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    Pool B seems to be very interesting after 2 wins of Iran. Iran still has their chance for a ticket to final.

    Are there 6 spots in final including 3 spots in pool A, 2 in pool B and 1 for champoin of Divion 2 (I hope France) ?

    What happened to Italia !? I could not believe it. They need to change somethings after this match.

    US and POL are delicating very high level of volleyball match. I hope one of them will be champion :D

    Where's Sebasitian Sole ?

    Exactly, I actually don't know why Modena was considered the main favourite! If I was a Trento's fan, the only player that I would have like to have in my team would have been Ngapeth instead of Lanza.
    Regarding my evening. I was not in Palapanini (last week there was sold out after 2 hours), so I went in your city (Bounty pub, via delle moline) in order to see Juve-Real with my friends and, as juve's fan, I had a big consolation yesterday night :rolll:

    Plz do not put Ngapeth in Trento roster. He's definitely not suit for Trento style. His attitude matches with Bruno or Kovacevic so much.

    Good news for LeeParkHun. If you are in Vietnam right now, the third match Trento-Modena on Sunday will be at 12 midday

    Yeah, it will be 5pm in my country. Such a beautiful time

    I missed the last night match which started at 1.30am in Viet Nam. It seems be very nervous match :white: . Serbia has got many excellent players ( both male and female ), but they have not achieved positive result in some year ago.

    With Modena win, racing for the title is more and more exciting

    Great game by Trento.. they started quite slow, Modena played great but then Lanza woke up a bit and Birarelli too, especially in block. Modena had too much hurry to close the game, they had their opportunities and maybe with more simple things they could have won it in 3 or 4... Giannelli made a brilliant match! Djuric played really well too, Solè was not so present.
    On the other side Modena's MBs were invisible: Verhees had some nice spikes but no blocks, I remember just one point from Piano! :white: Petric was superb so Ngapeth, but his level decreased in the last two sets!

    If Djuric did not make many errors ( 8 ), he could have won the MVP.

    Solè played very well for almost tournament, but not in playoff :( wake up plz, Trento need his block in middle so much

    According to the stats, Verhees got 1 block and zero for Piano :what:

    Ngapeth impressed me by his defense and Petrick spiked very powerful tonight ( 65% )

    What a match !!

    Congrate to Trento, they could finish in 4 set. Both Trento MBs played under their level in playoff. They could not follow and block in the middle. Birarelli had just 1 block in 5 set :( and his block did not help too much for the back. Lanza's reception were too poor. Hope they could play well as they used to do in this season for the title.

    I'm feel sorry for Perugia, they also deserved to the final, but we just had one slot. Antanasevic is a brilliant player. Perugia's libero is the best one in this season while Colaci met some troubles with reception last 3,4 matches.

    Can not wait for the final, go Trento :D