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    Boring first round so far at German DVV Cup (as expected), the first five matches all ended in three sets for the favorite team, Dresden in Oythe (2. North), Stuttgart at home against Neuwied, Potsdam in Vilsbiburg, Erfurt at home against Straubing and Suhl at home against Münster. Let's wait for the quarterfinals draw, because last three matches are second league teams hosting first league teams...

    The draw for the quarterfinals were already made:

    Winner Karlsruhe/Wiesbaden - Winner Freisen/Schwerin

    Stuttgart - Suhl

    Dresden - Potsdam

    Erfurt - Winner Borken/Aachen

    On other news, men's league has started last weekend and they are no longer giving an MVP award to the losing teams, only the MVP of the winner gets a medal. That means Neuwied players might not get any MVP awards this season :whistle:

    This is only for first division men because of the twitch chat and the voting there...

    Does anyone here have any information as to why the actual home game from Neuwied against Dresden is taking place in Dresden and not in Neuwied? In the games against Potsdam and Schwerin, it was understandable that they were played by the opposing clubs, because the home and away games were played very quickly one after the other. But this is not the case here.

    The hall of Neuwied is also for school sport. So under the week it is very hard for the team to get the hall. Our game (Münster) was played under the week, but in Rhineland-Pfalz there were holidays at the moment.

    I've heard that your home game against Vilsbiburg will be played one day earlier and will be shown on Free TV.

    What does your League do?? When will they start the playoff?? Are their any chances to make the full schedule??

    Injury Update RRV - USC Münster

    At the last point of the first match Dukic (MB) lands badly under the net. It looks very bad and from my point of view it will be a torn acl. I wish her all the best. Will the bad news never end for us :sos:

    Unterhaching - Münster 0:3 (7, 11, 20)

    MVP: Carolin Januschke / Mia Kirchhoff

    It's hard to understand why Münster used Scholten and Dukic such a short time after their injuries in such an easy match :what:

    Scholten was only used for some points in the backrow and the injury of Dukic is not so bad of the injury of Scholten.

    At least with German IP the regular stream of Sport1 is available for free on their website, so it doesn't make any sense to label the TV matches as pay :aww:

    but I think the quality of the stream was better behind the paywall as the available free-stream on their website. The stream from the Supercup-Final was hard to watch.

    But that wouldn't necessarily be a next step...more a step backwards. But we'll see.

    She got so many chances in the last three years, but didn't make the next step. She cann't kill the ball or make easy tips... I wish all the best for her, but to leave her "youth/education" club is also the next step.

    I'd like to hear some opinions about the situation that preceded Hollosy's outburst and expulsion in 1st set because it was indeed a very rare moment, you can watch it at 1:02:35 here:

    Koslowski was standing beside position 5 of Schwerin's court, close to the sideline. Suhl's MB was running a slide attack and spiked down the line. In the moment that she hit the ball, Koslowski made some kind of kicking movement (which is some sort of automatic movement he does quite often), and the ball hit his foot that was in the air somewhere over the sideline :aww: The linesman signalled ball touch, so first the referee gave the point to Suhl, but then Schwerin protested and the two referees plus the linesman discussed for a while and eventually the referee gave the point to Schwerin :what:

    From the camera point of view it is impossible to tell if the ball would have landed in or out, so IMO giving the point to Schwerin can't be right. If Koslowski had stood a meter beside the line and had been hit by the ball there nobody would have protested, but like this it was a very unfortunate situation. He didn't intentionally touch the ball, but he did touch it. I think the best solution would have been repeating the rally, then both teams would have been a bit unhappy but it definitely wouldn't have escalated like that and maybe the situations that happened later wouldn't have been so emotional. It was very crazy to watch Spelman who seemed like the calmest player throughout the season repeatedly screaming at linesmen and referees and Pallag almost tearing down the net in frustration after she dug a ball but the referee said it was down :cheesy:

    thx Matthias... this is a good summary of the situtation.

    I didn't notice anything, she was subbed normally. OTOH their MB Blake Mohler suffered a muscle injury in 3rd set in a bad move in defense.

    I didn't see anything in the hall. It was a normal sub because of her bad perfomance. But in generally all players of Suhl played very bad.

    The trainer was in a bad mood during the whole game and the red card was totally deserved. Also he didn't understand why his team get the card and the consequence of loosing the service.