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    Turkey national team U19 3RD european championship
    - Reception in Turkey is very bad
    - Burcu is good player. she played in U23.
    - The MBBS is good also. zehra, guveli and akyol.
    - the wing-spiker is very bad, saliha is bad, Tugba and akyaldiz.
    - i loved the setter but she need play more with MBBs.
    - the opposite SOOOOO bad, Ozel is horible opposite and cagla erdem is medium.

    where cagla erdem, akyol, saliha, aslihan, melisa , tugba, ezgi akaldiz will play?

    zehra and guveli will play in besiktas, burcu halkbank.

    imagine turkey playing with gizem orge in reception and karadayi in defense. for me its is the best. is obvious that gizem orge have the best reception. i think turkey never will play with best team.

    with gozde yilmaz and hande , turkey have 3 opposite and 5 wing-spiker.i like. i preefer gozde yilmaz in wing-spkier. but she play good in opposite too

    i hope meliha and busra or ceylan cut. i like hande. she is good player. better than meliha. i really not aceppty merve in european champ. i think she horrible libero. she is horibble in reception. she have only good defense. i prefeer dilara or gizem orge ( best libero U23)

    I can't recognize Turkish player so well ;( can someone help me to recognize all players from picture ?(

    I see in front Merve, Busra, Meliha, Gizem K. and Neriman
    Kubra is behind Merve, Polen, ??? (is it Nilay Ozdemir or Hande Baladin ?( ) and Naz are 3 behind Kubra
    Probably Seda is behind Naz, Ozgenur is next to her and next to her is ??? (is it Cagla Akin ?()
    Eda, Guldeniz, Gozde and unknown player (who is she ???) are the last 4

    How good was I :?: :D

    nilay. seda out national team. ozenur next ceylan arisan. gozde sonsirma and gozde yilmaz.

    because a player needs to be considered good play only any great team? (Gs, fenerbahce, Vakifbank and Eczacibasi).
    - Durul melis was a good wing-spiker playing in Sariyer. hande too. and arelya too
    - Meryem was the best opposite this season playing in the bursa.
    - Melike yilmaz was the best lock playing in Sariyer.
    - Ezgi dagdelenler was the best wing-spiker in the world under 23 and always played in ilbank.
    - Fatma is playing very well in selecting and played A2.
    - Dicle was the best lock in Besiktas. and after going to the fenerbahce, Dicle is playing bad.
    this is the problem of the Turkish players. they are in great teams and never play. ( i always think that dicle not want play) she haven't joy in game.

    omg its is horrible for national team junior, who will be opposite? nazli , buse ene or mislina kiliç? i can't believe :///// pelin is the best player in U20 ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

    anybody know if pelin aroguz is living in USA? and she not will play at world championship junior? she is very goood player. born in 1997 and is opposite.

    after turkey finished grand prix, my opinion:
    - seyma is the good name for european championship. after seyma, ezgi dagdelenler.
    - meliha played bad. she have only diagonal attack i think. i really loved meliha in european league 2014 and played medium in grand prix 2014. after she go for fenerbahce, she not play in bayanlar league and champions league so, she lost your volleyball. i can't understand turkish players. they loves stay in big teams and never play.
    - meryem needs play more. i think she will play in european league. good player.
    - i dont know about libero turkish. i haven't confidence in gizem karadayi in reception and i hate merve. gizem orge can play better but ferhat not play with gizem orge. i don't know about dilara B.
    - turkey win the new name for european championship: ozge yurtdagulen.
    - dicle for me the more disappointment at grand prix. i think dicle not want play. she played so good in besiktas and after go for fenerbahce , lost the joy. i think dicle good player but she need want play.
    - polen the best player turkish at grand prix.
    - cagla and nilay can't play in national team A. for me, ozge çemberci should play at grand prix with cagla.
    - i can't understand national team with seyma, damla, ezgi and meliha and melis durul out.
    - i can't see guldeniz like good and strong player.

    i think ozge medium setter. nilay played good in eczacibasi but very bad last week. cagla was good so much. i remember youth world championship when turkey champion. but two season at vakifbank haven't evolution.turkish people hate gamze. i don't hate. i think cagla and nilay = gamze. elif i not want talk. asuman have injured. i not know when she back. between cagla and nilay i prefer cagla. when ezgi dilik played in sariyer i liked your game. i think arelya is good setter. i want so much see her in junior world championship. she, for me, was the best setter this season.

    who in your opinion should be the setter in the NT ?

    sorry but asli and kubra not played nothing this week grand prix. asli played very slow and with 1.85 m. i not understand why ceylan not played. dicle never want play. always sleep in game. guldeniz and seda = bad for national team. meliha can help more i think. but the most bad i national team this week was setter. cagla and nilay not played NOTHING . i think if arelya was playing in game, play better than them :cursing: :cursing:

    universiade turkey national team.
    - i'm very happy with damla coming. ece also
    - melike yilmaz was the best turkish block this season turkey league. good choice.
    - buse kayacan was one of the best liberos this season. ceren cihan also. good
    - i haven't confidence in opposite universiade, dilara bilge and ceren kestirengoz not played good this season .

    my team for universiade: damla çakiroglu- ece hocaoglu, ceren kestirengoz- cansu ayd., melike - beyza - buse defense and ceren cihan reception.

    ok, meliha and seda played only against romania. we will see statistics:
    . meliha- 50% in attack , 41 % reception . 10 points. meliha played 2 and 3 sets complete 10 points.
    seda- 6 points. 25% in reception. and 15% IN ATTACK HAHA ( GOOD ATTACK ) ? seda make 4 points in attack and 3 mistakes.
    so, meliha was bad in european games and seda good?
    seda against poland receiver 11 balls and not make point.
    for me, meliha >>> seda

    what seda make in national team ? you can talk for me why you think seda good for national team ? i hope with meryem and gizem orge coming, gozde yilmaz play in wing-spiker and seda out. meliha>>> seda.
    wing-spiker: gozde yilmaz- neriman- guldeniz and meliha. i think asuman don't is ready. i think cagla continues or nilay coming. about dicle i always think that dicle haven't motivation for win. dicle is good player but she need want play and win

    in this tournament Güldeniz contributed well..actually i would have preferred Seda in the bench for the major tournaments but Güldeniz had a good tournament and showed that she can be a backup to Sonsırma.

    we need another attacking MB next to Kübra..Dicle was good at blocking but her attacks were weak...we neen Eda Erdem...even Bahar Toksoy with her experience or Aslı Kalaç..
    we should benefit more from libero Merve Dalbeler
    we should decide who will be second setter next to Naz

    after turkey win montreux my opinion: seda can't play in good level. gozde yilmaz ready. polen played very good final match (mvp), neriman best player in all tournament. guldeniz have good reception only this. all middle blocker played good ( asli, kubra, busra and dicle). gizem can't play in 7 players in national team. merve is playing better. meliha can play better than seda. i don't understand why ezgi dagdelenler no played. cagla played good, we need see others players like damla, melis durul, ceyda aktas, meryem, ceylan , ozge yurtdagulen, dilara bagci, buse kayacan, ceren cihan and seyma.

    you guys forget meryem boz. if meryem play in national team like in bursa she will play in 7 players national team A. i like ezgi dagdeleneler than birgul guler. damla çakiroglu is good too but she need play in national team B fisrt time