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    And for one last thing there's a campaign that has started in Iran is "To Block The Person That Comment Shit Things Under Famous People's Pages On Social Media"
    This way they will feel unwanted on social media or we will find out they're not normal people
    I hope this will succeed

    Don't know what to say, don't know how to apologize
    You all talking about Irannians ba eing wild and a*shole on social media
    And unfortunately you're all right and that's true
    They are some sick people that have learned to hate rather than love
    And some of them are just joking and chatting in comments and just want to show they're funny.
    Even if Kubiak and Kurek's reaction was so bad and even worse, it's not a reason for some Iranians to behave like that on social media. We all know and accept that
    But PLEASE FINISH THIS DISCUSSION, it really bothers me. We ourselves know hoe sick some of us are and we are not completely sure if they're normal people and not some fake page controlled by someone else.

    Just take a look at the social media pages of Polish volleyball players being flooded with insults and death threats in broken english... come on people, seriously? I thought Persians were supposed to be civilized.

    I don't know how to apologize you and Polish people here for that
    But yeah
    We have some really sick guys here
    Since they have no entertainment and nothing to do they go to social media and burn the image of Iranians in the world
    Sorry for that

    Great Match last night between Poland x Iran. Maybe the best match in until now
    But something I didn't understand and really disliked was what happened in the end
    What happened? Why can't these two team finish a match with no fight? How many time are we going to see Iran coming back from a 2-0 deficit and tie 2-2 then everything get messed up?

    Quoted from "Sidney"
    . And Kubiak might be a d*ck, but his ability to boil the opposition's p*ss whatever the circumstances is extremely useful in team sports. There's a reason he's captain.

    But is "being a captain" a reason to be like that and boil everyone up and run a fight
    And team Iran should learn to not response to that kind of things and control themselves. Someone is needed to control and teach Zarini and Mousavi how to react to those kind of behaviors

    Mirzajanpour played as OP and Manavinejad as OH this WL
    I find Mahmoudi really out of form
    Any information about Ghafour and Ghaemi's injury? They are really missed and needed

    I highly appreciate both steps, banning the trumpets :obey: and allowing some ladies to attend. To allow only well selected woman to watch of course can only be the beginning, but at least it shows some good will...... A good article which puts the issue in a bit broader perspective:…s-test-for-womens-rights/

    Final of group 3 will take place today (17 CET) and not surprisingly it will be Slovenia vs. Germany. Germany's semi against chinese taipeh wasn't exactly an eye catcher and i will be really surprised if Germany can beat Slovenia today.

    No it is not great because normal women are not allowed. Only some special women with full-islamic black dress are allowed and some say that these women are politic men's relatives.
    And it can't be the beginning they only bring these women to the stadium to silence FIVB and show we are free.
    These women ARE NOT VOLLEYBALL FAN they are like a statue in the stadium no noise no cheer no nothing.

    We played awful today, our worst match in the WL so far (even though we lost 3-0 to Brazil). Again we don't have any player that can kill counterattacks.

    Man, we ripped our larynx for your NT but you're right you played bad. bad receptions bad serves bad attacks. hope they will be better tonight against Serbia. We'll support you again :thumbsup:

    It's definitely an improvement, yes, but the fact that we consider it 'great' because it's something out of ordinary is still very sad :(

    Speaking about the Iranian fans, I appreciate that the hall was so full also for the previous match on a friday (in other countries is quite rare).
    Well, they weren't cheering for Italy, but I will forgive them :P

    Still, I keep wondering if this is a stadium suit for volleyball: the people in the short side of the camp seem very, very far also from the first row O.O

    :D I was in the stadium yesterday and yeah we didn't cheer for your country. Because of our respect for Julio Velasco, we really couldn't cheer for you. We owe this man a great part of our volleyball improvement. 12,000 People filled the stadium to cheer for Velasco and his team. But your team played amazing yesterday. You deserved the win :white:

    I agree with Vabo
    It looks Iranian players don't give a shit to Kovac and this is awful.
    On timeouts somebody are walking around :whistle: , some are dreaming :sleeping: , some players are talking together 2 by 2 :kiss: , some players are getting some advices from Marouf :hit: and Kovac is just talking for himself and his assistance like this " :mad: " and drawing somethings on his whiteboard.

    About a year ago when Kovac first came to Iran and during the World League 2014 players had been showing some respects to him even Marouf said that "We have a great coach" but it seems now they don't like Kovac as much as they had before

    I myself don't like Kovac that much and I don't think he is a awesome coach but he deserve some respects bcz he is trying to do his best for us for my country and he deserve some respects.
    He has a weak on working on our players' mental ability which Velasco was perfect at.Iranians are so emotional and need a coach like Velasco.Look at when we are playing at home in Tehran where fans motivate our players' emotions and they turn into their bests :super: as those two matches against USA where we defeated USA in 3straight sets in both matches.

    The same story as the match vs Russia
    We are playing well everything is good but as we reach the 18th point we start to lose points one by one
    We actually lost to Zaystev and Musersky
    Our weak point is that we don't have a OPP point collector robot like Italy's Zaystev, Russia's Musersky or Poland's Kurek.

    Our blocks were good today.Our players did 12blocks but in we won 30 of our spikes which Italy won 53 :wall: :wall:
    Zaystev won 25 points on spikes and Juantorena won 19 but our best spiker was our MB Mousavi with 7points won on spike :wall:
    EBADIPOUR WTH :wall: :wall: :wall: 18attempts on spike and 5points?! :| even our OPP 6points on spikes ;(

    However I should congrats Italy

    Btw Italy's Juantorena had a tatoo in Farsi on his arm ^^

    official respect for Italy. :obey: :obey: :obey:
    They lost first set awfully 25-15.Awful serve awful attack awful spike awful block awful receive.But they tried harder and finally showed great play in 2nd set.They deserved to win 2nd set but just 2 serve point from Kubiak destroyed them.
    And now the 3rd set it's 20-13 with better serves much better block and acceptable receive and attack

    There is no need for someone to state explicitely he/she/it is not a fan of something, everyone by default is not fan of anything unless declared otherwise. Btw, what if he used "not_a_fan_of_erfan"? :D

    hahaha :D :lol:
    When someone use a team name in their username, there is two reason:
    1.They love that team so much!
    2.They hate that team so much!
    For example I don't love Bulgaria NT and I don't hate them.May I name my username "not_a_fan_of_Bulgaria" because I just don't love them.
    "not_a_fan_of_iran" means I hate Iran.It's now normal for Iranians to hear that because we hear it from people all over the world and I would be glad to hear the reason.
    Because we are terrorist?why do you think we are? because just few people in Iran go to street and shout some Bullshit, all of us should be a terrorist , right?
    And please finish this discussion and let's talk about volleyball.

    P.S: Bulgarian friends, excuse me for using your NT name.It was just an example but you're great ;) :heart:

    Hahaha, yes, the world must be divided into those who hate Iran and those who love Iran ;) It wasn't an Iranian who woke up the admins, it was one of the regular users here who cares about this forum more than he cares about such a meaningless non-volleyball discussion.

    Yes, as admin, I can tell you your username is inappropriate! I bet you can define so many better ways/strings/things to care about to put there instead. It is provocative and overall quite intolerable. Yes, also as admin, I have the authority here to tell you that you obviously created a provocative profile with a provocative name and wrote three obviously provocative posts about Iran. Do you see the problem better now?

    Hey,Come on!
    I didn't find anything wrong with this username.
    Everyone have right to be a fan of a team or not be a fan of a team or be a hater of team.If he's a hater of my country, OK , I respect it.
    As many people hate my country he has right to hate it.
    So let him continue with this username.