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    Kind of a weak team for the next season. I hope they sign a strong OH as Vasileva and a good MB as Velickovic or Stevanovic at least.

    Any news where Mayany will play next season? I think she could be a good fit with Osasco. Mayany - Bia as middle blocker duo looks pretty sollid.

    To me Osasco looks better than last season, on the other hand Rio looks weaker...

    Maybe SESI/ Volei Bauru could make some surprises next season:) If Dani Lins can play like she did last season and they find an outside hitter who can cover Tifanny together with Castillo. Any news who could be this outside hitter?

    Osasco seems a much better team. Tandara as Opp and Tainara as OH with Jaque...

    Roberta and Naianne at the setter position

    Rumours that Fabiana could join the team.. with Maiany or Fabiana the team seems pretty solid.

    Sesc will have a better pool of oh than this past season with Amanda, Drussyla, Sabrina and tge brazilian greater promisse Ana Cristina.

    Lorenne can fit well in the team...

    Sesi/Bauru just need a good all around OH .. rumours that Partenio will not coming for Brazil and Ellen and Suelle ( Who played last season in Japan) might play in the team...

    Georgia Tech plays the Atlantic Coast Conference. Here we are talking about the best programs from Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences.

    Anyway, last year they were second to Pittsburgh, but didn't make it to the NCAA tournament, because their overall ranking wasn't good enough because of the RPI. The 3 third ranked teams of the conference advanced to the tournament, on the other hand.

    Just crazy... :white::white:


    Nowdays you even struggle to find a player who can actually set the ball in place of the setter. :down:

    Technical skills completely disappeared: I remember when I was 13/14 I had to play opposite instead of wing spiker, despite I didn't like it, because I was the worst passer of the team, but now, many years later, I'm the best passer of my team, mostly made of teenagers who can jump on the sky, by very far... there are some games where I have about 50% of perfect passing and the closest of my teammates is about 10%. :aww:And it's not just passing. They can't kill high balls or out of system, while they make holes on the taraflex with fast sets, so I'm the only one left to deal with the trash setting. :whistle:


    But maybe they are on your level of couple years ago and you are at the level of the old ones ..

    The results are not more the same...

    I think that what makes reallyhard its that ECZ changes their foreigners a lot and in Turkish League they can not play with the "main" squad.

    This is a point. ECZ starts better than Vakif and in the end Vakif its better.

    This Season They had Milena, Gabi, Maja and Isabelle. Milena its already adjusted with Maja and with a lot of her team mates. Gabi, Maja and Isabelle had a lot of time do play together. In the end Bartsch came and she fits well in a already adjusted team who were playind really good.

    But ECZ won turkish super cup and was playing bad lately.

    Barbolini had at that season an amount of 6 foreigners with 2 MB, 1 OH and a setter coming recently to the team.

    He was allowed to play with full power only in CEV competition after WWCC.

    I think that this was the main reason.

    Ps. I know that ECZ suffers with injuries more than Vakif either.