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    So far still no news about ticket where to buy or when can I buy it. It's only 5 months to go. Italians do things very slow.

    Before they change the venue, in Chicage they put the ticket for sales ages ago.

    Thanks you anyway for ur info. Now i bought all the ticket. Hope it's a ligit one.

    For the best matches, the prices always go up. When the Lakers were good in the NBA, foreign classmates in my grad school in Portland would see that they were coming into town and say “I want to go.” My response immediately was you’ll have to pay a lot of money. Because you did not buy tickets as soon as they went on sale.

    For the big events, just get a seat. You may not like it, but with prices increasing as the the matches get important, just being in the building is a positive. If you want good seats, see the early rounds which will be cheaper and usually less crowded (if not for the home team). Got to see World League in my hometown in 2007, which was a surprise that it came to my hometown for two nights. I bought the best seats possible and sat court side. It cost about $45 a night, but was great.

    FIVB is trying to put the Finals in bigger arenas, but in Italy even the big venues will be full for the final.

    Found the site selling ticket in UK and anotherone. Before i try to seach using wch term in google and ut didnt come up. Now i type full name and found it.

    The final ticket, for the best seat, lower part, has now gone up to more than 1,500 usd. Crazy!!!!

    According to this article in March, there were only 600-700 tickets for the semifinals and finals remaining at that time. I am betting that the matches are sold out. There are some tickets on the secondary market, but the federation/ticketone are not wanting people to purchase on the secondary market.

    It does look like final group tickets are available. If the Italian do not make the third round, some tickets for the semifinals might become available.

    Oh nooooooo, does this mean i purchase flight for nothing? Could u tell me where is this secondary market is? Will i able to ask the local friend to buy it for me?

    Anyone have suggestion? ,my heart is broken here. The ticketone and Federal Volley admin in FB told me that it has yet to open for Sales and I thought I still have time.


    I know this question has been asked before.

    Anybody have news update about where or when are they gonna sell the ticket for Semi and Final in Turin? Im leaving outside Europe and intend to fly there just for this. I have to book flight (at least 2 flights since i have to connect from rome - turin) and hotel. And it would be disater to book a flight then cant find the ticket anywhere untill last moment.

    I do some google and found some guy post in his instragram since Feb 2018 that he got ticket for semi and final. That 's why im very concern.

    I think few month ago, i see they open for semi final for sale, one seat left. And i keep looking at the seat map and somehow the seat is gone. Since then it's not open anymore for sale.

    Mail to ask this at ticket one, they cant give me answer when it will be open or it's sold out yet. They just reply the same that i have to check regulary.

    Anyone here already get those tickets maybe?

    PS. KK15 - I really wanna ask you lot of question since you are local. But that damn PM system is not working :aww:

    Upon knowing about details at which Ivan signed the contract to addidas before Fifav to Mizuno and the rules just change in Aprils that the atleasts have to wear Fifav sponser's I was in full side with Ivan. I dont think he can be blame for this case of reason.

    However, the lastest news i read it said that one of the solution Fifav propose is to let Ivan wear addidas but he just have to cover the brand and Ivan refuse. This make me change my mind. All in all, Ivan just want to wear his shoe no matter what.

    ps. they said Ivan try few Mizunos and they didnt work for him. I dont think that is true. If Mizunos dont work for physical reason then when Fifav propose him to wear addidas by covering the brand then he should say yes. But still he say it's mean he only gonna wear his sponser and those try out new shoes from Mizuno is just a play to save some face.

    I dont know if this story about allow to wear addidas with covering the brand is true or not. If it is then im in full 100% on Fifav side, I dont think they could have done any better.

    Up untill now, still no comment come from Ivan side to this stories.

    Italians played great against Poland but they were inconsistent throughout the tournament. If USA finishes first then an american deserves it. Let's stick to stats to determine the rightful winners.

    Can not disagree more, italy dont deserve it?

    Let face it, now every team here including ur fev team USA lose one match. And the match Italy lose is against USA which happen to be their best performance while Osmany played the worst performances. Despite all those the point in 2,3 set is point by point. If Osmany was in form, USA would have even lost sets or even lose that matchs.

    Say all u want, the fact hasnt change. Italy deserve this ticket to rio, and the got it. End . Period. Bye bye.

    Well, I was disappointed in Italy today, the first ball receiving is horrible. Middble blockers are unacceptable.

    Having said that Zaytsev is really impressive, I feel so sorry for the guy. He have to play one-man volleyball and this is not the first time. With Osmany i thought at least could have a break and it just turn out to be a disasters day of Osmany. And Lanza always,always miss in an important point. It s like a curse or something.

    The score is so close, losing point by points in 2nd and 3rd set. If today Osmany or Lanza are having a standard performance i believe Italy could win despite all weak MBs.

    I dont see any reason why Buti is capton. So far he has do nothing useful. The chance of ITA having ticket to Rio is slim now, they can not lose anymore and try to win with 3-0 set. Only possible that can help Italy is that Poland , USA, RUS kill each other or lose to some dark horse team like Argentina or Iran.

    I seriously wish ITA could have very killer OH like Juantorena join the national team. Kovar , Parodi, Lanza are all great and balance i think but none of them stand out like Zaytsev. Travica is great but often get out of form in a deep round like final or semi final. Not sure why but seem like if he 's out, then that's the end of ITA. I still remember the bitter taste of semi-final with Brazil in WL. same things happened here.

    Another thought, Vettorio could play very good when he is in form. Hate to see him sitting on the bench all the time because Zaytsev form is rarely drop. Maybe the coach will move Zaytsev to OH, pair with Lanza and use Vettorio as OP for real, then use Sabbi as sub-OP? anyone think it'll work? Atleast in the few last friendly matches with German this past week Zaytsev has been play OH a lot while the coach testing Vettorio and Sabbi as OP.

    For libero I goes for Rossini alone. His form is good and he just got WL's best lib award so i dont see a need of two libs.

    Antiga said that kurek is not physically ready to play, we will see how it come out. I like Kurek a lot when he played in Italian legue - Lube.


    "Bartosz is still recovering from the inajury he had, and because of
    that he failed to achieve the highest level required during the
    preparations. He is a great player but at this moment, his teammates are
    just more effective than him." - Antiga

    I think USA is very strong right now. Saw they play friendly match wz Iran the other day and i scare for Italy. Their group is totally heated. Iran,USA,ITA could survive in pool D i guess but when go to 2nd round and cross with pool A? U can just get kill if u miss one step. Such a scary line.

    Russia and Brazil are so easy to go into final without much fighting.

    There're more of Italy friendly match coming, Im dying to see them. Anyone know if there re any broadcast at all?

    Competition program
    24 August 20.00 - Cavalese (TN): Italy-Serbia referees: Zanussi - Di Perna God
    25 August 20.00 - Cavalese (TN): Serbia-Brazil Referee: Florian - Lot
    26 August 20.30 - Trento: Italy-Brazil Referees: Pol - Zanussi

    I don't know why nobody mentioned about last friendly matches USA - Iran in USA? USA beat Iran 3 matches of 4. Nice result! :super: Unfortunately i couldn't watch because in this time in Europe was about 3 or 4 a.m.

    All of the matchs are on utube except the first one i think :)

    The is the final match, full team played on both side. Matt, Christensen and Sander are so amazing. The new player like David Smith is quite good too. I think he will play on WCH with Holt too if David Lee still not recovery from kneel injury.