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    Some comments here make me laugh so hard. Brazil lost in the tie break by 16x18, after Serbia had 13x7. And this is the fourth match of the year. Some people make it look like Serbia is getting the gold in Rio and Brazil doesn't have a chance. C'mon, could you exaggerate a little bit less?
    This is the first defeat of Brazilian A team this year. Remember Brazil did not play WC last year and did not play the European Championship, both played by Serbia. So they clearly lack a lot of rhythm.
    Brazil has lost to Bulgaria a few years ago and then that was even a much worst match.
    It's funny how some people in this forum take one single match and overreact (saying Brazil was trashed?!) about it whenever it's convenient for them.
    Congrats to Serbia but having Rasic play so bad and relying on two players to score is just Russia style: might work well in Europe, but not against Asian and American teams.

    Agreed. This is one of the A teams major tournament (and it is not a complete team too) while this Serbia team has played many major tournaments. Kudos for Serbia for win for a deserved win. But I think it is still too early to write Brazil off yet. USA beat Brazik in every single match on 2011 and 2012 but we all know how Olympic ended. Coach Ze is a brilliant person. Brazil seems to be unable to stop Mihajlovic and that lefty Opp and I think Coach Ze already has answers for that that he refused to use just yet, just how he managed to stop Destinee Hooker on the London finale. Let's wait for the final week and see if Coach Ze wants to get revenge for this defeat.

    Agreed. People have been babbling and whining about how Coach Ze is ruining the team because the all-star team got most of the time on court but I think it is a very clever decision. These players played so many games, encountered so many types of tactical plays and different styles of players, that is why they are so easily adapt to different kind of game plays and very consistent. If you wanna be the best, you gotta put your team out there as much as possible to test the water.

    Please people must forget the existence of Mari in the NT

    IKR. She might not be who she used to be, but at least I think she is better than Tandara - especially now that Tandara is extremely out of shape while Mari is bringing the house down on the Indonesian Superliga. Plus, Mari can be a receiving Opp if receiving seems shaky.

    Is it me or the level of the teams are decreasing? I know most of them are not playig with full team or playing 100% of their tactical abilities but 80% of the match from Group 1 are boring. The only good match I watched was Brazil VS Italy and China VS USA, and those are like 70-80% of good.

    Russia might be a strong team, but they are very boring to watch. Goncharova gets 70% of the ball and her setter is so predictable I wonder how their opponents couldn't set up proper block against Russia. And their MBs (Fetisova excluded) are like non-existent.

    Brazil is in danger tbh. Sheilla is no longer a scoring machine. Thaisa lose her jumping height I believe. Fe Garay still struggle against higher block. Only Natalia perform slightly better and Dani Lins is amazing. Tandara is completely out of shape. Brazil is running out of Opp. At least Mari is a dynamic hitter on the Opp. And it seems like that other libero Leia performs good.

    I am hoping for a much better action on the following weeks.

    Quick questions;

    - Where is Kim YK & co? Are they not playing for this WGP?

    - Between Sato and Zayasu, which one is better? Sato did amazing on the Olympic Qualification but Zayasu played well as well as defender.

    - Miyashita will be the starter? Where is Nakamichi?

    - Is Brazil the team to beat or has they lost their power?

    Coach Ze is an amazing coach, I am sure he already has plans to beat China. Remember how he use the US libero to ruin USA on the final of the London Olympics?

    China is definitely the team to beat. But Brazil is a much more experienced team overall.

    I don't think USA will reach the final this time around. I think the gold medal match will be between BRA vs CHI. It is 2008 Olympic all over again, but now they are playing in Brazil.

    "Coach Lang Ping made the Terrible Mistake of using Setter Ding Xia again to start the third match which virtually Lost by the time she was replaced again. Ding Xia is China's shortest Setter at 1.80m and she suffers from losing form and not setting effectively for the attackers as the match progresses ( a problem she had already at her Club Liaoning which has not won any league titles). FORTUNATELY for CHINA, Lang Ping did not use her again for the rest of the Match. Teenager Gong Xiangyu was China's Savior with her flawless service for the Last few Points, and China's gritty performance ensured it won 3-1 by a narrow 25-23 margin in the fourth Set without the need for a decider." - It is Said American Darvid Koh (in Comments on Youtube) and I fully Agree with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sos:. Chinese Super-Teenager Gong ( № 14 ) - 100 % must to be in RIO-2016 and only in the Starting Six ( if China want Olympic Gold ). :offtopic:

    Has that kid played any major tournament like World Cup or such? Because WGP is huge, but Olympic is on another level. Worried that the kid will crack under pressure.

    China is the one to beat this year. Lang Ping is a magnificent coach. Too bad back when she was with the USA brazil had the golden triangle -- Mari, Paula, Sheilla -- and the dynamic duo MBs -- Walewska and Fabiana. This time, these players are so young, athletic, and have thr size. I think we will see Chona dominating women's volleyball once again for the next 5 years.

    However, I think Coach Ze of Brasil will surprise us once again this year. He always have something up in his sleeves. Remember that final in London where he pulled out the tactics that he discovered on 2011? Their all- star team are so much mature now. So I'm guessing we cannot write them off yet.

    the backlash that the players of the Japan team is real. there are death wishes all over social medias. i feel bad for them. the players have nothing to do with the corruption behind the scene because if they knew they were going to be saved all the time, we will see sloppier games by them. but no. they played their hearts out each and every single game, fighting for each points. it is such a shame that they are tarnished with the upper management lust for money.

    Saori did remarkably well against Italy. she was playing the best she had in this tournament. she stepped up her game, knowing that she has been under the radar the few matches before. so did Del Core. these super seniors with their experiences really help pushed through their team to the next level.

    Olympic will be an interesting game. will this new technology affect the result? plus, most of these teams are playing with their youngsters. i am intrigued to see how Russia will perform on their first Olympic without legends Gamova and Sokolova.