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    If rumors are true they will have Chirichella also as italian and there were some ideas that they might get an italian youngster as 4th MB. But I get that also having an italian OH would help them to balance the lineup.

    No info on second opposite, if Piani stays it's yet another italian.

    News from the pre-match interviews:

    Gaspari said that Daalderop has a shoulder injury, that's why she hasn't been playing recently.

    Bernardi said that Markova has Visa problems and it's not sure when she will arrive.

    I have zero further info about this, I just read it but the only thing said is that it seems they will propose a 5-months contract. No info whether it is possible, how much (or even if it is true:S).

    She is the kind of player Novara needs, but I don't think it would be worth to pay that much for this.

    Now rumors are that Novara is close to sign with Markova.

    What is happening :what:

    source: La Stampa

    Christina Chirichella (ITA, MB) sign with Imoco Conegliano.

    source: La Stampa

    Markova is not for next season in Novara, but for the next five months until the end of playoffs because of the shortage of hitters in Novara (no backup opp and Bujis recovering).

    I think she had valid contact anyways

    I'm quite sure Ebrar has a 1 year contract with Kaliningrad so makes sense that they are already negotiating to keep her.

    She mentioned that in the future she could think about playing as OH but she also said recently that she feels more comfortable as Opp.

    Isn’t Pietrini still having contract with Scandicci and only on loan to Kazan? I remember someone quoted the director(?) of Scandicci saying they loaned her to Russia just to hope her can improve under a different environment. From that interview I had the impression that they’d want her back to Scandicci instead of selling their best Italian OH to their main rival.

    She is still under contract with Scandicci (who literally sent her to Kazan). I mean, contracts can be broken and paid off, but I doubt Scandicci will just watch Conegliano snatch a valuable and arguably the best italian OH from them without doing anything. Plus, Novara also offered for her after Orthmann injury but were rejected by Scandicci. On the other hand, Pietrini left on a very bad note with Scandicci, so she might want to change team.

    Robin + Gabi + Haak on the same team is like a dream team but can they afford it though?

    I don't think Robin is that expensive. But both Imoco and Vakif excel at managing their budgets and making thoughtful transfers, so I'm sure that if they made an offer to Gabi they know what they are doing and have a plan. Plus, for them having a Gabi/KRob/Hill kind of player is almost mandatory I'd say, given their play style, so I think they are willing to eventually invest more to have a top player in this position.

    I’ve just read that Italian federation gave up on double duty rule. Is it fake news or just wrong translation?
    If so, will they still go with Velasco or aim for Lavarini, Stantarelli or Guidetti?

    It's still not official. Today there was a meeting with clubs and they voted in favor of the double duty but now the Federation must approve it to make it official. Velasco is appointed head coach so they won't go for anyone else, unless he resigns for whatever reason.