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    Yassssmina :heart: hope Bonifacio is feeling better soon though! Because she's sick, not injured right? (Not sure if I can trust Google translate)

    It says "acciacchi" which in italian means basically small physical problems (like muscular ones)

    Edit: I think Yasmina was called mostly for trainings, otherwise Bonifacio would be already out of the gym if it was serious. Depending on how fast she can recover I think she can still be in Paris.

    If USA is what it is now, I think they owe a lot to Logan. She was insane. Goddess level to me, I started watching volleyball because of her.

    For me this is not far from what the Olympic roster will look like (given that two players will be cut/be the 13th). Let's see how it goes.

    That is an old rule, for few years already the order which i shared is in charge so it is exactly like in my post, without coppa italia winner CL spot, i shared the official order but if you don't believe you can check here.

    My bad, so the Coppa Italia was valid for Cev cup... Btw seems that legavolley forgot to update this page as there are no Challenge cup playoffs:gone: (or maybe because they change the rules every 5 minutes lol)

    So the following are criterias (in this particular order till 3 spots are fulfiled) for CL spots from Italia

    1. Scudetto champion

    2. best ranked team after regular season (excluding champion)

    3. Scudetto finalist

    4. 2nd best ranked team after regular season (excluding Scudetto finalists)

    After scudetto finalist there is coppa italia winner (before 2nd best placed after rs).

    So as of now, Conegliano is the only team sure of CL as they are now coppa italia winners and also rs best team

    Here is the first list and the article…gli-allenamenti-a-milano/

    Palleggiatrici: Carlotta Cambi, Giulia Gennari.

    Opposte: Camilla Mingardi, Sylvia Nwakalor.

    Centrali: Yasmina Akrari, Benedetta Sartori, Emma Graziani, Alessia Mazzaro.

    Schiacciatrici: Martina Bracchi, Rebecca Piva, Alice Degradi, Gaia Giovannini, Stella Nervini, Loveth Omoruyi.

    Liberi: Ilenia Moro, Ilaria Spirito.

    Overall I like the list! Velasco said no bench players will be called unless for specific reasons. I would have liked to see also De Bortoli there but I think in general that's a good list.

    He also said no one from the CL finalists will be called for the VNL first round. For the others he will go with full squad

    I like that Milano needed basically all the regular season to figure out that Cazaute is their best OH when it was pretty clear to the whole world outside but yeah, I think she deserves to be starter 100% and she is doing so good!

    I think on the wide roster for VNL also Guiducci might be included, probably over Gennari (who has been quite mid at best this season)

    Mmmh I personally prefer Gennari way more but for this VNL with Olympics coming up and a qualification still to grab, I think Guiducci is out anyway (or maybe just for training as was Morello last year. Still no clue why she was invited tho). I agree that she is an option for the next cycle but I guess we'll be more precise when we see the kind of roster Velasco will present. As of now I honestly don't have the slithest hint about his ideas

    Zero chances any of the two will be called even for wide roster. They are not young and have not trained in NT recently. I think setters will be between Orro, Malinov, Bosio, Gennari and Battistoni. I would love Cambi but I don't think she will be called.

    Bajema ended with 3 points, of which two were blocks according to LegaVolley stats. Just embarassing. Also Prandi's sets were hurtful to watch.

    On the other hand, Bici is outstanding and Rome is just doing a marvelous job, also kudos to their super young libero Valoppi, she is doing so good!