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    Please inform yourselves from good sites... right now the head coach is Cristiano lucchi who will be coaching the quals for european champs 2017. He said that he will reintegrate guerra, bosetti (caterina), tirozzi and folie. He will also add Nicoletti (opp) and Parrocchiale (L). Captains will be de gennaro and tirozzi. He also said thet he talked with diouf and she will not be in NT for a while (her decision).


    I've read a few articles about this, so this isn't just an assumption. Right now I can't find the statement but if you search you'll find it!
    NB also volleywood posted it so maybe you can try there!

    I'm also quite disappointed with karch's decision as I too think fawcett was just better in double sub and I also see lowe a bit unstable

    This is the final lineup for Rio?

    No, nobody announced it (sitemap is quite unreliable on this forum). However the final roster will look something like this but you should remember we also have Gennari and Sirressi, so the final roster is still not fully set, although i think we already have some locks! :win:

    I'm sorry we didn't manage to pull Brazil to the fifth, it would have been a great result. Italy showed some good things, but still too many mistakes and lack of experience. I don't understand why Bonitta didn't even try Gennari: Guerra was playing bad both in reception and attack, why do you put Ortolani in, instead of Gennari?
    If we reduce the errors and show the same courage we can do more against next opponents.
    Brazil didn't look so in shape, especially in reception but it is understandable. They can all do more, but for tonight it was enough for them :drink:

    Gennari felt some pain in her right knee, nothing serious but Bonitta wisely decided to rest her and not to risk :thumbup:

    Ned up 2-0 against Srb.... Plak basically doing the job for Ned (though also bujis and pietersen are doing good) with a solid game in attack, serve and also in the backrow. Molnar is as useful as I could be and all four middles are so silent. Btw, i don't like derisilo's attitude...

    Edit: challenge system is so stupid... ned challenged a touch on the block on pietersen's attack, the replay showed savic touching the net but not the ball, and the point was given to srb because ned challenged block touch and not net fault :down:

    Lo Bianco? Arrighetti? They both played well :what: :whistle:

    From what i understood, Leo refused to play for NT (i remember Lucchetta and Colantoni saying somehing like that durins the semis). For Arrighetti it's different since she didn't receive the call because of the quite poor playing (for her level) during the regular season. For sure she stepped up her game during the finals and to me she deserves at least a chance. Also, probably the starting MBs will be Guiggi and Chirichell, both sliders with very poor defensive skills (although this isn't mb priority) while Arrighetti can attack well both in slides an in front of setter and and has quite good defensive and covering skills. This is just my opinion about our MBs, I just don't think the ones in the list are the best combination we could have :win:

    Busto confirms that Hagglund, Poma and Lowe will leave. Lowe is a possible target of Fener (from the article looks like Lloyd too). Busto is now interested in three players from club italia: Berti (MB), Spirito (L) and Malinov (S). They also wanted Kreklow but looks like she is really close to Conegliano.