neriman a little bit weak at reception but we need her attacks and Neslihan for me one of the best players who dont play only with power, she also plays with her brain and i like it. Gizem is also a good libero so if they gett coached well i think they can reach the WG finals and they can go to semis and more at WCH.

    maybe links will appaer later ^^ tomorrow lower division start ^^

    Yes but as i already said, i found 3 streamings for Division 1 : 3. August Turkey - Russia , 10. August Brazil- USA and 17. August China - Japan. So thats it. If those streams are now on why isnt there other streams, if they will come later, too i dont see the reason why 3 matches are on and other COULD be come later

    I'm looking forward for the friendly match between Serbia and Germany. Both team are strong but i think Serbia isn't that strong what they was before. You can see it at the Worldschamp qualification earlier this year. They qualified as a Runner-up and not as a pool winner. So Brakocevic is not playing at WG.. But Germany is for me not a team which i would say woow they can win but they are good.

    Why is not streaming the WG? I mean it starts tomorrow but there is no link so watch or stream. I just found 3 matches but those matches are from Division 1 and only 1 game for each WEEK not group.. and i think its less i thought they would stream more games ..