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    To me, we are being harsh to Turkey. This team has the capability of winning all rest of the matches and win gold. Guidetti needs to make his mind and give up on some Vakifbank players and stay away from his emotions. Tomorrow, he should start with Gamze-Neriman, Hande-Guldeniz, Eda-Kubra, Simge (L) or Gizem/Merve duo together.

    No one is saying anything different really, we all agree this team has a realistic chance of medals on paper, I'll repeat myself, a bronze medal in 15 years is unacceptable, just by pure luck we should have medalled more over the years, it's amazing. But did you see the collapse in the 1st set? I have rarely seen anything like it, staggering at this level and with players experienced at the highest level, something is broken that is obvious, every other set we play we have a melt down, you'll never get out the of the groups never mind win anything with that kind of team play. They deserve the criticism.

    BUT funnily enough it could all change around, if we beat Ukraine, IF, we'll play Poland most likely in the play offs, assuming Azeris beat Germany if not it's up in the air, but it's a good match up if we avoid Azerbaijan and play POL or GER. Then we'll play Russia in the QFs, yes tough draw but you need to beat the best to get anywhere late on. It still looks doable on paper. The problem is the team spirit and dynamics, something is wrong there THAT'S the concerning thing.

    Every player seems to have mental pressure problems, which is ridiculous just go out and play try your best if we lose it's fine, It is utterly stupid to beat your self, we do this a lot, that is what frustrates me. Eda is the only player performing to a respectable level. They all have this mentally ill person expressions on their faces, they hardly smile, if we don't fix it or come out of it we are f****d frankly to be crude.

    Merve, Gamze, Neriman, Hande, Eda, Kubra the final attacker position we are lacking in, Gozde/Guldeniz combo? if Gozde goes full retard at least Guldeniz can play some defence, I have no idea, I suspect Guiddetti doesn't either what to do there.I don't want to see Polen anywhere on court and Meryem Boz she has failed big time so far. Libero wise Simge is not a player to play at this level, and Gizem has proven highly unreliable, Merve is a solid option who won't kill her team.

    PS Bulgaria is sold team why turkish fans make dramas. It's normal to lose against a good team.

    They are, congratz Bulgaria, I mean it. BUT Turkey being shockingly all over the place is a fact. No drama, just calling it as it is. We collapse somewhere usually, but doing it in the group stages is one we didn't expect, it is a tough group admittedly, especially with Ukraine looking very solid so far, but the point is we have good players, experienced players, players that win the champions league, play in the strongest league in the world, we are not saying they are super stars but good and very good players in general, that should do far far better collectively, not medalling in almost 15 years(apart form bronze in 2011) is an abnormality, ffs Belgium can medal. I hope that is clearer.

    Awful awful awful, we didn't deserve to win with such a chaotic broken game. Bulgaria is a team we should beat 3-1 if we just play consistent and ok, just play ok no heroics, no jaw dropping collapses no this and that just play ok. As far as I can see no Guidetti factor here, same old same old Turkey choking bad at a major tournament. I have no confidence vs Ukraine not with this team :)

    On a positive note Polina is about to step on stage with her broad sword to slay the unbelievers :drink: ...

    Gamze , Merve and Neri not being awful is helping here 8-8, and we are terrible at calling challenges we don't call when it's needed and call when blatantly obvious we are wrong, also i had call challenges on block touches all day long(not that last one on Handes hit)

    If Neriman doesn't play well we are screwed, as someone pointed out our wing players are weak, we can't kill a ball to save our lives. When she plays good not ok, there is a drastic change to the teams complexion. At the end of the day all the good work your team does is wasted if you can't kill at the end. But unfortunately she is far too incinsistent.

    TURKEY NEEDS to work on the new generation and fast before 2020 is what this match learned me. Only a few of the veterans like Eda I can see at the next OG

    Agree 100%, this generation is done, they have consistently failed and failed, this is the worst I have seen so far, how mentally weak can you be? how so many players can be dire at the same time? Polen, Gozde, Neriman(I like actually in general, but she lets the team down badly on occasions), also Gizem is a very mediocre libero, she always seems late to defend balls, her reception is inconsistent to say the least. These players are done, they have had their chance.

    Naz,even though she has been poor here, Eda, Kubra can be the experience to the young team, we genuinely have some exciting young players, Ebrar Karakurt is a player i am very excited about, she might finally be the superstar we have lacked for ever(I have almost given up on Hande, she is still young though). Nazar degdirmiyim ama.

    I had Azeris to win 3-0 with a sizeable bet I am ashamed to admit(first bet in years), and first set utterly cack, gave me heart palpitations. They seem to have over come nerves now.

    The crowd I am not impressed with at all, they are like watching a boring poetry recital at the library, also the announcer with the american accent does your head in, why? it's so off putting, you are in your own country have an announcer with a heavy azeri drawl ffs, let him butcher the english.
    It is so pathetic with this american adoration some countries still seem to have. Azeris need to let in some unemployed under 25s for the next game for some noise, this ain't working.

    Polina Rahimova i am hugely looking forward to her playing. I think she will be massive at FB, inspired signing by them.

    Any other player screaming at opponents faces I had look down on poorly, but the woman has huge charisma you forgive her and look forward to her antics. Or is it just me :)

    Edit:ok match delayed, got rid of bold type, I love me some Polina

    Congrats to Eczacibasi, a team I highly respect from a historical view, I didn't think they could do it, they pulled it off. What a powerful game, will remember for a long time. Really feel for Fener though. On Thaisa injury, people have commented enough, I won't add too it.

    I think the emotional reaction to Thaisa's shocking injury is playing with peoples brains here, what happened with her prior injury? i am honestly at a loss here? can someone give more details

    I think this could be end of Thaisa`s career for sure.

    I know this is not the time to judge anything or anybody. But I think Vitra`s doctors should be accountable to what they did to her prior this injury, for not telling her the severe of her injury.

    It really sucks, because even after all they did to her, she was still cool about it and did not leave the club.

    I have no idea wtf you are on about man? are you blaming Eczaci physios for this freak injury? or are you on about her prior injury leading to this injury? (and the club physios doing something wrong along the line) Explain to me what you think was done wrong here?

    I like Hill a lot, best thing Guiddetti did in off season was off load Buijs and stick with Hill. I think Robin de Kruifj leaving off loaded more baggage, not that she was bad, just didn't fit, Vakif is far more compact and in synch with this roster