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    France comming from div2 and winning the WL only proves that the current format is not good. There are valuable and good teams outside div1 like Germany, Argentina, Germany, Bulgaria that on a good day can beat any of the div1 teams.

    It was not only a good day, France proved whole tournament :D

    How many error serves that US made ? Poor Matt, he had a fantastic match but it was not enough to save the team. Sander is not his form as previous year. Both MBs did not work last 2 sets.

    Awsome FRA :super: Rouzier was not good shape but he's the best scorer with 25pts. Ngapetp is quite young but he demonstrated his talent. Le Roux serves like a machine, so powerful :obey: and Greben will be the best libero of tournament if Fra is in semifinal.

    Us and Fra in semi :))) hopefully

    IMO, Italia wont win a medal even if both Zaytsev and Travica are in play. Their performance is not persuasive me a lot although I'm a little fan of Italia. I think top 3 will be Us Pol and Bra. Fra was badluck for the first time in final six when they have to face 2 very strong team in the world. I will be enjoynable if Us and Fra kick Bra out semifinal :)))

    Rouzier served ace to prove he's not sissy. No, he is. Congrats France. :D Death group: Brazil, USA, France. First opening match in Final Six: Brazil - France.

    OMG, why top pool A and B are in same group. In other side, POL is more easier. Is it possible if both Us and France elimimate Brazil in Rio ??? :drink:

    Yes, and Argentina and Bulgaria have very low level /Sole, Todorov, Aleksiev, Conte, De Cecco, Agontsev, Salparov, etc/

    Did I say those players in low level :whistle: and I just wrote "hope they could win" since France is my favorite team. The last FIVB wch, they were in no.4, and what abt Argentia and Bulgaria, 11 and 13. Do nót say wch is nót an element to evaluate a team. They could be good player bút could not be a,good team for some reasons. Btw, Sole amd Conte are also my favotite one.

    I am nót Polish, just a fan of your team. However, I do nót like a player who plays for 2 countries. I supposed thát when Poland faces to Cuba in Olympic, when lining for singning anthem, which song will he sing !? Yeah, Ít's nót my stuff, just a piece of my oppion :D With the picture above, I think he will join the NT soon.

    Congratulation to Poland with showing a good performance proof that they are qualified to be in top 6 :flower: . Although I'm quite sad for this miss ;( , I should mention that Polish players were fantastic in this game specially in serve!

    U can find the full match on utube by an Iran fan. However, the quailty is 240p :( very difficult to see the ball :mad:

    Why you're here quite sure abt final qulification of POL while Iran could earn 6 points and got 21pts totally. When POL has just 20pts now. Of curse, Us is no pressure for the last 2 matches, but any things can happen. Actually, I am in POL side :D Hope these matches could reach 5 set for the audiences and team A of Us will be on the bence for the final :)))