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    Im not saying she is clean, I honestly dont know....Im just saying that now everything is doping for Russia athletes...and I think it is not right to assume that without proof.

    Jaqueline was once caught in doping, a serious one. So now because of that I should assume Murilo is out, not cause he is injuried or whatever, but must be cause he is not clean as well, after all it is in the family history? Is it that different...honestly.....

    So if we go from there, why should there is still cycling in Olympics? Lance revealed a major doping scheme in the sport. What about Brazil's athletics? They also discovered not so long ago a huge doping scheme in all brazilian athletics, not one or two athletes...what about that....If we start accusing everyone just by assuptions.....God save sports...

    The problem is those are individual athletes. They did it by themselves. It is a completely different case by Russia because it js a state-sponsored doping programme. There are 8 people on Russian NT that were tested positive compared to one people (Jaque) on the Brasil NT and it was during Superliga.

    And gurl please. Everyone knows Murilo is out because of his injuries. It was played in front of the entire world. Unlike Murseskiy and Startseva. Tell me how can you cut off your best back up setter, the best setter of the London Olympics out of the blue? What's the reason behind that?

    And stop reaching cancellng the cycling sports. Based on your logics we should cancel athletic from the Olympic because Russian team is banned because of this scandal.

    There are reasonable thoughts behind these whole assumptions that players are getting cut off out of nothing because of the drugs scandal.

    The Thai NT coach is retiring. Wonder how the team is going to cope with this. He has done so much for the team, bringing this team to the eyes of the world. Thai has many youngsters with potential like Thotdao and Ajcharaporn. Wish them best of luck.

    5. CHI
    4. NED
    3. RUS
    2. BRA
    1. USA

    It will definitely be an interesting final later today. As much as I love Brazil, I think they are still a bit messy and Sheilla is no longer dependable. At this current time, USA is much more a complete team and they have been playing good through out the competition. But Brazil haven't been playing with their complete A team line-up, so who knows? It will be like 2012 all over again, USA dominating everything and Brazil came back with a magic touch during the final of Olympic. Coach Ze is definitely a very talented and smart coach.

    The idea of bringing 3 setters is just weird to me. Plus, cutting Fawcett is a bad decision. Trust me, Lowe will crack under pressure, as well as Murphy. I don't think the US will get to the final this time.

    Now it's even clearer than it ever was. Babeshina must be cut as soon as possible. Her sets are nightmarish and if the team need a server, Startseva will be there.

    I am wondering why is Startseva no longer starting? She used to be good back in 2012 and was the Best Setter during the finals round. I don't say she is good, but the other ones are so predictable.

    No existence unfortunately. Shcherban is the best one among all candidates. Pasynkova used to be that sort of a player back then (at least close to it...) but now we all know what shape she's in.

    Too bad because they can't rely on Goncha and Koshe forever especially now that Koshe is uncertain in terms of consistency. They need a good passing + attacking system, the ones that can help their MBs become more effective. Like I said before, Russia MBs is basically non-existent. When u have good middles like Brazil and USA, it won't be hard to penetrate their defence, especially playing fast tempos.

    As I said before, it don't matter if you have Schcherban, Ilchenko, or whatever there. What matters in Russia is Goncharova and Kosheleva playing in high level. Against top teams, especially in important matches, this is what counts for Russia.

    How abt their 2-person receiving system, I think this is one of the things that hurt them because Koshe and Goncha will be the go to girls all the time and for sure other time will picked up on thia and ruin their system, especially the best serving team like Brazil and China. Russia needs another good receiving + attacking wing spiker.

    I really hope Lowe will step up her game. She has been inconsistent since the WOQT. I still don't understand why Kiraly chose her over Fawcett when Fawcett was having a solid year.

    This will hurt the US team on the Olympics. I'm afraid she will crack under the Olympic pressure.

    Just like in 2012, my heart is breaking for Fawcett.

    I am sorry but Russian MBs are far from the best. They are tall, yes, and they can block. But they are not athletic, excluding Fetisova. With fast-tempo playing teams, they will be shredded to pieces. I still think Thaisa & Fabiana are the best MBs duos. Akinradewo ans even Juciely are much better than the Russian MBs.

    She is in the wide roster and traveled to Turkey but has not been in the group of 14 players. Same for Mari.
    I dont know if Naiane will join the team in Thailand, but my guess is that she will be cut before that.
    I also think she is better than Roberta, but ROberta has been the official back up setter since last year, so she is fighting for the spot with Fabiola.

    Wait, do you mean Mari Steinbrecher or Mari Praiba?

    Goncharova and Kosheleva with 24 and 23 pts, each over 50% in attack. Russia may not play the most attractive volleyball, but they're very efficient and they do what they need to do to win matches. That's why I would never count them out of the contenders for a medal in OG.

    Agreed. You gotta do what you gotta do to win. These 2 are undebiable scoring machine. If I were the setter, I'll set the ball to the hot hands as much as I could to win.

    The only problem is when you face a brilliant tactical team that will take you out of your system like Serbia and Brazil did towards Zhu Ting. If one of these hitters (Goncha or Koshe) is dysfunctional, the other one will carry a heavy load. I believe only Kim Yeonkyung can do that.

    Yes, I am talking about Mari Steinbrecher. She might not be that girl who has her name written all over the gold medal from Beijing, but if you compare her to Tandara and Monique, she is a much better option tbh. She is a good attacker from position 2, a great blocker, and her float serve is fatal.

    You don't really refer to Mari Steinbrecher? :white:
    It's 2016, not 2008 :!: Why not also invite Paula Pequeno back? :whistle:

    Coach Ze is struggling to find a good Opp. Sheilla is no longer a scoring machine. Tandara should not be on the team at all. Natalia might do well on that position. But I still think Mari could have been a good backup for Sheilla. She is a dynamic Opp, and she can be a receiving Opp if needed.

    And I think Brazil has achieved their target today by sending a warning -- that they can stop Zhu Ting from scoring. Coach Lang Ping definitely saw this. Maybe they have solution for all the other attackers tactical game but they just let it slip and going to pullout the big gun during the finals.