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    Quick question; who is in line after Macris & Roberta? After Paris, I guess these two won’t be in the running for the next cycle of Olympics.

    Maybe they can. Setters can play till "old" age.

    Right nów i Saw not much prospects on Setter position. There is Nayane (Pinheiros) who isnt that Young but hás been doing good in clubs ( Pinheiros and Chemik last season) and hás some experience in NT. Juma ( Fluminense) its the same situation from Naiane, not that Young and with some experience on NT.

    Kenia ( Osasco) is tall and Young. Jack (Minas) hás been on Bench and is short..

    Its not like Zé is picking bad players for Thy. Diana and Julia B were starters in BRA NT during VNL.

    How many rumours about a Lot of top teams where Julia B would Go?

    I think that Zé wants Young players tô improve for both sides ( Thy and BRA NT).

    Its not like he is moving and winning every thing in Turkey in his First Season. He isnt going tô FB, ECZ or VB who are estabilished teams.

    She played in the match against Serbia in the second week of VNL last summer. That was the match where Serbia was just constantly getting blocked. She has really long arms, and if she has time to get to the antennas she reaches over the net almost as much as Carol. Her attack is decent I think, I don't remember much of her game in that aspect. I think having Maglio as a reserve is a great option if she doesn't mind being on the bench. Since Robeto choose Diana to come with him I doubt that he will let her sit on the bench.

    Zé took Fabiana tô FB in the past and she was a Bench player due foreigner Rules.

    I don't think this is the best solution. Bergman is good in reception but not great, and I would describe Ana C as the same. And having 2 young receivers is always gonna be a bit of a rollercoaster. So yea, the attack would be great but the reception would suffer. But, if Roberto is coming with the sole purpose of developing those Brazilian players, that wouldn't be so bad.

    I was thinking that 3 foreigners OH would bê better for Thy. Bergmann ia Young and didnt play pro for clubs yet. But she is better than Ana C. On reception duties.

    Setter: Sila + Foreigner Setter with experience

    MB: Kubra, Diana, Diclenur and some Young Turkish prospect.

    OH: Julia B. , Seyma Ercan, An attacking OH ( could bê Ana C) and a great OH

    Libero: current players from Thy

    Opp: Alexia and another Turkish player.

    Wow Kubra is leaving VB... Good team. Alexia is enough imo. A foreigner OH next tô Bergman would bê good. In this case i would prefer 2 foreigner MB 2 foreigner OH and a Foreigner Setter.

    Congrats Bergamo! Winning consecutive matches against the teams of the two recent Olympic MVPs:D

    Ps. Lorrayna definitely deserves a call to the NT

    Do you have the stats? I have been following some results and Frosini seems doing better than Lorrayna lately. But Lorrayna hás a good potential. Was she good today?

    I Hope Zé Roberto move to Thy. He surely knows how tô improve players and teams. Most "Young" players ( Karina, Lorena, Lorrayna a d etc) who played good/great under his guidance in Barueri are in a much lower level right nów.

    Maybe Thy Gave some time tô Zé build his team. With this Transfers Thy isnt going to bê a tittle contender in next Season. With Naz age i think she choose tô switch team tô active something. Turkey NT Will Benefit a Lot of Zé Roberto to Thy.