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    beri , you got nothing to apologize for(referring to VNL forum)you are just too chatty, which a forum needs. They are just trying to be unbiased when they mention you with the ...... fill in, if you know what i mean ;)

    Neriman will be just 30 in the next days... 8|

    I got the impression she was in wind down mode, she seems not really interested in NT too much demand in her life etc. I said i had be happy if she returned...IF she was in the mental state to play highest level still. Meryem and Eda is 30 i have no problems with age as long as they are ready to contribute 100%.

    Edit: it's an area open to improvement most, so yes in general youth, but sure experience with youth is great.

    Kadir , I agree but you are ignoring the fact that one or two here are blatant wind up merchants, their posts are there straight up to provoke and get a reaction.
    I don't care though i have learned to ignore over the years, It is far far worse in Basketball or football forums.

    Also if you notice Turkish posters respond with substance in their posts, not lame insults or veiled provocations.

    But I am biased and not a regular poster, just my 2 cents worth as they say, and won't comment further.

    Out of all the older gen, Neriman would be the only one i had call on and possibly would need. But she is in the end of her career, playing in Japan and getting married etc. I think she is just relaxing and enjoying the end of her volleyball, if she has the desire and intensity to do well for the NT I would bring her in, but i think it is doubtful

    Ok thanks beri, yeah I am familiar with some, We have so many solid players we can call on young or more experienced and be confident they will contribute. I suppose what i am looking for is a Zhu ting or a Boskovich, maybe being greedy and impatient here, but i am confident it will come some time.

    Canter Our current plan seems to be play the young talent and let them sink or swim and learn on the way. I think this will reflect on the squad for the WCH's. I agree with it all the way, we have so much young talent we need to find the next generation and we have the talent pool and the coach to get there.

    Fulden, Fatma etc yes there is so many current established players that can come into the team and do a decent/good job. But I prefer to stick with the youth, just stick with them in 3 or 4 years it will bear fruit. But Judging from our VNL performance, we can get good results earlier. I think we can surprise in the major comps coming up, but certainly with a youth oriented plan i definitely think we will have a seriously competitive team in 4 or 5 years. That is with Guidetti in charge.

    Tugba will definitely be in the long term set up of the NT, she is a great all rounder. Certain upgrade over Meliha and Seyma, both have done well but long term yes

    Guys i want to ask, my main wish is to see a high level out and out powerful consistent point getting OH or OPP for the NT, similar to Ebrar any others from the youths that might fill the role?

    So, Turkey has beaten Euro champs Serbia , Mighty Brazil and lost to World champs USA in the finals in a close one. In the most valuable tournament after the major ones and the continentals, that is mighty good form for the up coming WCH's. The point here is being able to compete with these top teams, i don't really care about the wins per se, we have proved we can compete and beat the top, that is such a great platform to build on.
    With so much room to improve and several high quality players we need to see yet in the NT set up, i don't know about anyone else but i have never been this high and positive for many years with the NT.

    When you have Eda an MB as your main point getter you realise you need some improvement in the wings.

    I am loathe to criticise Hande and Meryem and i am not , they have done as good as a job as can be expected. Meliha did not contribute at all to help them either(in this specific match), they have been great at times and really impressed, they have shown great improvement and i am happy to got to the WCH with them but long term this area is where we can most improve.

    By the way Cansu didn't help the wingers much either last 2 sets. Zehra wasn't able to show her best, but i thought USA were concentrating to nullify her. This is not really criticism just looking at areas to improve. These players have got to the final of a major tournament. Very happy and positive over all.

    But the contrast between the the first 3 sets and the last two...I am just disappointed for the girls. I am loving the silver :win:

    uh... sorry, you need to have your eye sight checked... they look nothing alike. especially facially, and even body-wise.

    Err ok, but why the over the top put down? did you in your head flag that as racism? It was a throw away jokey comment, you put 1+1 and made it 3?

    AND they do look alike, body type and facially especially if watching on a pixellated stream on a monitor and they play the same position.

    Congratz USA. They were the best team in the league stage and the f6.

    I said i had be happy what ever the result, but if you have any team down by 6-7 points and need 3 more points and you just break down and completely lose it mentally that is disappointing, Turkey somehow still won the 3rd set but i think we lost the match there mentally. We were just not there in the next 2 sets. Apparently we are still not over the mentality issue.

    But you have a team of mostly 18-22 year olds competing with major world powers you are definitely going in the right direction. Gratz Turkey.

    I just got to note this down somewhere, Turkey is an excellent serving team, it has been one of our major strengths(i know, i say this despite all the mistakes)

    Anyway, well done girls. Looking forward to the WCH's, it will help immensely all the experience gained here.

    Guys I think you are over responding to one or two Turkish critics here, if we won the WCH gold and the Olympics after someone will still criticize us, it's the way it is, you know that. I think on top of that, one or two are busting a gut in frustration in not being able to throw around political stuff in a sports forum. I am loving reading the negative comments personally ;) So proud of the girls.

    We just beat a 6-0 Brasil, dominated 3-0 and playing for gold tomorrow, happy days. And i think we can win the gold :) That is all the answer they need, beyond that is pointless, wasting time.

    Also btw we should have beaten US first game, probably the worst 3 sets we have played in VNL to lose that game. US had to come back from 2 sets down TWICE now. But that's by the by, Girls are over it and in the final, new steel in this team, I think we finally have a team that can get over the mental barrier of not knowing how to win a big 'un or being satisfied being 2nd. I am fine what ever the result though, we won massively from this tournament.

    I can think of a dozen young players off my head that is available and even more experienced players, absolutely right Guiddetti's main problem will be choosing from so much talent. I want so many players that really need to be brought in apart from this current team! but only 6 can play it's a sweet head ache. I think this team will change substantially over the next few years for the better, this isn't even our best line up. I trust in the Guiddetti.

    Enjoy! :drink:

    Akinradewo has such a distinctive body type. Never mixed them up. Foluke is the coolest looking player in this tournament :heart:

    That's not right. She came to German league in 2013 to Vilsbiburg as a tall, slightly overweighted girl with rather weak technique who benefited a lot from her height but was not great. After one season there she went to Dresden where within two years she became one of the best OHs of German league, possibly even the best. Then she went to a weak Italian team to be their best player, then on to a better Italian team where yet again she turned out the best player and now she's finally arriving in an absolute Italian top team and there she'll surely be the top player again. Great development!

    Thanks for the info. I remember from her from Dresden( not Schwerin) in a euro comp, maybe CL, apparently a longer while ago then i thought. Lol basically getting old, the memory. She really didn't stand out as this current player at all, and no one mentioned her then, great improvement

    ops, need to get the hang of quoting

    They need a reception specialist atleast. I don't think Lang Ping brought any for this VNL final.

    It still doesn't sit right with me Robinson there, you had think US would have a natural libero to bring in. (From their wider system i mean, clearly they are not happy with the one squad.)

    The era is against foreign libero for the females especially for the americans in foreign leagues.[/quote]

    yea that's the answer ofc, i am just a lay man, i was just thinking all those college players, big pool etc.

    I noticed in a close up she has more muscular arms then me, made me think maybe to hit a gym. Not saying she is over muscular or bulky. But you meant a different meaning of body type :)

    I always mix Akinradewo and Rachel Adams , spitting image of each other, but i am sure that's been mentioned before.

    It's not that Robinson is bad particularly in Libero, she just shouldn't be there that USA, with all that player pool don't have a viable L in their wider system. I am sure they do,I guess they will only take 1 libero in their roster to the WCH's and are settling her in as back up.