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    please tell me you were alice :lol::lol::lol: alice was going in

    the chat was better than the friendly lol

    Sorry to disappoint you ahah I was not Alice but I liked her spirit:lol:

    Agree, I didn't see a single action of the first sets, I was too focused on the chat show

    I might be misremembering things but when I signed up for a full pass last year they sold it like you can watch all of the games including past editions of vnl and other tournaments on demand for the whole duration of the subscription. But that was a big fucking lie. They pulled and lock a lot of them a few months after the VNL ended.

    I was (and still am) able to watch everything there is on VBW, I did the annual sub just before the beginning of Italian League:/

    but that’s also inherently unfair. Novara/Imoco/Vakifbank can start their market whenever they like because they have more money than everyone else. They get first go at whatever players they want.

    This should just be grounds for creating windows when they’re allowed to converse/sign with players.

    I know, and I'm not excusing that, but that was not a change mid-way.

    I agree that fixed windows for transfers and new rules should be applied for everyone but form an established day (not mid season or at the end of the leagues). Possibly form next year so that managements can decide their strategy and not start with advantage (or disadvantage)

    I know. But it’s still hypocritical of Novara to be complaining about “level playing fields” when they’re out there poaching players on January from the smaller teams.

    also they chose Adams over Washington 🤣🤣 they don’t get any sympathy for that

    That's exactly what they are complaining about ... Since back then there weren't these ideas in the air, they moved accordingly. Also Chieri and Scandicci agree with them that one can't change the rules with market ongoing because the only some teams could benefit from this. Everyone should start the market with the same possibilities.

    Excited for Aycin.

    Why no Yagmur tho instead of Meryem, Ceren or Tutku at least...

    I think (hope) because of the injury she she suffered at the beginning of the season, she came back just before the italian league playoffs and didn't really play at all. If she can play next season I hope she will be called again

    No big surprises, it's still blasphemy not to have Gizem Orge but we all know the situation. Asli wasn't even at Eurovolley, and neither was Kubra so dunno what to expect. Also, no Beliz.

    Who is Ceren Kapucu? Never heard of her...

    Well he did also say "having a lot of followers doesn't matter if there's no results on court". I think it's fair to say that a player with a huge following can help the status of the team.

    And for the Novara debacle, the fans complained about Novara signing Gray and Poulter (and it was more along the lines of Novara signing many Busto players in the last few years) and made a poster about it, the club had nothing to do with it

    Ah yes, I was referring to the fans, I don't think any club would ever do something like that:lol: I just think it lowers the player that the first thing they say about her coming to Busto (that's still in the top 5 best teams in italy) is that she will help the sponsors. Then nothing wrong in doing marketing campaigns or launching a brand, I was reflecting on the poor (imho) choice of words

    According to this , Busto's president confirmed Rosamaria and Lloyd. Funny thing is that he claims Rosamaria is good for marketing purposes and even talks about instagram's followers :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Rosamaria e Carli Lloyd: nova dupla do Busto Arsizio – Web Vôlei (

    That's actually pretty sad, I talked with a few other volleyball fans and no one likes how he talked about Rosamaria. Another "funny" thing is that Busto posted a while ago that they were "Italy's most loved team" because that had more followers "even without players with millions of followers". Also, they pretty much made fun Novara when there were the rumors about Gray and Poulter but they nonchalantly signed Rosamaria (and no problem with that, just don't make fun of other teams...)

    Sorry for the spam, I just love to gossip a bit:whistle::lol: