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    Really impressed with Vakif, they have imposed themselves on this tie, after that 1st set they could have lost themselves in the halley balloo, but kept their focus. Signs of a great team. Ofc it's not over.

    I know that, it still holds you can't have your world class player taking day off, different dynamics, new match. Volero is a strong team anything can happen to change momentum, a point here or there.

    Agreed Sloetjes, when she 1st came to Vakif(from Schweriner i think) i thought wtf? she was too old and didn't think much of her, but she has impressed me ever since. Having said that she has just hit a duffer! 19-18...but a video challenge! but no touch 19-18 this is getting too close for comfort now :)

    I know this is way too early, but this 2nd set is key for the tie, it is going to set the tone for what follows, Vakif need to impose themeselves here, Volero is well prepared and playing with huge passion, just playing out of their skins. Great teams manage to play to their level what ever the calibre of opposition and level they are playing at.

    Eczaci obviously need to win, 3-1 they are through, 3-2 = golden set. I think a lot to happen in this tie yet, half time in football terminology.

    The big one Volero and Vakif, as i expected this will be tough for Vakif, Volero has become a top 4 calibre team. 1st set Volero is just sweeping aside Vakifbank. I expect Vakif to get it together from 2nd set.

    Kim is a genuine star, she ALWAYs almost always comes good and produces in these final sets. What a game, FB winning 2 points in video replays in the last few points too.

    Btw Melis looks like a great libero prospect, what is it that we seem to produce a lot of decent liberos. Can we have some decent OPPs? for example or for that matter any other position.
    Liked Ezgi as a setter, to me she looks like treading water like a lot of our young prospects(apart from liberos!) but she was quite good today.

    According to the roster, Nakada is the head coach and Ferhat as assistant coach.

    Cev site has really missed the mark then reporting him as head coach, more bizarrely wtf is Ferhat doing as assistant coach of Japan?? also he has a job at CSM Bucuresti no? quite a distance between the 2

    Missed 1st set, from what i have seen, difference is FB playing defence and eczaci not. ECZ seem to have a soft underbelly, they just seem to fold in certain plays, organisation just disappears
    Natalaia & Kim 1-2 is so effective, best attacking pairing out there as any in CL for me.
    Start of 4th set, unless there is a drastic turn around FB is cruising this.

    Yeah, it's extremely unprofessional. Wanting to spend more time with family is completely legit, but he knew he had a family when he was signing the new contract.
    Obviously the Turks offered him (a lot) more money.

    Quoting you as you seem to summon up the problems with this move succinctly for the neutral, well and for the dutch. I know others have commented too.

    I honestly don't think money was the issue here, granted no denying the economic clout of the Turkish VF. He has been offered the job before several times before obviously top dollar involved, no secret everyone has wanted him for years in Turkey to take over. But he has declined on principle, saying he doesn't agree with a coach being the NT coach of the country who he has club coaching commitments in. He was very critical when Barbolini was appointed to coach Turkish NT, who was coaching Galatasaray at the time.

    Did he sign extension with Dutch VF before his baby was born? if that is the case it is understandable his change of mind when he reevaluated his decision when holding his child, but either way it is totally normal for anyone to to be off and on emotionally deciding the future being a 1st time father, it really is the most momentous time in a persons life.

    Anyway now he can also be viewed as going against his principles accepting the job in circumstances he criticized others for. But i personally hold someone changing his mind and principles on changing situations and new circumstances more aloft than someone who stick to their opinions no matter what, who are usually stupid, selfish people without the capability to process new things. But the guy, in a nutshell, genuinely did this for his young family principles be damned is my take on things here. btw i am pretty sure dutch were paying him pretty well too and he wasn't doing it for charity

    I also honestly think he had have had more joy with the dutch in terms of success than the Turkish NT but i won't lie I am deliriously happy he has taken over the Turkish NT, we will see now if our players have the caliber to medal in major champs, there will be no excuses for them now. From Ferhat Akbas to Guidetti like from level 16 noob to lv 90 OP badass.

    I do feel for the Dutch girls and the NT though sincerely, But i am pretty sure they will continue on their improvement trajectory.

    btw..i cant watch any of the matches due to tv rights sh*t X(

    That sucks bad, but no worries i am here to save lives. Use Opera browser, it has a free VPN service, it works pretty good here in UK, I know Turkey has bandwith probs, but i am pretty sure it will work fine for you. Go to settings in Opera (alt+P) in security & privacy just tick enable VPN.
    Guys anyone having this copy right corporate shit co*k block anywhere, try using Opera with VPN enabled(very few people know of this brilliant feature in O) power to the people, down with evil mega corporations making the internet a shopping mall.

    Gorge on the replays at laola :dance6:

    I am quite happy with Turkey's performance, Germany won't be a problem on the way to semis. But still, to reach a medal they should reach a better shape as whole team.

    I don't understand this observation, they look fine to me, the only thing i have seen fitness wise if anything is Gozde Sonsirma looking ripping fit, and they are getting fitter game by game.

    There is no other way to put it, just a very impressive win for Turkey. Just powered by Belgium, they had no answers.

    Few notes, I can't help feeling Polen is the weak link for Turkey, having said that her service vs Bel was surprisingly excellent today, they had problems everytime she was on serve, but i fear against the top teams she will get exposed with her attacking. I had keep her on for her serve though, hope she keeps it up, I think we got very good depth, Gozde Yilmaz is an excellent stand by. If it were me i had start her probably, lucky for Turkey i am not the coach.

    I am a huge fan of Neriman now officially, she has improved so much past 2 or 3 years, with her consistency especially, she was sort of ok/anonymous first 2 games, but she stepped up in the important game when you need your important players to step up.

    Kubra, I am now convinced with her, most notable improvement is her spiking, you feel she is money when is used through the middle or running the cross court spikes, and to think only a year ago i used to cringe when ever she went on a spike, she has improved like the young player she was should have. Clearly she has worked hard and focused, shame same can't be said of Meliha and a couple of others. In fact i am pretty sure Meliha has regressed in the 1 or 2 years she has been around the A team, glad to see she is not getting any court time.

    I realise it's only a group game and Belgium is not a top tier team, still very good win. But I won't over play the win, and keep perspective, will wait to see if we make the semis, Germany probably in QFs, and maybe playing Netherlands likely in the SFs, similar situation to Bel except i think Neth is a step up from Belgium and better home support. Who knows. It is doable to get to the final even, but you gotta do it(if you know what i mean), I won't get too high though, been disappointed too many times.

    I'll say though it is remarkable we haven't medalled more in EC, considering only12/16 teams participate and usually only 2 or 3 or maybe 4 teams ahead of us in any given comp, you think just by fluke, chance, a lucky schedule, we had end up in a semi final or 2 more than we have.

    Rahimova can be the best jump server in europe (maybe in the world ? too) if she manages to be stable enough...she serves really tough!

    I know all jump serves look good when they work, but Rahimovas is something else, just unstoppable, if it doesn't get an ace the, ball returns to her side of court from reception.

    Azeris making 2nd set competitive but next to Turkey I don't think any other team makes as many mental errors as consistently. Now from being 3 up they are behind 15-13