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    Kadie Rolfzen, an american OH who previously played for Dresden in Germany.

    The last 3 names u mentioned are not defensive OHs. Even Zang Changning is not though she has decent reception.

    Milena Rašić another year in Vakif, confirmed it actually on her Instagram. I don't know if it is just that I love drama :p but Milena's latest post seems to be a reaction to Kim Hill's recent post to me? Is it just me? :lol:

    I dont think Milena will be that petty :lol: Milena, Kim, and Lonneke are the closest players last season. They were travelling together.

    Quoted from "rbdfabio"

    The matches that I watched this season Woloz played really well, especially in the champions league.

    I feel bad for Bricio, with Hodge and Hill she won`t get to play much at all. And she`s young and playing time is a must. But considering Hill played bad during regular season in the past 2 season in Turkey, Bricio could eventually take her spot in the starting line-up if she`s given the change to play a little.

    Well that's never gonna happen because neither Brico or Hodge can pass a single serve.. Hill will for sure be a started, I'm rooting for Brico to start as well and have Hodge on the bench

    Or they can try Hodge as OP and have Hill and Bricio as OH. I wonder how that would go.

    Klineman played together with Hill in Novara a few seasons ago. She was not good in reception but she was good in offense. As far as I can remember, she was listed as an Opposite in the US national team before.

    I don't want to sound mean but did Robinson gain more weight? She looks heavy now compared to her shape during World Championships last 2014. And based on videos of her I watch recently, she does not jump as high as before. I was really impressed by her during her stint at World Championships. She was hitting over the block. Pls don't take this post negatively.

    Kelsey Robinson (USA/OH) will play in Imoco Conegliano. She confirmed it on her instargam.

    I wonder whom Kelsey will replace in the starting line up. Will she play with Bricio with Ortolani as Op? Or will she will play with Bricio with Fawcett as Op? Or will she only play for CL?

    No matter how much effort Guidetti puts into coaching the Dutch, they will never reach greater heights than their OG finish. The current roster is really lacking. And finding young prospects would be hard in the Netherlands as they dont have a high level volleyball league. Guidetti made full use of what the team had and yielded more than satisfying results.

    In Turkey, he would be able to work and experiment with lots of players both young and veterans. And the Turks are already very familiar with him so adjusting is not an issue. It looks like the Turkish national team is deteriorating, I mean just look how they werent able to qualify for Rio Olympics.

    Do you know any broadcast program?
    Till now and FIVB youtube channel haven't scheduled this tournament.

    As far as I know, the Philippine Channel TV 5 is the official broadcast channel of the FIVB World Club Championships. You can try this link:

    Vakifbank played with local players

    Thank you for answering! :drink: