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    On the TUR RUS game, I don't think I have seen a turn around such as Turkeys for a long time if ever, the ineptitude shown in the group games was a fact, the team just looked broken, looking in from the out side it looked like team dynamics and team spirit were not all there, But to cut a long story short, what a turn around, people over criticising Russia, we just made them look that bad, totally dominated and exposed their weaknesses. One of the NTs greatest wins ever no doubt. Now what a bracket we've landed in, we haven't won anything yet even after such a brilliant performance.

    Well done Meryem, this is what i am excited about, we now have a legit scoring option we desperately needed. She has done what Polen has failed in so many years and asserted herself into the team.
    Guldeniz, a glue every team needs, I have high respect for her, Gozde for coming out of her horrible funk, Eda, if there is a better MB attacker from the sides in the world pls show me, she should be the text book. But the fact is whole team played well, ok Neri didn't but that's fine and can happen, hopefully she will be better vs SRB, we will really need her. The point is whole team being in bad form is unacceptable, it's ridiculous at this level and stage, hopefully we are past that mental fugue now. I can take losing if I see the team giving it an effort and try to play their best, every team raised their performance here, we did exact opposite at the start.
    Relieved to see the Guiddetti factor kicking in now, if he can't make something of this team no one can.

    You can't lay it on the young players, it is the our system, our culture, call it what ever you want. We have had great talent for years now, at least for a decade, we have never managed to get one to full developement. Blaming young players for not being able to play is ludicrous. For example, rather then trusting and playing Hande you bring in Boskovic and give her every chance to develop and grow, mistakes et all Serbian federation must love us. We then expect when we are desperate, like in this champs for her to go out there and be a Gonchorova, and then criticise her for not being up to standard when she isn't.

    If i see the same thing happen with Ebrar Karakurt I will give up on volleyball. In fact i can give at least a a dozen names of potential great young players off the top of my head apart from her, we will of course fail them and waste them. As a volleyball nation we have stood still for a decade, in fact we have regressed, since the silver at euros we have only won 1 bronze in 15 years, this is due to our incompetence in utilising young talent.

    I did not misunderstand in the least, I know what you mean behind the pretense, I will be laughing my ass off if Turkey ends up in the semis :)

    It is all about pulling it out when it matters, you make it sound like it is tragedy Bulgaria isn't winning the euros, Germany has done it when it counts no LUCK about anything going on here.

    Knowing Germany you knew they wouldn't leave this champs without a performance, for me no big gap between the teams, as I said before no big surprise, I just wish I had the balls to put a few dollars on GER.

    And Germany wins! Feel bad for Bulgaria after beating Ukraine, Turkey and almost beating Russia to top the pool, now they are eliminated.. Turkey was luckier than them, but no for long I guess we shall see :wavy:

    Pardon? what are you talking about? you put Turkeys appearance in QFs to luck ??? lol lol lol

    The Torture of watching this team, all those unbeliavable calls against us? our countless letting in other teams from big deficits back into the game??? all those horrible horrible huge periods where the team broke down and couldn't tie their laces even, but the fact that they persevered and got to the QFS you put down to LUCK?? haha ok i noted you down as one laugh at. LOL

    I am the worst critic of this team but LUCK?? lol

    Ger v Bul Somehow disappointed in Germany so far, they have played it like it's a Grand Prix or a Montreaux so far, they haven't really raised their game like German teams do on most big Tournaments in sports, I wouldn't be surprised if they pull off a win, if they manage to test themselves and put in some passion playing to their strengths.

    To sum up Turkey here, without writing paragraphs is: I don't trust this team at all.

    Why do we make every team we play look like the Brasil Olympic winning team? I was thinking the break we had and playing Ukraine and Poland to limber up would be what the doctor ordered but this team is handicapped, it's a little bit broken. I expect us to bid farewell against Russia, at least we got to the QFs somehow, that is an achievement.

    I left out so many things to say, I don't want a rep as mr negative.

    I applaud Guldeniz, she gets a lot of flack but she does such a great job life saving work for us on occasions.

    Also Polen didn't step on court today, Guiddetti got that right at least.

    By the way, regarding players representing Azeri, don`t you think Rahimova and Kosheleva is a bit of look-a-likes in terms of appearance?

    I hear you, but I don't see the similarity at all, ofc apart from both being very tall and athletic and they have both charisma :) Polina is special :p

    I keep going on about Polina, it is tongue in cheek, I have never been a fan boy of individuals in team sports, but having said that she just kills me, I hate it that she has toned it down here so far. There is a very funny picture, without memes, where she is screaming/roaring at Naz Aydemirs face across the net, obviously having won a point, and Naz is like looking across at the official at the side in huge indignation and surprise with her mouth open, wooo ref look at the that bad woman soo bad, she can't do that! lol I love me some Polina

    beri, sorry but this forum doesn't need a new smartass user :gone:

    Lol it's cool, we are all here enjoying the same thing, volleyball. We can have disagreements, but it is what forums are for :) if we stay sensible and not blow things out of proportion.

    You guys think we can pull this off against UKR? I think we'll win 3-1 or 3-0 OR lose 3-2 :thumbsup: not much of a prediction i know

    Edit: wooo Turqoise colors, i am stunned, better then the awful black
    same failed line up, we can only hope they pull it together, hope the Turquoise helps

    I can't believe Russia has a chance to win this championship again. They are not the best European team, but the other teams always lose to them at important matches...

    Every euro i think the same thing, they are vulnerable etc. yet somehow they end up winning the thing. By the way someone mentioned Startseva, is she injured? She definitely is their premium setter IMO

    Rahimova and Mammadova is as good as any out side pairing out there, their setter seems fine, at least better than the last one they had, Hassanova is doing a decent job at MB, . I don't think even the playing at home factor has kicked in yet, I am expecting that will reach it's pitch in QFs and S/Fs (if they get that far)the more i watch them the more I see them getting a medal Am I wrong?

    Ugh I'd like to remind you this is a volleyball forum. The 'big' sports in Turkey don't have many naturalized players at all. Only stuff like running maybe but I dont care about that.

    But it's cool, let's not hate each other, just throwing some things out there I am not an expert in the ethinicity of Azerbaijan sports :) just saying we are even worst, but these days most countries are in the same boat. We ok, friends?

    Well then clearly the "native" population is not into sports, you might be right about that, the fact is most of these players originate from Azerbaijan. Also Rahimova, Hassanova, Yagupova, Mammadova etc these are all Turkic names, I don't know if they might have all come from abroad and married with "natives", I am not an expert. But it seems to me you are making judgements without some facts.

    As for Turkey for example, our best athletes are Ethiopians and Colombians and Azeris, Kenyans AND Russians and Ukranians I could go on, how does that make us any different from the Azeris? I had even say Azeris are more legitimate in their recruiting as far as that goes.

    I really hope one day Azerbaijan will be able to compete with a native majority team, I mean it is just funny to me when Azerbaijan is blonder then Germany :rolll: Reception bit messy so far for team AZE.

    Good start for Germany! Go go go!!

    To be fair you are forgetting there are sizeable Russian, Ukranian and other ethnic population in Azerbaijan, have you heard of Stalin? and his massive crazy population movements?