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    Tiredness. Chinese would definitely show that too, if they had play USA not Dominicana yestreday. China deserved the win today, they played better, but nothing to scream about, too dependable on Zhu Ting, boring to watch.

    I wonder to know what your opinion was when Serbia lost China but won USA in the next day, even what you are going to say if China beats Japan after against Russia.

    Hehe. Lose is just lose, which is not determined by the schedule directly.

    According to the Tianjin Sports, Hooker will not be willing to Tianjin Bohai Bank Club when the club wants to sign the official documents with her. :what:
    And the candidate for the club will be a MB player from Cuba, who played as OP in Italian league.

    Seda as backup? :| would be bad for Seda..i hope she can be a starter..for that to happen,she will have to play well..

    Just a guess. For Beijing team, they mostly need a balanced OH I think. Robinson's ability could be better helpful for them to solve this problem.
    I don't know what the shape of Seda is. Maybe Seda and Robinson would play as OH in turn.
    Everything would be possilbe before match begins :D

    Considering Beijing has got Chunlei Zeng, IMHO Seda will play as non-receiving OH.

    In last season, Zeng Chunlei played as OH some time. Because one of her OH teammates was injured.

    Maybe Seda would be the substitute for Zeng Chunlei as Opp. And Liu Xiaotong and Robinson are the OHs.

    anyone has updates on xu yunli's injury from yesterday?

    Although she didn't break her bones, it's afraid that she couldn't play the next matches. Yuan Xinyue will be as a starter for the SF.

    I went bed when just finished 1st set. It was lucky for the girls to win this match. But I agree wtih what others said. It was indeed a boring match. Even if CHN could go for the final 4, how they could win opponents which are more faster and more balanced... :(

    China's libero was terrible whereas Castillo has been always amazing in WCH. Although De La Cruz, Rivera, Vargas and Mambru have good performance as well, I think they could win their matches toughly mostly because of the 'CASTILLO' amazing digs. From this point, they are more worthy of final 4 than CHN..

    I always think the policy of restricting NT players playing in pofessional leagues by China and Cuba Volleyball Bureau are killing their national teams. Talented players don't have chance to train and improve with world-class players to accumulate experience and mentality. And they don't have fans to cheer for them around the world. I hope someone in Chinese NT can stand out just like what Li Na did. But now the sports field remains underdeveloped for China, what a pity!

    To let girls go out and others come in will be
    of great benefit to Chinese volleyball. But it’s meaningless for us to discuss
    this issue here. We cannot control the officials’ minds :( . Thanks to Lang Ping
    for bringing top-level players into Chinese leagues, such as Tom Logan, Costagrande, Brakocevic.

    I seriously feel bad that China is playing top 6 now. I don't want to underestimate the girls efforts but all China can offer is good attacks from Zhu Ting and smart sets from Wei. Rest is boring. Middles have a serious problem in their attacking approach. There is no defense at all as well as terrible receptions. I believe Serbia and Turkey would have much more to offer in top 6 against teams like Brazil.
    Hope this is not the best China can offer otherwise it will be such a shame. :mad:

    You could say China is lucky to be one of the
    top 6 because of the pools. But they did do well during the games against other
    countries in round 1 and 2, especially the matches with AZE, BEL and CRO. :box:

    I definitely agree with you about the poor
    defense, reception and blocking problems of China. They always have these
    problems, as well as the poor serve. And these problems are criticized by our
    Chinese fans. The girls can execute the strategies well sometimes. But they cannot
    keep that all the time. As for the match last night, the Brazilians dominated
    the whole game. They are so familiar with China NT that they restrained our
    attacks through good serves once and once again. It’s not China’s normal
    performance. However, an enormous gap remains between China NT and Brazil NT. :obey:

    Probably you know that, Chinese players who are
    in the national team list could not attend the other countries’ league. Only through
    high-level leagues, could they improve themselves. We all hope they could become
    the professional players, rather system ones.

    Btw, which Chinese player would you want if they
    could participate leagues abroad? Just for fun :dance6:

    im taking China out of the medal contenders and put Italy instead...
    Brazil is most likely team for gold... then Usa,Russia,Italy
    Italians team play combined with figting spirit let them beat Russia and Usa....but i dont think they can beat Brazil..bcz Brazil is the best in terms off fighting spirit when it counts..

    USA, RUS and ITA will play hard for 2 places of the finals. How could they be in the top 4 list at the same time?