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    GS 3-2 BURSA

    seda played good. centonni was centonni.

    i really think that fatma is playing bad. she made only 5 POINTS IN attack all game, in bursa only joyce and ipek played good. i want see fatma better

    i think meryem is the best opposite turkish in the moment. the big problem of turkey national team will be opposite maybe only meryem and polen will play. i like burcu yuzgenç but she is playing medium for bad in halkbank. i miss pelin aroguz. she was excellent opposite but she live in USA now.

    Meryem really is BEST opposite turkish in the moment. She play ALONE in seramikasan and play good. She played good against vakifbank Today and Was best scorer.
    Dicle is playing the best season in your varrer after ultimate season in besiktas. She is strong this season. And i Think melis yilmaz is the best libero in reception turkish in the moment.
    One middle block that i like and nobodys see her is beyza arici. She is strong in cannakale.
    Zehra gunes start turkish league good but now is very bad and slow

    Tomorrow bursa vs Galatasaray Will be match of week

    if the players no change for play in national team guidetti will have BIG problem.
    i think if meryem play very good in national team others players turkish can change.

    i really not understand about meryem. the girl make strong games this season. yesterday made 35 POINTS against halkbank. she played very good against eczacibasi and etc. maybe meryem no play in big club nobody think meryem good for national team ? polen forever stay in back up and never played with 6 players and all think polen is good opposite for national team. polen is medium opposite i think if polen played in 6 players polen can better. but i prefer meryem than polen. burcu is good also. i think burcu will play in U23. ceren kestirengoz start turkish league good but now is in back up for elif.

    seyma is the best example. she stay in back up eczacibasi 3-4 season and left eczacibasi and go for fenerbahce ( she know that stay in back up) and continues in fenerbahce. maybe she love photo, video and play in team with famous

    Much higher level of training due to better coaches and better teammates. Remember that players spend about 2 hours per week in a match and far over 20 hours per week in training sessions. Of course match experience is important but IMO level of training is much more important. The young players in the big clubs play with and against some of the best players of the world in training every day, while the young players in the small clubs meet them just a few times per season.

    hahahahaha? training better than play? if training is better, ceylan, seyma, polen, gozde yilmaz, ozgenur are the best players in the world.

    i really not understand staff of galatasaray.
    - why continues with leys? she is bad player and playing with guldenis GS stay bad in attack.
    - asli is THEORY good MB cause in the game she is bad MB. your service is with always mistakes, attack medium for bad and block very bad. i hope she left GS and ozgenur back.
    - jack start the league good but now she no play good.
    - centonni only scream. she NEVER play strong with vakifbank - eczacibasi - fenerbahce team.
    - i like gamze. she is good setter but the spiker of galatasaray sometimes no play.
    i hope next season ALL foregein leaves GS, asli also and ozgenur back.

    if guidetti call only players in 6 players, hande out? polen out ( back up for grotues hahaha)? ozgenur?
    if guidetti follow this raciocinio the players back up will make one decision: or play in small team and can call for national team or stay in back up and no play for national team. i hope next season more players left back up

    i want so much more players of small teams ( bursa - idman ) in national team. and i hope players back up in big teams ( vakifbank - GS) in small teams. i think stay in back up is VERY bad for national team. i hope players like meryem, beyza arici, tugba, zehra and others.
    seyma, hande, ozgenur, melis and others i hope see in national team also but i hope they not stay in back up for next season.
    i think that turkey can back be strong team but i think that guidetti needs more humility, i really not think that turkey can be the best team in the world in 1-2 season.
    and politic in big teams ( very foregein) needs change. turkish players need learn be protagonist.

    **** gozde kirdar leaves VOLLEYBALL in the end this season so she no will back for national team***

    I hope to see in the calls of giovanni players of teams like: bursa, cannakale, besiktas, halkbank, sariyer, idman, nilufer and seramiksan. And I hope some players get back up at great times. I wanted the confederation to intervene at the border of foreigners. Eczacibasi have 6 foreigners and Turks like that. Turkish players need to play MUCH MORE and get back up

    after backup in vakifbank and horrible games in national team, cagla akin playing better in besiktas. i think she can play better and back to national team.
    i really wanted gozde yilmaz in one team playing in 6 players like hande, but they prefer stay in backup.

    Now we will have a good coach. But what if Turkey can not be a great team? Is it really the fault of the staff?

    - The Turkish confederation must limit the number of foreigners per team. Eczacibasi has 6 foreigners and in champions league no player of the selection plays (gulden does not play in the selection).
    - The players need to play more in teams with less investment.

    After the closing of the first round some Turkish players that can be called for the national team stood out:

    Beyza arici


    Meryem (is playing very well)
    Burcu yuzgenç

    Gozde kirdar
    Ceyda aktas

    Gizem orge

    Melis yilmaz (good in reception)




    Pollen (every year we think pollen will play well, but it does not play)

    Wing- spkier
    Hande (haha hande continues in eczacibasi = backup as gozde yilmaz
    Guldeniz (I hate guldeniz)
    Ece hocaoglu

    Dilara bagci
    Buse kayacan
    Ceren cihan
    Aylin sarioglu
    Simge akoz

    I think Guidetti could be a great coach. But as long as the Turkish players continue in substitutions in Fenerbahce, Vakifbank, eczacibasi and galatasaray nothing will change.