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    Yan Ni, 1st best middle blocker at the 2018 WCH, nicknamed the "Northern Great Wall of China" (the Southern being the retired Xu Yunli). She is 32 years old and has serious injuries all over her body, especially her shoulder, from years of playing. But if you observe, the tapes on her shoulder are getting fewer and she has gotten visibly fitter this year, thanks to the Chinese team's new fitness coach, who joined the team only this year and worked out training plans for everyone.

    that’s good to hear, I was thinking maybe Bia can lend her shoulder strap to Yan Ni.

    Simon Golding is the better commentator, he knows volleyball. He even gave some foresights that eventually came true. Listen to him from Hong Kong to Jiangmen stations now (perhaps in Macau too). Believe Simon along with "Catherine Mary / Marie" (not sure about her name spelling) will do the commenting in Ningbo as well.

    Some other FIVB commentators don't show the necessary knowledge in volleyball, just talking talking :whistle: in general sense :lol: say the obvious things, Mr. Hilarious, Mr. Hyperbole…

    Simon is very good!

    Marcia helped the team in crucial moments during the Olympic qualification in Tokyo.
    Is nowakowski a more aggressive hitter compared to Modzonek?
    I guess that Modzonek is a better blocker.

    I think she has too much pressure being a captain and it affected her performance during World Cup.
    But she is an all-rounded player and the coaches know her potentials well even though her performance since World Cup is not promising.
    Her performance yesterday against USA proves that she deserves to be in the final 12 for Rio.

    Shen is playing without passion and precision.
    She has been playing a few years with the members already but the connection is still bad.
    Enough damage has been done to the team and i hope just like what the others have hoped, to see the better setters going to Rio.

    I read somewhere that she might miss 'the first' match in Rio, I simply could not understand why they said that. Everyone knew she was injured but how could they be sure that if her condition is not allowing her to play the first match in Rio, she will eventually play for the rest of the tournament? She played the game of her life against Italy during WOQT just after she was injured. For me, it's indirectly implying South Korea is not worth for Saori to play and take risk, but the other matches do worth the pain.

    Chill bro, maybe Karch made a decision due to all the three OPPs performance throughout the training camp. Fawcette was blocked quite a few times during her last match in WGP.

    Wei has played Beijing Olympics and London Olympics, a lot of people are hoping that she will make it to her third consecutive Olympics. Well, she definitely has the skill to be the setter for the team.
    In my opinion, with her experience and her style of play, there is no need for her to join any tournament to prove that she is capable to be in the list. Her problem now is her current condition as she has been taking a very long time to recover since her surgery. If she can show that she is physically fit to jump (for blocking) and able to move swiftly (for defense and setting) she will be in the list eventually. If she is not athletic enough for the team before the date to finalize the list, Shen will take her place.