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    Yes we do. It was launched in Russian media today
    Ashchev/Volvich/Volkov A.
    Kliuka/Tetukhin (you know who I mean but I can't learn english version of his surname)/Volkov D.

    But Max Holt played for a RUSSIAN club :whistle: So more or less he was in the program as well...

    So, how about Zaytsev? And, Grankin still in roster.

    Yesterday I was Curious why the amount of noise in Azadi Stadium is much less compared to previous years, then asked friends and they said that they didnt allow trumpets entering the stadium.:thumbsup:

    It is still more than standard while some people could bring trumpets but the situation has improved a lot.

    Irannians are now trying to use their larynx more to make sound! :D

    It also is great that women was allowed to attend the game.

    The format should be


    This format was used in all groups of 2016 WL, too. It also was used in 2014 and 2015 WGP (only pool A,B,C,G,H,I). But, there was some change, because of host selection.

    The format should be


    Because this format applied with all group in 2016 World League and only A,B,C,G,H,I applied with WGP 2014 and 2015 edition. But, There are some change, because of host selection.

    In case of 3 weeks 9 pools, you can calculate that no way to make all teams face other teams once.

    If an Asian team is ranked among the top three, then the next ranked team will be qualified. Likewise if the best ranked Asian team is ranked 5th at the end of the tournament, they will qualify for the Olympics.

    If Korea and Japan will make it to the Top 3. The next ranked asian team will qualify.

    Next ranked team qulify, not next Asian ranked team qulify.

    In handball 6 best teams (not qualified earlier) from WCH participate in final world tournaments + 6 teams from all CONTINENTS (not qualified earlier - two teams from best ranked continent on last WCH, 1 team from from other ...). I think it's correct. All federations are present in OG. Best teams in the world have real chance to get a ticket.
    In 2016 you'll see in Rio (women) - Angola, Argentina, South Korea, Brazil (as host), Norway, Spain and most probably 6 other European teams from international tournaments.
    WCH and Continental Championships are the most important to qualify to OG (or to be present in final tournaments) !

    In handball, there is Oceania confederation. But, Australia compete in Asian championship and OGQT. About quota of handball WCH, there are European teams more than half of all. I can not see what difference between World Championship and European Championship in handball. 13 European teams in WCH and 16 teams in ECH. So, I'm not surprise why handball wasn't popular.


    In this case, Cuba cant say OK we dont want 1st place at all and lose to one of Mexico or Puerto and ban themselves from possible direct qualification which is sth in cash.

    And if they wanna do that are they sure that Canada would help them? in that case it will be possible to become 4th and lose everything. Ive checked all possible results, there is no configuration that they can make it for sure without help from Canada. Actually there are some configs but they cant predict it before Mexico Puerto match, I mean based on Mex Pue match Cuba may fall in a situation that couldnt fix it without Canada's help. (I didnt check set's ratio states because it was too much! there might be some configs that even they cant fix it with Canada's help)

    I think Puerto Rico woman team is stronger than Cuba nowadays. And, I think Dominican should let weaker team in order to make sure they can defeat the team, cuz in WC every matches is so important.

    I will show you that there is logical method to take last match advantage to be the 3rd team
    Because of point ratio, Canada don't help Cuba. And, Cuba should see the lesson that Venezuela did last year. Do the same or choose easy tournament?

    In case of possible 1st team is so hard to get a set. OK last year Canada won Mexico 3-2 in Mexico, but this time play in Canada.

    assume Canada win Puerto Rico and Mexico 3-0 and Cuba lost for purpose 1-3 and win for purpose 3-1, CUB 5 pts, PUR 4 pts, MEX 1 pts.

    the last day match, 6 events for probability:
    PUR 3-0 MEX , PUR 9, CUB 5, MEX 1
    PUR 3-1 MEX , PUR 8, CUB 5, MEX 2
    PUR 3-2 MEX , PUR 7, CUB 5, MEX 3
    PUR 2-3 MEX , PUR 6, CUB 5, MEX 4
    PUR 1-3 MEX , PUR 5, CUB 5, MEX 5*
    PUR 0-3 MEX , PUR 4, CUB 5, MEX 6

    one unpredictable case. Canada will not help anyone. Key point is lost weaker one and win stronger one.
    If the situation unlike this in 1st day, 2nd day will can try to change the result
    And OK, if the situation doesn't like this, Cuba still have a chance to rank 1st or 2nd. cuz Canada also lost some points.

    Nope, because Canada vs Cuba match is the last match and it's not logical to risk 1st place for 3rd place. Even if they want to do so it is not possible because they dont know in advance which team is going to be 2nd and lose to it.

    Actually, pool ranking criteria of NORCECA is different from other competition (max point is 5, point ratio before set ratio). Cuba can plan to be the 3rd, because they will play the last match. It happened like this in women's World cup qualifier when Dominican let Cuba go to Japan together in the last match.

    Many Asian teams have participated in continental championship, but did not register for World championship. Unlike North American and African. So, it is hard to receive more places in the World championship.

    About European qualification, I think the 7 places will give 2 for 2017 ECH like former edition and 5 pools for 5 remaining places.