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    Thanks for the information on where the teams will be participating.

    Thanks also for the information Emil. I hope all goes well for Kosheleva.

    Don't know, maybe Obmochaev got hurt, or he believes it will be fine with the one libero. Obmochaev wasn't going to start, I believe Verbov is the first choice libero either way.

    Maybe he will use Obmochaev for the next weekend, or not.

    Why 3 MBs? what happend to Muserskiy?

    Muserskiy is getting a 2 week break. He has played a lot of matches this year. So I am sure he is glad for the rest and spending time with his daughter. Again I don't understand a couple of the Russian coach' s choices I don't understand why Moroz is there, he isn't match fit. I rather Kruglov from Moscow as the other OPP, he was immense the last few games for Moscow. Ambrosimov was bad in Lokomotive.

    Alexander Sokolov is Libero :wavy: he was in Russian NT in London as help in backrow ^^ Obmochaev was main L there :D

    Ah thank you. I remember now. I can't believe I forgot him. He played in Krasnodar this past season.

    What does this list means actually ? i've read it earlier and wondered, because i do not get the point about doing a list more than a year before a tournament, especially considering you will be able to change it, it doesn't make sense to me

    Exactly I don't see the point of it either. I think though that they just want to put out there, who are fighting for the places. I am sure Gamova and Sokolova can be added if they choose to. However, I think Sokolova is past her prime.

    Eh that list can always change. I hope Berezkho does make it because his receiving is definitely needed. Volkov is way too injured so it makes no sense for him. I am sure if Tetyukhin decided to come back to the national team full time, they will put him on the list. I can't remember who Sokolov is.

    I think she will be alright. When her sister was loan out the previous season. She was happy for her that she was getting playing time. Her sister needs playing time, it makes no sense for her to stay at Moscow because she wouldn't get any.

    I guess we will watch and see who Moscow gets as replacements. They need a deeper bench

    Marchenko must have been kicked off before last season, she's just a no ;) As far as I know Moscow's financial conditions haven't been solid, that's why they have had difficulties of transferring players. I hope they get a player like Robinson :roll:

    Besides Kosianenko was horrible throughout whole season, she needs to be better then.. I do think Vetrova is a setter that has bad technique, but Moscow played with her, that explains almost everything.

    Marchenko actually had a recurring injury which is why she wasn't playing. Moscow's financiaal conditions seem alright right now, but yes they don't really have the money like Kazan to get some top foreign players unless they get rid of someone. They actually did good with Vetrova. I agree Kosianenko was awful and she needs to do much better.

    Kseniia Ilchenko

    Not bad, except no to Kosianenko, I rather Efimova or Startseva. Gosh I wish Babeshina was called, as setter is a problem. Startseva probably should get it over Efimova but Kosianenko would be my last choice.

    The only person I would put there is Babeshina instead of Kosianenko, but she was injured toward the end of the year, so maybe she will come in later. Heck even Moscow's other setter is better right now than Kosianenko. Happy to see Kseniia Ilchenko there as well.

    I guess Gamova will come in later.

    So I guess Malykh will be in A team. Interesting selection for the B team, I will assume, some of the A team members might be put in the B team, at least those who don't get to play a lot.