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    It must be mistake, did You mean 18th July? :D because on 8th August team will be after 2 matches :wavy:

    He meant 8th of July...she is already there, but she is working by herself to recover. Maybe in the next part of trainings (today the first has finished) she will be able to partially join the team.

    In the new format there is nothing about it, there is not anything about wild cards, but with a lot of countries with spots, maybe some them can refuse their spot and than this can imply in wild cards.

    Yeah, I also wonder what CEV will do in case some country will refuse the spot, maybe leaving them with an odd number of teams to pair.

    I'm not sure. As long as Italy had 3 spots, they were assigned to the champion, vice-champion and winner of regular season. Next season Italy has only one direct CL spot which of course will go to the champion. I don't now if the spot in CL qualifiers will go to vice-champion or winner of regular season...

    I can confirm that Conegliano, as winner of the Regular Season, earned the CL spot for the Qualification Rounds. If they are also the Champion they will get the fix CL spot, while the other finalist will get the spot they have now; otherwise whoever is the Champion will get the fix spot and Conegliano will have to pass through the qualification process.

    And probably Vakif's defeat by Pomi is because they didn't even expect to play against them. Maybe for the bronze, but that wouln't be such an inportant match. They prepared for Fener perfectly and expected Kazan...

    If I were a coach or a volleyball player of that level, this would be one of the worst insult someone could make me...losing a final because the other possible opponent was more probable, are we talking about amateur volleyball or Champions League?

    Looking at their road to the final, Vakifbank had to beat Eczacibasi, Volero and Fenerbahce in a row to get there. Pomi beat Kazan without Gamova and Startseva. Now, I'm not saying they're not deserving winners, they totally are, but I wish we had a more balanced system. It's difficult to make a significant change, though, as volleyball is not the ideal sport for home and away format and hosting the F4 in a neutral venue would probably not be economically viable.

    I also thought about that and at the beginning my idea was exactly like yours, I would add that Pomì (considering the absence of Piccinini due to her injury and the very short bench) would have had to make a miracle even bigger to reach the F4 without being the host.
    But then if you look very well into the results of the last years, you will find out that the last time a host-team won the Champions League was in 2004 (Tenerife), 12 years ago. I think this is the proof that being the host can be a double-edged sword. Sure, you go directly to the F4 and you have the audience on your side, but the lack of international activity for some months, the pressure, the motivation of the other teams who fought harder to reach the qualification, can also be too much to handle.
    If CEV could find a way to fill the venues in a neutral city, it would be ideal, but until they can make this happen, I'm starting to reconsider this solution, which is, after all, not even so convenient for the host, who risks to pay (a lot) to see another team lifting the trophy.

    What Pomì did today was amazing! Big congrats to them! I'm happy to see the Cup back to Italy.

    I was expecting Vakif to do way better than this, but to be honest, Pomì really didn't give them any space. Today they were almost perfect.

    I agree that Picci must be MVP, not only for how she played, but also for how she guided the team.

    I don't get why Laola's speaker keeps saying that Picci has won 4 Champions League with this one, this is actually the 6th...

    Anyway, I think it should be reviewed this Meldonium doping honestly....I know Russia has many cases of doping, but this seems just political thing, not really a scientifical thing. Its like cafeine, imagine if from one day to another they prohibid cafeine....imagine how many athletes would get caugh...

    The point is: why a lot of perfectly healthy athletes would take an anti-ischemic drug without having any benefit from it? Do they like how it tastes?

    I think (and hope) we will see 5 balanced sets between Fener and Vakif, but in the end I think Fener stronger motivation will make them win. It's the first F4 they play after their last victory 4 years ago and they have the team to go for the title; I expect them to do exactly that.

    Pomì can probably manage to take 1 set against Kazan, but it will be difficult to do more than that, I don't think such an experienced team will miss the big chance of playing the final.

    Matthias, I like to think that Gamova has always been a bit obsessed with CL since she lost 3 finals against Foppa :lol:

    The Olympic Qualification starts May 14, only 36 days away..... when will be the final of this league?, the players wont have time at all to rest and train..

    The last match could be April 29th, May 1st or May depends on how the series will go. Anyway the last possible date is May 3rd, which is also the day when Bonitta wants to leave for Tokyo, so everybody is hoping that the Final won't reach Game 5 :aww:

    Trentino got extremely lucky yesterday.
    Hernandez had an argument with Hierrezuelo. His lack of desire and careless attitude was very interesting
    According to gazzetta; Hernandez has already had an agreement to play in Qatar . So he might intentionally performed poorly. :what:

    Actually he had a lot of tape around his right knee ad it looked like he was really suffering...I don't know if he was just acting...