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    Kurek can't send a single bagher to his setter, he's not the player people believe. Great athlet, nothing more. I heard from some supporters of Treia that they hope the club finds a way to sent him away, 'cause in their opinion the club is just wasting money on him. He showed nothing in 1 year and a half in Italy. And I'm not surprised Poland succeded went they found a coach who took him out of NT. Wha Treia really needs is a good shaped Kovar, 'cause they can win the games with their world class middles. Parodi and Henno take more responsabilities on reception, but still Jiri has troubles.

    I didn't see the match, however I don't think Kurek is overatted. He's a formidable spiker, one of the best. I think he should reinvent himself as opposite, even if he has to improve the attack in area 2.

    Haha thanks for all those kind words towards Swedes, but I'm sort of surprised by your words since many people from southen europe complain how boring we are, how cold we are, also the gap of being open minded between us and southen europeans. I don't know if any of you agree with this but I heard of it several times from my friends :P I hate how many people see us, they've got such a strong stereotype of swedes like we are all blond and blue eyed which is definitely not true or eat meatballs every single day which is a big bulls*it. Do Italians eat pastas every day? :rolll:

    Alright, anyway if you ever think of visiting Göteborg, don't hesitate to inform me beforehand. (Perhaps you already have been here leastwise once...) As a Göteborg born and raised man, I could definitely show everything that foreigners can be fascinated with. It's a fabulous city I can say, not only because I'm from here :drink:

    According to my experience, it is true that Swedes are not so much effussive and sociable, but only at the beginning :D In any case, the courteousness of the Swedes is extraordinary, impossibile to find it in any other country in Europe! If one day I'll visit Goteborg, I will inform you, thanks! At the moment, the next step is to visit Lappony in January in order to see for the first time in my life the aurora borealis

    Very nice, how do you like Sweden so far? I presume it's too much freezing for Italians :rolll:

    I'm getting used to the cold (and to the dawn at 8.30am as well). At the beginning, I was very surprised by the kindness of the Swedes, who help you in every situation! Anyway the thing I like most of your country is the efficiency of the public services and the bureaucracy: here everything works! Aside from that, my Swedes friends are making me a fan of ice hockey and floorball :D

    Hello :wavy: greeting from Poland :D

    if you study in Falun, then You'll have an opportunity to see World Championships in ski jumping, cross country and nordic combined ^^

    Yeah in February and I can't wait!

    Great to know that. Wellcome to our forum. I suppose your a fan of Pallavolo Modena and LiuJo Modena!

    Men's team of course, a big fan! I don't follow so much the girls but I know they are on the top of classification right now and I'm happy about it :D Are you italian as well? If so, because of yours Kiraly's quote I assume you are from Ravenna, even if you don't have to be from that town to love the great Karch!

    Hi, guy!

    So are you italian or swedish or half and half? We need more italians here! :drink:

    Italian! I'm going to come back in Modena in July, presuming I'm going to finish the master in time :D