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    I suspected China would have a good 1st set, with the crowd et al. but they are out playing US by a decent margin. Early doors yet though.

    I can't believe I am saying this but i really don't mind which of these teams we play in the final, at this stage and level you don't have the luxury of preferring opponents anyway. World Champs or Olympic champs? yea exactly. I think i am getting a nose bleed.

    One of the reasons i have grown to love volleyball is the disciplined, civilized, gentlemanly sportsmanship aspect of it, it's almost archaic in modern professional sports. I have sympathy for those critical of too much emotion/celebration and i like players to keep that unique(almost) behaviour too.
    But i also like to see some emotion and characters in the sport, it's a fine balance.
    Basically we are talking about Cansu(screamer) and Ebrar(over celebrator) here, 2 young players very emotional personalities obviously, excited to play at this level and for their countries, I have no problems really you got to give some slack, but I am, i suppose biased on this. But either way no big deal to me, only commenting on it because too much seems to be made of this by some posters for other agendas, most posters have every right to dislike it and comment on it, like Matthias and others, just that 2 or 3 have over used the criticism.

    I say all that but everyone seems to be mute to Yuan X.Y. 's brain penetrating yipping screams? feel like gouging out my ears. I had nominate her for the gold medal screamer.

    I don't think i have seen a team improve so much in 2 months, this VNL has been such a great journey for this young team. We don't beat ourselves anymore, like we tended to earlier, when i see a bad play or decision i don't face palm anymore and think "oh here we go" if they screw up then they recover far more quickly and don't go into a spiral of break downs. The consistency with they now play is really extra ordinary for a Turkish team. Very encouraging, the back breaking mistakes are rarer now.

    It may not be the WC or OG, but the Guidetti factor has really kicked in, he has started from scratch, almost, with a brand new team of very young players, this man has some balls but has the coaching power to back it up. I'll wait to see the team produce at the WC, this despite being a very important organisation, at the end of the day is still chocolate medals. I see no barriers at all though, this team still has a high ceiling of improvement to get through, they are not punching above their weight.

    Seyma Ercan has been a revelation, Guidetti knows his players, who amongst us would have picked her and start her for the NT? out of all the similar glut of players we have in her position that are solid, ok but are/will they good enough types?
    I had given up on Hande, but she also has impressed, there is a new energy to her, yep she still screws up but you know it's fine she now actually doesn't s3elf destruct but carries on and contributes and produces for the team.
    Meliha Ismagiloglu, I didn't want her anywhere near the NT, but this year she is probably the most improved player in Turkey. A defensive stalwart and her spiking has literally just transformed, it used to be when she went up for one you auto notched a point to the opponents, she now contributes so much more fluidly to the offense, it's remarkable the turn around.
    Meryem Boz, if she plays near the way she did against Brazil in the WC's, we need her mucho .....but I don't want to jinx it. Massive respect btw, she said as a team they wanted so badly to win this prior to the F6, of course i just grinned and thought well at least she's positive, I have eaten that condescending grin. She at points carried her team like a big player and leader. But slightly worryingly she has shut down too often over the comp, I am just hoping she is one of those that saves it to produce at the big ones.

    It is very important to point out these players moved from bench warming foreign super stars in big teams to smaller teams to get decent playing time(Hande will in upcoming season too, and play for GS, I am very eager to see her progress) Of course Meliha moved to another big club Eczaci, but she has gotten good playing time there and the move has done wonders for her) I have always advocated playing time for the tons good young players we have produced over the recent years, but we have never really managed to the next level. Add the Guiddetti factor and we are seeing some fruits. Also i guessed he was grooming Cansu at Vakif and that has been the case, he has directly elevated her in front of the several setters that were ahead of her in the NT set up, the man just has an eye for a player.

    I could go on, so much improvement and consistency in the team, My mouth is hanging open in a pleasant mild stupor. Also, I don't think we have a bad server in this team? and Ebrar Karakurt, fingers crossed, but enough.

    Well done girls, well done indeed.

    Also I don't think this Serbian team is unbeatable, everyone is blowing them out of proportion, they are human. I think we have a realistic shot here, we MUST keep mistakes to the minimum ask questions of them, as long as we don't beat ourselves we'll be fine.