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    Why dont you like Alessia Orro? :white:

    Some results:

    Japan 3 - 0 Peru
    Soga 18, Nishikawa 18p, Yamada 10p // McLeod 10p, Vigil 9p, K.Montes 9p

    Belarus 3 - 0 Brazil :white:
    Kholad 16p, Katsiuchyk 12p, Kisliuk 8p // Bergmann 9p, Seibt 6p, Brambilla 6p

    Russia 3-0 Mexico
    Yakushina 20p, Shemanova 12p, Shevchuk 9p // Guereca 7 , Parra 6p , Nava 3p

    Turkey 3 - 1 Dominican Republic
    Karakurk 26p, Cebecioglu 11p, Kara 8p // Guillen 19p, Natalia Martinez 11p, Asencio 9p

    25-18 Serbia won the set.
    Malesevic and Pusic had some problems with Bosetti's serve. The italian made like 4 aces.

    Serbian MBs and Opp are stronger than italians. Thats why they took advantage and lead the set.

    I used to support Malagurski, but I have to be realistic, and she is so far from her level in 2011.
    Same case with Bjelica. Both in 2011 seemed to be reliable in attack and now, dont show consistency.
    Malagurski can be the scorer of the team, but makes many mistakes and is frequently blocked. She is strong but with high error range.
    Bjelica sometimes disappears and that is forbidden to an opposite in Serbia :teach:

    Busa does not deserve NT for now. Poor level

    Brazil played better than last week. Today, Adenizia and Bia blocked several times.
    Tandara was effective too.

    Busa was the worst in Serbia. She couldnt pass well any ball and ruin the serbian game system.
    Mihajlovic started very well with high porcentaje of efectivity, but then, disappear and started making mistakes. She was replaced by Milenkovic who did a good job despite of her little experience.

    Polish Team:
    S: Alicja Grabka (Legionovia), Julia Nowicka (BKS Bielsko-Biała)
    Opp: Martyna Łukasik (Trefl Kraków)
    OHs: Oliwia Bałuk, Zuzanna Górecka, Aleksandra Lipska (Tauron Dąbrowa), Natalia Murek (Impel)
    MBs: Aleksandra Gryka, Kinga Różyńska (Pałac Bydgoszcz), Martyna Świrad (BKS Bielsko-Biała)
    L: Maria Stenzel (Impel), Justyna Łysiak (PTPS Piła)

    Poland without some important players (in U18 ) like Rasinska, Michalak and Fedusio

    Some absences:

    Italy : Alessia Orro (S) and Paola Egonu (OH/OP)
    USA: Alexis Sun (OH), Katherynn Plummer (OH/OP), Ronika Stone (MB)
    Russia: Balyko (S)
    Dominican Republic: Massiel Mattos (OP)
    Peru: Lucia Magallanes (S), Diana de la Peña (MB), Valentina Carrasco (Libero)
    Cuba: Melissa Vargas (she didnt play in U18, but this is still her category)
    Argentina: Candelaria Herrera (MB), Maria Corbalan (OP)
    Brazil: Beatriz de Carvalho (OH), Eduarda Cavatao (MB), Yvea Santos (1.98 MB), Pietra Jukoski (OH), Cassia Rauber (OH)
    Serbia: Milojevic (Libero), Asonja (OP)

    The hell is going on with Argentina :wall:

    Argentina seems lost without Yamila Nizetich. She is like "the motor" of this team
    Piccolo had an awful match, specially in reception . Really disappointing

    Argentina does not have good receivers, and setters are not so good enough to change the way of a match.

    I'm really glad Ana Antonijevic gets some chances to play, even though she was out of NT owing to her injury for a while she's still very good. I mean Zivkovic is also a solid setter but Ana is simply on another level IMO.

    I'd hate to play against Rasic-Stevanovic duo, they're just too strong both in attack and block. Veljkovic is also very good, pity that she's always been 3rd MB in NT, nonetheless she's always there to help the team, if I'm not mistaken she's been with NT for 10 years and is still 27 :white:

    You are right. Veljkovic's debut was on WC 2007. Something curious is that she played as opposite in U18. As she jumped high, Terzic made her play as MB and now that is her current position.

    Serbia has great MB. Even Rasic, Veljkovic and Stevanovic can play well against any oponent