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    Brazil is clearly lacking some replacements for the all-star team.

    For the OH, of course there is no doubt that Natalia and Gabi is the front runner. But I think Suelle (SESI) and Mari Praiba (Minas) could be given a chance, too. The sad thing is that there is not much option for the spot, not this time around on the Superliga. There is no other outstanding OHs that can fill up to Jacque and Fe Garay's spot. However, I personally think that Natalia is improving a lot. Gabi is good as well, but she seems a bit inconsistent. Gosh, how I miss watching the dynamic duo of Mari and Paula on court.

    For the OPP, I think this is the biggest problem that Brazil has right now. Tandara is a downgrade version of Sheilla, but she will not be able to play. The only options that I could think of is Monique -- but her physical condition worries me. Ivna is a BIG no, she is a mess throughout the competition. Bruna is a nominee as well, but lately she has been benched a lot. Rosamaria is also a good option. But I wish that Coach Ze will bring Mari back to the NT, even as a backup OPP. She is the player with the most experience and she is one of a few players that can play both OH and OPP really well. She might be underperforming again this season but maybe an invitation to the NT will lift her spirit up. Plus, I miss seeing her in the NT jersey.

    For MBs, Ade and Juciely should really go all out this cycle since they are the strongest fill-up for Fabiana and Thaisa.

    For setter, Coach Ze should invite that young setter from Minas. Of course there are lots of tournaments for young talent like her, but Dani Lins and Fabiola is not getting any younger. Ze needs to train this girl from the get go so that the problem like Fofao-replacement will not happen again.

    She did a pretty good job taking over Fabi's. She has the edge of becoming a good libero because she has heights. You can train agility, speed, and accuracy (which Fabi has mastered very well), but you can't train heights (which Fabi and all the other liberos lack). I think having a slightly tall libero might have some advantage because of the distance they can reach.

    Bernadinho is one of the greatest coaches alive. Alongside his success, he is one of the most outspoken persons regarding to the corruption issues in Brasil's volleyball. That man has a magic touch. Look at what Gabi has become now. And I believe Natalia has become much better under his wings, that is why she opted to go to Rio instead of his "daddy's" club, Amil.

    But I am really sad to hear about what Fabiana went through. I hope she is strong enough and won't let the matter affects her.

    Any idea when will the rooster for the Grand Prix be announced? There are so many young talented players that need to be exposed this time around.

    This match wasn't broadcasted.
    I think Rexona will win the league once again...maybe Sesi or Osasco or even Minas can win one match or a few sets during possible playoffs, but it will be really hard to beat Rexona two times in a row during the playoffs. And in the final match they always play their best.

    Ouh, too bad.

    I strongly think that Rexona is going to win the title once again. After watching all the previous match this season, basically Rexona has the strongest lineups. The Natalia - Gabi duo is unstoppable, Juciely and Carol work wonders in the middle, Bruna and Andreia are both phenomenal. and Fofao? Well, she is Fofao for God's sake.

    Jacque and Co. might have the chance to meet Rexona on the finale, but Rexona will win again this time.

    Natalia and Gabi are the ones to watch this year. They have been playing really well this time around. I think it will be a great move for Ze if he opted to bring all new fresh faces to the Grand Prix this year. Brazil needs to expose those promising young talents to higher level of games and matches because the all-star team now is looking pretty exhausted. Juciely, Carol, Bruna, Gabi, Natalia, and all the others need to play in this year's Grand Prix. But knowing Ze, he will definitely bring the all star team again to win the Grand Prix. Too bad.

    hey, do you guys have video for the Minas VS Rexona match? I really wanna see how Jacque perform against the strongest team in the Superliga right now.

    and what about your prediction? is it safe to say that Rexona will once again bring home the crown? Roberta really stepped up to the plate when she replaced Fofao on the previous match.

    I think Natalia and Gabi is a sure thing for the NT this season. Alongside Jacque and Garay. I think Suelle can make it to the team, but I am still not convinced. Sabrina is doing well also, so who knows?

    Now that Natalia is out of the NT this season, Marianne Steinbrecher needs to step up her game. I know she is not what she used to be, but she is the MOST experienced OPP right now, alongside Sheilla. I think Bruna (Rio) should be given a chance. I bet Ivna (SESI) is shaking and crying now thinking she will be up to the spot.

    I am sorry but I completely disagree with Samara and Ivna. This season on Superliga both of them were underperforming. Samara could hit a couple of balls, but that's it. She is terrible defensively and her reception is not any good. And Ivna is a completely predictable player. She is not as versatile as Bruna (Rio). I am pissed of why they put Mari on the bench and only use her when the team is on the verge of losing.

    Gabi and Natalia both has step up to the plate as a fill-in for Jacque and FeGaray. Both of them have played spectacular games. I think these were the ones to watch in Rio 2016. And please, leave Adenizia behind. Juciely and Carol (even Bia) upstaged her on so many occasions.

    I wish to have the Minas' setter on the team for trials. She is fierce, not afraid to take any chance. And judging by the way Fofao is playing this time around, she could easily take back her spot in the NT.