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    there is a rumour in Brazil that Ana Cristina ( a young player with huge prospect) has receive an offer for French federation to change her citizenship.

    I think that if this is true... to bad for Brazil and sports. Not a good thing. Its not like clubs.

    I would love watching Natalia-Ilchenko duo with Gonharova as opposite. Can make a good team! Depends alot on the setter though :S

    Carlini in Eczacibasi can work good though. Since they don't aim to improve their MB position, a setter who is good with wings seem like a good match for them. However in modern volleyball, a system where you don't use middles effectively in attacking will always fail in crucial moments, like when you play finals against Vakifbank or semis in CL.

    Parubets its going to play in Moscow? So far, with a good setter they can be a treath to any team in the world.

    “ 'If #COVID19 only kills people above 40, why should we close schools' Bolsonaro now (using a teleprompter) on national TV. Zero mentions of the 46 victims in Brazil. And attacks on press and governors."

    What you saw happen in Italy and what is still happening there and the whole world... it's going to happen here in Brazil, and it will be worse, much worse... Just wait and see... And for me, I'm trying to stay calm, God knows I'm trying, but I don't know how much I can handle, I don't know how long I can take it... I know you all get pretty agitated when we talk about politics and that a lot of people won't care about any of this.. But this parasite needs to fuck the hell off, or worst, because, if he doesn't, we will (continue to) suffer... we will die!

    So, after all that off my chest... In the end, when this is all over, please, never forget what happened, remember to empathize with each other, remember that your life is worthy, A LOT, but as much as anyone's life and vote for what's right, for good people who cares about people, not capitalism puppets. Please!

    really worried

    I cant believe that Praia renewed with Suelen and Claudinha.

    A really good move by Barueri. Tainara will probably leave, so Karina and Maira make a balanced duo. Hope that Lorene leave the team, so Kysi can play as starter.

    627 new deaths and 5986 new cases in Italy. It's so scary. 627 poeple passed away in a day.

    Total 4032 dead, 47021cases.

    I hope today was the peak day and it will slow down.

    I saw on Instagram a video about Bergamo's Hospital...;(

    i think that the logic is not provide a good enviroment for a team who will face Brazilian NT. Example if 3 Dominican players are at the same team, its almost a half team.

    I think that the current situation its way better than in the past (Sesc reining era) with Just Osasco, Rio and sometimes SESI and Amil with a good budget. At that time Italy superlega was at their worst days. Imagine that a couple of best players of Italian competition were in the next season hired from Brazilian NT. Seria A1 is now really strong.

    Osasco, Sesc, Praia, Minas, Sesi Bauru and Flamengo has potential to hire good players. For sure some teams has more money.

    What? This is insane LOL!

    The league should have no champions.

    You must win the playoffs in order to get the gold. Being #1 in the classification round means NOTHING, especially for Praia, a team that lost the two major championships so far this year (Brazilian Cup and South American Championship). Teams prepare themselves based on the entire league, they count on the playoffs to reach their peak and they make strategies based on the number of total matches.

    But so far everione wanted the fisrt position. I am not a fan of Praia Clube. But given the circunstances i do not consider such atitude as insane. So far Minas and Rio wanted to avoid each other at playoffs. And of course be the number one doesnt mean that they are going to win, otherwise woud not be need the play off phase.

    But with the recent events, IMO would be quite reasonoble to give the Tittle for the current best team.

    i don't know if this match was posted but here it is...

    flamengo is being relegated but it has some interesting young players. i like natalia OH a lot, she looks quite tall too, and this young MB nandy is very promising. i know people here like vic mayer, and she's quite promising as she is young, but i find her still shaky and imprecise. maybe next year, she'll get a better team... the rest of flamengo are some old hands, and i like MB fe isis a lot among them.

    Flamengo budget was drastically increased for the next season, the names of Garay, Fabiana and Rosamaria has been commented as rumours.