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    Previously, the Italian volleyball federation said that Cester would play beach volleyball with Carambula. But, carambula has already fill to play with Pasquale Gabriele in rest of major tournament in this season.

    I think Carambula can't wait Cester anymore. He will miss a half of major tournament. That also mean he will miss World Championship next year.

    Every core teams have to host at least 1 pool. The FIVB has told since the first news of VNL published.

    I think China host 6 pools in both men's and women's help the competition go well. Because, many women teams avoid to host the WGP, like DOM SRB KOR. Three of them rarely host the competition. Actually, Hong Kong and Macau bid as their own national federation.

    Moreover, some countries participate in both men's and women's host only 1 pool each. The pressure go to countries which qualifed only 1 gender. Like, France and Bulgaria (even it's not a core teams) in men, Netherlands and Thailand in women.

    The men's tournament has many teams interest to be hosts. As you can see in the wikipedia page, the women's tournament still not complete.

    For WGP, you just have to find 22 pool hosts from 28 teams. It is easier to find 20 pool hosts from 16 teams in VNL. I think that is why the tournament guarantine core teams status.

    I also think that's why FIVB give core teams status for China and Japan in men's. Germany was saved from group3 WL instead Slovenia, too. Argentina women as well.

    So, please don't blame China for too many hosting. Should blame the country avoid hosting. I haven't seen which country would host unless China.

    Final probably Bari, Italy or Nangjing, China.

    Do you have any information of the VNL host in China.

    I found one that the first week would be held in Ningbo and the fifth week would be held in Jiangmen. Is it correct?

    I plan my trip to see the competition in China.

    Thank you.

    In 2018 NORCECA calendar show that there are Qualification Tournament for Challenger Cup, men in Cuba and women in Canada. Around April.

    AVC create AVC Challenge Cup for teams which didn’t qualify for AVC Cup this year, but the tournament will play after VNL. So, I don’t know if it will be qualification tournament. Maybe, next year FIVB challenge cup.

    Puerto Rico couldn’t go to USA because of hurricane maria. The hurricane didn’t hit whole Dominican Republic. And, I think it became depression after hit Puerto Rico. Cuba didn’t compete the tournament because of closure US embassy in Cuba. The Cuba women team qualified in Canada last weekend.

    I think the news should be Montenegro not Myanmar.

    And, how about pan american cup ranking that FIVB told that it was qualification tournament for WL WGP. Both VEN and PUR didn't compete.

    AVC cup is nothing, now?

    This, to me, doesn't make sense. How come a confederation tournament from 2015 will be valid as a qualification tournament for the 2018 World Championship???


    so, in reality, there is one ticket available for south America. I don't get it.

    I will show you this…-to-be-confirmed?id=58748

    CSV had 7 registered teams. CAVB had 29 teams. I think it make sense. Accaully South American has only 12 country, but I'm not sure Suriname or Guyana is the part of NORCECA. The way to get more spots for South America is merge with NORCECA like some sport Federation.

    interesting , even Scotland has a team but not England...

    I'm not sure about other sports, but in team sports, like hockey, rugby, football. There are England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland teams.

    There are many complex about sovereign state. There is team Great Britain in the Olympic, not England. Because GB is the member of IOC, others not. The athletes from Northern Ireland must choose to compete under GB or Ireland, because GB doesn't include Northern Ireland. United Kingdom is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    If you see the member in NORCECA, you will see more complex. Like US citizen, Puerto Rican, Guam people, and american Samoan, US virgin Islander They are American who use American passport, but last three can't elect US president. Guam and American Samoa are member of AVC.

    In Kingdom of the Nertherlands, You will see Aruba, Curacao, Dutch St. Maarten,... in NORCECA competition. But, in Olympic, only Aruba, Curacao can compete. The others must compete under the Netherlands

    You can see French Guyana compete in continental cup of beach volleyball. But, if they win, they can't compete in the Olympic.

    Moreover, Macau and Hong Kong participate the Olympic, but when they win, the athletes stand for Chinese anthem.

    The most complex one is Taiwan that can't use Taiwan, Chinese Taipei intead.

    In gymnastics the team is made of 5, but the team goes the Olympics with 7.
    2 alternates stays there just in case someone gets hurt, example is France that boy broke his legs and was replaced by one alternate.

    Same thing should be in volleyball, takes 2 extras players. They can practice with the team but would not be considered part of the team or get a medal. Then if someone is hurt that person leaves and the alternate becomes part of the 12 roster.

    I think without Piano Italy is in big trouble. What happens if Butti or Bira is having a bad night, Antanov won't be enough.

    I think gymnastics play with 3 gymnasts in each apparatus, doesn't it? I saw Ukraine play some apparatus with 2 gymnasts in final. I didn't see any replacement.

    OK, I read the link. It told me that meldonium was found when Holt played in Russia. He used moldenium before it became illegal substance.

    Markin was clear for that, and no banning for Russia from OGQT.…lexander_RUS_20161428.pdf

    In the same way, Holt shouldn't be punished, too. Markin was banned because of IOC measure.

    IOC banned athletes even though the punishment was done. I think that this is about Russia punishment. It's not about doping issue.