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    I feel really bad for the Japanese team. Don't get me wrong, I hate what happened to Thailand. I think they are a great time that always put their hearts out on court. They are South East Asia's best volleyball team tbh. However, I feel bad for the Japanese team. I am very sure that they have nothing to do with the corruption (allegedly) and the technical difficulties that Thailand suffered the other day. I believe there are hands at work behind the curtains and these players have nothing to do with it whatsoever. But poor them, they are the ones who are suffering the backlash from volleyball watchers all over the world. The YouTube comments were just plain rude towards them.

    I feel bad for Saori Kimura most of all. This will be one of her last matches (including the Olympic) and to see one of my favorite players of all time going through such hate before she takes her bow is heartbreaking. We all see how they played their hearts out on court as well. I wish when they qualified to the Olympic, they will show their true worth.

    A lot of people are saying if wans`t for Roberta Rexona would have lost the semis and I agree. But this was not the first game that Roberta had to come in and lead Rexona to a win, this happened many times this season.

    Bernandinho kept Tompson as a starter during the season because he didn`t want to show he made Rexona just waste money by hiring her and second because he had the best team in the league and they would score no matter what. Don`t get me wrong, I do like Tompson, but she is alreday 30 and she can`t even be a full starter either in club or in the NT.

    And I like Roberta a lot now.

    Agreed. Roberta has so much potential, I think she deserves her spot on NT. She have been a long time back up setter and to see her finally shines and helped her team to the finals is an amazing journey to watch,

    Roberta really surprised me these last 2 games. She was playing cleverly, distributing the ball evenly and did some amazing saves here and there. I saw a glimpse of her true potential when she played on one of the match replacing Fofao, but she truly shines during the last 2 semis. Coach Bernadinho's decision truly paid off. I don't mind seeing her as starter during the final.

    And Natalia, just wow. She is the best OH in this season of SL. Jacque is going down the drain (which bothers me because Brazil needs her for Olympic).

    Just wondering if KYK plays with a good setter and a much more all-round team mates like Zhu Ting did...

    Zhu Ting is peaking now while KYK has been on top for years. It is obvious for a player, especially a one-man player, to suffer fluctuation on performance. KYK needs to rest and come back again.

    what a block-defence team it was indeed!! id never thought they would miss the gold :|
    that usa team (2012) and brazillian team which won OG (beating usa 3-1 ..[should be 2008] in the final) were very good teams indeed

    2008 was the best year of women's volleyball. Everyone has become an all around player. Brazil was on the top of the world because they are playing on another level. They have the best MBs - Walewska and Fabiana, and garbage-hitter in Sheila, outstanding libero in Fabi, amazing setter in Fofao, and the golden duo that made everything possible - Mari and Paula.

    1. Agreed. SERBIA is the most fun to watch when they were playing against USA and RUS. those are the best matches of the tournament.

    2. I think most of the team underestimate CHN since they lost 3 of their star players.

    3. Agreed. Playing in Brasil help improve her to become a much consistent player. Boskovic needs to go to Brasil and hopefully she can be the next Sheila Castro.

    4. Biggest mistake: No Hooker. Plus, Lowe is such a joke. Fawcett is the best replacement for Hooker. Fast ball to Hill didn't really work because she is not as consistent as the Brazilian players who can play fast tempo.

    5. Goncharova's performance might be a little bit off, but she is still one of the best opposite on the tournament. That speaks of how great she is. Russia MBs has always been the problem. Fatesova need a duo.

    6. Saori has become the new Logan Tom. She is in the court to control the game. But she has been up and down through the years. I think she will surprise us once again in AQF. Miyashita is a great prospect. For once Japan might have tall setter.

    MVP: Zhu Thing might be a good hitter and blocker, but she is no KYK. KYK singlehandedly carry Korea. She receives, she spikes, she blocks, she defends. I don't see Zhu Thing being able to do that. Still, she deserve the MVP award.

    Korea needs to find at least one good spiker or MB. they can't depend on KYK forever. another receipt to show how great KYK as an overall player tbh.

    chinese is rebuilding. they suffer a bad transition phase after yimei. now ruoqi has found herself a partner to go side by side with her as oh. zhu ting needs to upgrade her receiving.

    having lowe on court was a joke. when they went against serbia she was stopped so many times but she was still on court. the minute they put fawcett in she scored. pathetic decision tbh

    i also think Brazil is the fav for Rio..if Usa calls Hooker back then them too...China consists of talented young players..seems they can be the biggest candidate for the next OG but not for Rio ....but if there will be a team to make surprise to win Rio then China could be written top of the list together with some europeans teams

    I am just afraid that these youngsters will crack under pressure. But Lang Ping has done an amazing job coaching this team. They are playing without 2 of their star players. So I think China might be a huge contender in Rio. I still think Serbia is also one of the contender considering how much they have grown as a team. That young opp hitter there will be the one to watch. Russia will have problem (once again) on their MBs. Fatesova is great, but who else? They need to get another MB to macth up to her. USA system has failed them this time. I think most of the team already took notice. Kiraly needs to come up with a strong back up plan (replace Lowe with Fawcett ASAP for starter).

    All and all, it was an amazing competition altogether. Top 5 favorite matches of mine: RUS vs SRB, RUS vs USA, USA vs SRB, JPN vs USA, and CHN vs JPN

    I wonder if Brazil was there, how would it affect everything. From the tournament, I still have to say that Brazil is still the favorite to win Rio not only because of their home ground, but comparing to every single team in this tournament, Brazil still is the best all around team. They receive well -- both Jacque and Fe Garay are good receivers and Camilla is a great replacement for Fabi, they block well (Thaisa and Fabiana are both top MBs), they attack smartly and with great power, and of course the all star team are well experienced.

    It will be interesting to see tournaments after this before Rio. I think everyone has step up their game.

    how come there is no Gamova, who might change the result a lot. Obmochaeva is good sometimes but still not stable like a stone. and she ruins sometimes.

    Gamova is no longer in her A-game. She tried to make a comeback last year but failed miserably. She might be good as a backup sub because we can't deny the fact that Goncharova is a killing machine. She didn't play lots of match but she is still one of the top spikers. They need another good OH and a good backup setter. Malykh is a phenomenal young player, she proved it before, but she didn't connect with startseva.

    Is the talk of getting Sokolova back on NT finally dead and burried once and for all? God, I really hope so.

    Oh God, please let it go away. I think Russian NT is going through a recovery phase after Gamova-Sokolova duo. But i've seen progress. Goncharova is playing better than ever, Kosheleva is a monster at the net. They need to find a perfect match for her. Scherban is okay, but she needs more time. Fatesova is amazing. i have never seen Russian MB as good as her (every night I pray that Borodokova is only a dream). And I think they need a better setter. Startseva did nothing as a backup, and it makes me wonder how come she was the best setter at London 2012.

    Most of the team didn't have dynamic-duo when it comes to OH. Gosh how I miss the golden duo of Mari and Paula from back in the days.

    I have been observing the competition and I must say I am shocked by certain events.

    USA - watching them through out this tournament makes me think "is this really the team that stopped the Brazilian from getting the only gold medal that they don't get?" I am completely shocked by their performance. Yes, they did amazing in some games but when they lost to Serbia and Russia, I was left speechless. I think the head coach of the USA is one of the problems. He made some questionable decisions such as refusing to sub Alisha (who seems to be having a not-so-good tournament) and Lowe. Come on. We all know Fawcett is the go-to-girl. Fawcett came off the bench and saved USA asses so many times. I have been saying this over and over again that Fawcett is the best replacement for Hooker -- which is one of the biggest mistakes the USA did; leaving Hooker behind. It seems like Akinradewo and surprisingly Larson are the only ones who is performing their A game.

    Serbia - took me by surprise completely. Seems like this is their best tournament outside of Europe and they deserve the spot in Rio. I think Milajhovic needs to thank the Brasilian league because since she left, she has become so much mature as an all around player (not to take credit away from the coach of Serbia). And that young OPP, God knows she is going to be the next big thing if she is not already is. She is a powerful hitter, but she needs to be more mature and more decisive when it comes to playing. Sheila Castro is one of the best OPP of all time not only because she is a strong spiker, but she is a clever spiker most of all. And their setter, Maja - bow down. Respect! She is definitely my fave in this tournament since Dani Lins is absent.

    Russia - I have never seen Russian team being this much "nice" to each other. Goncharova used to be a cold-blooded player on court (like Marianne Steinbrecher) but now she is smiling and being happy with her team mates on court. I think the fact that Gamova is not around might do that to her. HAHA. And I like Kosheleva so much. She is a fair-player. She never gives up. She is always the one who cheer her other team mate -- hugging team, encouraging them, and always high spirited and smiling. The atmosphere of the team is really alive these days.

    China - young team that is taking the competition by storm. Zhu Ting is the new Yi Mei. It is definitely a fun thing to see her on court playing her heart out.

    These are the teams that is going to Rio for sure. Trust me, Brazil won't be having an easy time this time. It seems like everyone has stepped up their game. But again, they are two-times Olympic champion and having to play on their home ground is definitely a huge advantage. Word is that their coaching team is observing this game really close. Rio 2016 will be a crazy battleground for volleyball. Can't wait!

    try watching 2003-2008 games. there's a reason why mari was chosen as brazil's main OPP back 03-04 over sheilla. she was just lethal as OPP. commentators like sunderland and kevin barnett often say that mari is/was simply unblockable/undiggable circa 2007/2008.

    anyway, that was years ago. today, she's just...... less than average. :wacko: :cheesy: never really recovered after her injury.

    And to think of it, she was just playing in the junior league when she was invited to the NT and quickly became the rising star of the team. Superliga 2004 was the year of Mari. She was a stable name on the NT because she kills the ball high and so powerful, something Fe Garay and Jaque can't do well today. Truth to be honest, Mari and Paula is irreplacable -- even though it seems like the Jaque and Garay duo is a household name nowadays.

    Why everybody have this dislike for Sassá? For me, she is a good passer and defense and can help stabilize reception. Mayber her attack is not as strong, but she also have the experience, playing for NT by Athens already

    Maybe Coach Ze will use her like the way he did in 2008 -- backrow specialist to stabilize the defense and the passing during crucial moment.

    I know right? Mari & Paula > Jaque & Garay. Even if the passing isn't good, these two can kill high balls in transition. And that's basically what sets them apart from Garay & Jaque. Look at what happened at the last World Championship. Brazil is deadly if reception is good (because of Thaisa/Fabiana) but once it fails, they can't convert.

    True! Mari and Paula I think is the best OH duo for Brazil NT. Paula is an all around dynamic player and Mari is simply powerful -- no one in the world could hit over the top of the block like her did, which has became her trademark back then. 2008 was a great year for Brazil Women's NT and it got Mari's name written all over it. Jacque and Garay are powerful hitters, but not as dynamic as Mari and Paula.