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    Lyubushkina? near the end of the season, she was benched and Morozova was the starter with Fetisova.

    Or was Lyubushkina injured near the end?

    I wasn't expecting Gamova as she can still play at a high level; however, I understand that she wasn't as healthy this year. Maybe sshe wants to move on in her personal life. Wish her all the best

    Sokolova - not a big fan of hers, and she has been on the decline for the last few years. However, I wish her all the best.

    Russia needs a backup OPP. I haven't been overly impressed with Malykh this season, so she will have to step up in the backup role.

    Sokolova :aww:

    Anyways it is just the list of 20, she might not make the final 21. I would like to know who are the others on the list though,, before they cut it.

    I already said it. I don't think the players are playing for the coach, They've had some injuries as well. Not sure why Zaytsev was benched for a few games, and thy lost Obmochaev for the last part of January where they lost those games. Them not coming out in the Champions League also hurt and I think they are just going through the motions. I have a feeling there will be a new coach for next season.

    Scherban's reception can sometimes be problematic, so they really need to work on reception with their respective teams.

    Krasnodar pulled it off in the end.

    I didn't expect them to be playing so soon. Those who played at the Olympic Qualification process must be tired.

    Moscow still on top of the table.

    It obviously depends on the conditions of players by the end of the season. The Muserskiy case is over, as two senior officials told yesterday, so he's definitely back, again, provided he's fit.

    Agreed, it depends on the conditions of the players and how well they do in the league. Now that there is no pressure to qualify, I am sure everyone in the league will up there game so be called for the extended list of Olympic training camp

    In my opinion there was no need to call Hodunova. Pasynkova has been playing with the NT the entire summer, and needless to say, has already the chemistry with the team for playing with them so long. Marichev is just strange sometimes with his choices.

    Yep but Pasynkova isn't playing well, so really her or Hodunova are basically in the same boat at the moment. It doesn't matter neither would have started. MB's is my main problem, not sure about only 3 but the other MB's, I was thinking about aren't playing much for their clubs.

    According to facebook of RUSSIAN VOLLEYBALL WOMEN, Kosheleva and Lyubushkina were injured during the friendly match ;( ;(
    I hope they are recovering soon.

    Kosheleva is a big loss. Lybushkina not really. Russia needs better MB's

    Too bad no stats. I wonder if the third set, Russia tried some of their second string players. These games are needed to see where they are.

    Shchrbinin deserves the spot, Volvich should be out. :wavy: :whistle:

    Agreed. Scherbinin might not do a lot of attacking but he is a good blocker.

    I am not a big fan of Markin though, he is too inconsistent at times.

    Samoilenko = Shlyakhovaya

    Efimova now plays in Krasnodar and started the season in Omichka I think. I have no idea what she does in NT, in summer she didn't even play much in B-team. Marichev is really crazy with player choices, in summer Orlova was starter and now she is not even in the wide roster even though she plays decent in Volero :aww: It won't matter much as long as Fetisova and Zaryazhko are healthy and Lyubushkina is there as first back-up, but in case of emergency I'd rather have Orlova there than a player who as far as I know has yet to show anything in her career...

    Ah I see, regarding Efimova. What do you call decent for Orlova. It is also the Swiss League, how good and competitive is it?

    The team that won the European Championship could be the ones that were called, providing they are all in good form.

    It could be something wrong with his son. Either way, if he needs to spend it with his family, it must be even more important. Russia will just have to cope without him.