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    I saw Rivera 4 times live in Bari and,trust me, she is just short... She doesn't even look "fat" live! She is so good in defense :white: I remember we clapped a lot of times after her digs (and Castillo's ones)

    I hope Italy will win 3-0 or 3-1 today so USA will play the semis... I would like to see them playing ;) there's a part of me that will always support the USA National Team

    i must agree she performs very well :roll:

    btw i can't believe the people who are calling prisilla rivera fat, old and washed up. and yet she finished with the match with what, 18 pts??????? she's a very smart hitter, sometimes she makes us all mad because of the excessive dinking but she always gets lots of kills and today she really helped the team with some good defense, even blocking. she almost never hits the ball straight down but usually gets a block-out or dinks the ball for a point. and of course, she can pass better than martinez or pena.

    btw watching how kwiek brings martinez in to sub for mambru (or marte) in front row, i wonder, why not use pena as well as an OPP, pena's passing is weak so she could be another option for OPP if martinez is not hitting well (as lately).

    and now we know prisilla does not like jacque…

    well she is kinda fat..

    if rivera is ready to play then dominicans have problem - that "girl" cannot jump, hits half of the spikes into the block and is so slow in reception thanks to extra-fat that i don't understand why everyone says "rivera, rivera, rivera"