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    I agree! It's hard to discuss anything with people when they are so in love with a certain player. Seda's 0% is not a good benchmark for Meryem. Obviously Guidetti saw in trainings that Seda did better and that's why he preferred her. She had a bad day and had 0% in attacking. It's quite unfair for Seda since she didnt play the entire season as opposite either. About Polen, I'm sure she would do better than Seda today if she played too. We don't know how she would perform without watching her actually. I'm not trying to trash Meryem, she did a good job today but we need a more solid opposite than her, Polen and today's Seda.

    you say this because your love polen is left of national team hahahahahaha :whistle: :lol:

    after turkey win bulgaria with meryem playing very strong, have people in inside that no want meryem in national team :whistle: :whistle: ? hahahah

    seda 0% in the game :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    polen out of national team :heart: . hande stay in opposite. today turkey played against russia and lost 3-0. other set played and turkey win.

    turkey start with naz- meryem, gozde - seda ????, eda - kubra - gizem.


    Based on the performances in WCh qualifications this weekend. Neither of Zehra, Tuğba, Tutku Burcu seems to be ready to play on senior level yet :whistle: Please no more complains like "guidetti should call young players" bla bla :roll:

    You see the statics from pólen this season? :lol: :rolll:

    Guys why are we acting like Meryem didnt make the cut... Lol she is in NT and has made the final cuts. As I said I like Meryem because she is a true opposite whereas Neslihan is good in other aspects as serve and smart hits very well. But for me it ends there, Polen doesnt deserve to be starter or back up in NT. She was terrible and did nothing good this season. Meryem is in the team and will surely be starter or back up not Polen who did nothing. Remember we have been comparing Meryem and Nesli , not Polen and Meryem because Polen is not good in any aspect at the moment and Im saying this as someone that likes her a lot

    Yes and I understand if he wants to do it gradually with the younger players. Thats why I said I will wait for next tournaments to judge but some choices are just stupid ro me. Starter/Backup should be Nesli and Meryem for Opp not Polen thats all I say

    yes i think meryem and neslihan is the best for national team this moment. if meryem out and polen in its so hard to accept. My hopes is that guidetti tests new players from the grand prix

    i really want know why turkish no like meryem. cause she no stay in backup of big teams and play in small team ? and I TRYYYYYYY understand what polen make for play in national team.

    polen in vakifbank = backup for brakocevic
    polen in fenerbahce = backup for montano after brankika M. after backup for grothues and now back up for fabris.

    i agree about neslihan, i think neslihan play with name and past cause actually neslihan no play so strong. i can't understand polen in also. what polen made this season?

    and i can't understand about beyza out and bahar/ bursa in. guidetti speak that no will work with backup player but your roster have so much backup.

    with gio i really think that him need play with more young and olds names players like this team:

    gamze - meryem
    eda- zehra - gizem orge
    hande- tugba

    i liked the game from arelya i think su zent and melike are so bad MB, turkey plaed without MB. i think arelya - nursevil - meliha played good but bihter and MB bad.

    i agree with beri. neslihan, gozde, seda and others no is good for national. turkey need young and prosper players. i no agree with tugba, zehra, yasemin are so young. if they can play in senior, why they no play? i desagree with convocation with team. no important your team, important is your volleyball.

    in 2013 after 2012 olympics games turkey start naz- nesli, gozde - neriman or seda - bahar - busra - gizem k. and turkey was TERIBLE this year. after european champ. 2013 neslihan left national team and back 2016 olympics classification and turkey lost. so, nesli, gozde, bahar is the save of national team? of course no.

    why support guldeniz if we have fatma and tugba ?
    why support seda if we have hande, burcu, ceyda aktas. i can't understand.
    *** i agree with eda, neriman, meryem in national team

    And Nilufer almost relegated from the division. Damla played so good but against terrible blocks and bad defenders. Gözde Yilmaz and Cansu Cetin won't make it to ECH qualifications anyway. This list will be reduced to 14 people and most of these names wont be there. Meryem is on the list and she is from a small team, same for Ceren Cihan, Fatma Yildirim etc.

    Selime and Sinem are in really bad shape since they left GS. They were actually bad back then. Gözde Kirdar said she would retire but looks like she wont.

    Paola Egonu played in Horrible Team ( Club italia ) and is STAR italy national team. i no believe in team i believe in player. i never choose meliha, seyma than ceyda aktas.

    If we are talking about senior NT, then there is no place for Ceyda Aktas, Damla Cakiroglu (division 2 player), Tugba-Burcu-Yasemin-Zehra who need to prove themselves in smaller tournaments, in their age categories and in better teams this season. Dilara is the only one I can agree.

    Ceyda aktas was impport opposite for nilufer this season. damla played in A2 but played so good. and meliha? gozde yilmaz? seyma ? cansu çetin? you prefeer players back up than players playing in 6 players ?!!! :wall: :wall: what doing ? selfie??? you see tugba this season? she played so strong, zehra and yasemin also. what busra and bahar played this season?
    sometimes i think in turkey you only need "play" in big team. you can stay in back up but you will call for national team

    sorry, but i try see the list of russia and others like turkey and i no see the names of players

    I think neriman continues but I hope that guldeniz, seda, birgul and busra out of the selection. 1986-1988 I would only like eda, meryem, neriman and bahar (if she had played well)

    I do not agree with polen in the selection this season