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    Laikon have you got a proof that really was in Iranian news? All our journalists are everytime on twitter and news from 2/3 hours ago is saying that Kurek definitely will not play.

    Great news for Polish fans : We will see Kurek in the Roster of Poland tonight According to the news i heard

    P.S : Now the battle of two teams for fighting to get victory is more tense :cheesy: :cheesy:

    You have bad news whoever you are. Kurek will not play and it's final decision.

    Yeah, I do not agree with Marouf's behavior but this was not as impolite as you talk about it .Please remember Luis Suarez biting in the Football Worlcup match! I do not agree with the way you talk about us as well!
    This game is important but please keep calm and just watch the match nothing more.
    Dear Polish fans please try not to tell that we have the same problem with other Teams like USA. I know we had the same tension which was happened by impolite behavior of your teammate!! I don't know how you didn't remember that!
    The more important thing is that because of sensitivity of game between Iran and Poland this year tensions kept hot.

    You know it seems that tensions between players are tensions but supporters from other countries have big fun of it, some of them maybe are jelaous at what volleyball level we are and want to provoke by anonymous accounts. After yesterday moderator's reaction I started to think like this. I don't know much about difficult situation in Iran but i read many interviews how our players can't log in into facebook, into normal international sites, also some Polish sport sites are banned so how come so many Iranians are here...

    What was the impolite behavior of teammate that causes your problems with other teams? Do you mean he threat before Iran-USA match?

    For me sounds very good. Hopefully Alekno will take Russian team and fly to Iran. It may be big motivation for all players to win some points. Russia has a buisness to not be kicked off from first division so every point, match is like gold for them. USA will qualify from first place and for them almost two matches with Poland in Poland will look like friendly so they can play with first squad every minute or play with first squad only to the moment of qualification and they can gift us points. There are two ways of my prediction. Also Poland can't lose today last match in Iran easily. We need though one point and it will be good if Russia will be motivated and win something in Iran. They are still under normal level but they improved. Reception is sick, but some players are trying to fight like Biriukov.

    Germany took what they planned. Congratulation. :thumbup:

    And the most boring tournament ever, especially at men side with knowing a winner. This tournament only showed Russia and Poland have the best youth and Italy has to improve because Zaytsev, Parodi or Kovar will not play forever.

    u sure that u are read my post !! As i said , i dont admire this some hateful behavior of some players that screaming on the refrees such as kubiak screaming in the face of first refree in the match of poland vs brazil for WC last year, if u remember that . this examples of screaming players are a a lot .as i said refrees dont work correctly . he should clear this tensions with the players by showing a red card to marouf . as u see refrees behavior is the main problem . and u said that marouf screaming on zatorski face !! u see it on this short video but reality is that the marouf screaming on second refree to show his place on volleyball court . one thing clear for me about u polish fans that u Polish fans do not tolerate failure and if u lose a match u made any excuse for justification .
    i dont wanna discuss about this match to u anymore pls dont reply to this again!!!

    I also don't need to discuss with you anymore but you don't need to shout. :wavy: Also I'm waiting when finally any team will win in Iran, because the only team that did it is Brasil but with result 3-2 and next match they lost. Lose is one topic, growing agression of your players is second topic, totally another. Also I don't accept any your feel sorry what players who represent you are doing while I feel like I extorted this feel sorry from you. I'm observing your posts everywhere when I was silent about this and you really supported this. Until someone doesn't respond it's wrong no one of Iranians mention it was unacceptable. Just live your life.

    Well, naming a player "gorilla" isn't rude and shouting in a noisy stadium just to be heard is rude! :teach: What a compelling logic!

    I'm not going to waste my time to answer these stupid posts and users anymore. :wavy:

    I think this noise everytime that teams can't comunicate with each other at any moment is really little grain of sand to mannsers of your players. I really like when there is little psychological fight at every men match because it's interesting but everything has its limit, :wavy:

    Let me clear for u something :I do not admire marouf behavior in this game and also in the some older games for being angry and screaming at the refree but under that circumstances in the other side polish coach stimulate the players of iran for making delay time to ruine the gholami's serve and the players for that behavior of polish coach and also for weakness of second refree become angry . this story could be end by showing a red card for marouf from the first refree . i just said to you u fingers the whole people of iran for being wild just for a single match in WL and u allow that to compare this people with animals!!!! im really sorry for ur opinion

    As you see you support these kind of behavior, I didn't see anywhere one word "sorry" or "maybe we shouldn't do this", there is no justification for you, because everyone can take a challenge if there is such possibility, even before rival's serving, talking with referee is also allowed and this is not a reason to behave like this. BTW, it wasn't screaming into referee but into Zatorski's face.

    Yes my NT isn't in elite right now but they are very close to be one on ECH with that stronge roster that we have....And Poland didn't impressed me at all against Turkey :whistle: :whistle:
    But I hope too see Croatia against Poland on WGP, but with our strongest roster :box:

    Well, there are many women teams close to elite but it's still too far. And it was unacceptable during writing congratulations after final saying team who must won with teams not only with teams with B, C squad and got silver medal will not reach anything in ECH. If you don't accept/don't like some national team you should tell this straight and I'm pretty sure you would be so so happy if Croatia will take this. 8o

    You are just a litlle trolling attention seeker and every other word is wasted time.

    Congratulations for being the first user making me try the "ignore list". So no need to respond to me anymore......

    Of course, let's call me troll, it's just easier.…ce-of-zatorski-video.html I will wait when Germany will qualify to first divison and Iranian player would behave in the same way against Steuerwald or Tillie. Your respond is useless for a now. I was laughing and i tolerate every kind of rude behavior even this of Mousavi in Poland but it will not accept when they do it again and again in much more offensive way.

    Congratulation for Russia. Our team again without attacker couldn't win this match. So difficult time have junior and senior team right are now without attacker at normal level and players at other positions are suffering a lot in such situation. Kurek injury, Bociek cancer, Jarosz, Konarski under junior level, Romac can't get chance from coach as being first, has powerful attack, good left hand but too short. Kurek with Bociek must come back, so so needed.