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    Gozde did score and dig some really important points late in the set

    Please don't, she was awful. Congratz to Bulgaria. So our level is just above Cameroon and Canada, seems about right. No complaints. One footnote i was very impressed with Neriman, she was great today(despite some reception probs, but a lot of scorers have that) and recently, i hope she keeps this level up and becomes consistent, for god's sake we need some positives.

    Another footnote, we need to lose this heroics stuff and just become consistent, i mean we can't handle emotion and stress, seriously, i am talking about the players, not us watching. we always play down to the level of the opposition or up, much more often down. We simply kill ourselves by imploding and mistakes. Someone knowledgable in sports psych and volleyball, i am not in either, i had love to hear any comments as to why.

    But gratz to Bulgaria, don't want to take anything away from their win by making excuses.

    Turkeys block has disappeared, amazing because Kubra had like 5-8 blocks early match?? played like a super star. 4th set 18-14 Turkey, we were never going to finish 2nd this group after Serbia game, but lets just drag this game out for a win because we look all over the place

    Total meltdown Turkey, having said that Gozde is killing us. 2-1 bulgaria, Neriman only one playing well now, which is ironic, she is usually the one who goes melt down. What happened to the 1st set balance and smart play, same as in canada game,we seemed to have regressed to serbia game, i am befuddled.