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    I dont know why they cant stop changing schedules, I think the schedule that scarpetta has shared is correct, cause that's more recent. They will change website's schedule later it is a little bit out of date usually

    You have done some really great work there, thank you very much! :cup: One thing I saw, it was probably discussed here but I must've missed it. Egypt still need to cut one player, right? Probably an opposite as they have 3 right now. Also, no Abdalla Ahmed, the tall bald Egyptian setter? He, alongside Ahmed Salah, has been one of the NT symbols for years. And also, I think Salah played at the 2008 Olympics. So did Mohamed Abdelmoneim who should be otherwise known as Badawy (or Moneim). But I also have problems with their names :D

    You're welcome!
    Yeah Badawi was in Beijing but I cant find Salah there. Could you help? here

    I'll have an article on Volleywood later tonight US west coast time on the potential teams. You've got to look at the FIVB regulations for the tournament at the beginning going back to February 2015.

    you mean this rule?:

    If an allocated quota place is not confirmed by the NOC by the confirmation of quota place deadline or is declined by the NOC, the quota place will be reallocated to the next best ranked NOC, not yet qualified in the competition where the quota place was obtained.

    But it is not very clear because there had been second qualies. And it doesn't say anything about time maybe it is very late to replace another team, I think German/Australian/Serbian are all on the beaches on vacation, If they are not still training because of this low probability to be invited to Rio.

    And another issue is that this rule says if quota is declined by NOC it is not talking about that NOC being banned.

    well, Verhoeff in last games played as pure OP and Marshall was rather playing as OH so IMHO it's correct ^^ but of course either Marshall or Hoag can also play as OP, but probably Verhoeff will be first to replace Schmitt :wavy:

    so no place for Dan Lewis (L), Adam Simac (MB), Toontje Van Lankvelt (OH), all of them were in main team throughout last years...

    Thanks a lot! I didn't know that, in the qualies Verhoeff played as a MB.

    Less chance for Blengini not be listened by the players!! 8o

    Iran federation site said that they have asked OG teams what to do with TO. They have asked 2 options: first version: 1 TTO and 1 TO for coaches, second version no TTO and 2 TO for coaches.

    If Russian teams are banned then Germany and Turkey will be invited? is there time for it or both tournaments will have to do with 11 teams?

    It should be like this, and another version says because there were second qualies, teams in those tornaments should be considered too, men's AUS and women's THA.
    I dont know what FIVB will do, there are other rumers that Serbia will be allowed in in case of Cuba ban.
    But I think you are right about being late, deadline for registering athletes was July 18th.
    Another possibility is Russia volley participates under neutral flag. but volleyball was in that doping diagram too.
    Totally a mess! :call:

    He has some injuries according to that source, because of that missed 3rd week and final of WL.

    OG roster:

    S: Saeid Marouf, Mehdi Mahdavi
    Op: Shahram Mahmoudi, Amir Ghafour
    L: Mehdi Marandi
    MB: Mohammad Mousavi, Adel Gholami, Mostafa Sharifat
    OH: Hamzeh Zarini, Milad Ebadipour, Farhad Ghaemi, Mojtaba Mirzajanpour