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    :offtopic: What a shameful and ridiculous night for my country ;( ;(
    We couldn't sleep until 5 a.m because of bomb sounds, F-16's ;( There are too many questions, too many things to say. Now I'm in waiting mood for the ISIS or PKK (Kurdish terrorist group)'s next suicide bombing :S :offtopic:
    For the real topic; France -Brasil will be very interesting

    I thought you were Italian

    Olympics composition is almost selected, only 1 OH must must leave

    S: Saeid Marouf, Mehdi Mahdavi
    Op: Shahram Mahmoudi, Amir Ghafour
    L: Mehdi Marandi
    MB: Mohammad Mousavi, Adel Gholami, Mostafa Sharifat
    OH: Hamzeh Zarini, Milad Ebadipour, Farhad Ghaemi, Mojtaba Mirzajanpou, Javad Manavienejad

    Yes, on OG just one match could send you to "heaven or hell" but concentration of quality is much higher or better to say there isn't much space for mistakes :) I mean in general not only for Rio.

    If you compare Iran under Kovač and Lozano there is really big difference. I'm sure Lozano will do his job...

    Iran clubs don't have any youth program or teams? How is that possible? So Federation is "recruiting" players and after that clubs are hiring them? It should be reversed :D I can't believe what you said :rolll: I mean, Iran's results are miracle considering clubs aren't doing nothing. Also this explains Mirzajanpour's stagnation...

    Yes effectively clubs are doing nothing. except for 3 or 4 clubs like Paykan and Kalleh. But people themselves are doing sth, there many private or semi-private volleyball halls or schools all around the country especially in the regions that volley is hot, like Urumia (city of Marouf and Ebadipour) and Gonbad (city of Ghaemi- turkmens live there it's near Turkmenistan border) and these activities are generally coordinated by each province volleyball committee which is under supervision of Federation.

    Federation has a broad talent finding program which they select youth team from 10000 people and generally these people go to higher teams and clubs. It all started from 25 years ego where Ivans Bugajenkovs (2 times gold medalist from Soviet Union) came here and worked for 17 years in Iran as a coach for under age teams and programs. He even went to high schools in all the small cities all around the country to find players.

    For sure from Norceca.

    the rule is this: "If an allocated quota place is not confirmed by the NOC by the confirmation of quota place deadline or is declined by the NOC, the quota place will be reallocated to the next best ranked NOC, not yet qualified in the competition where the quota place was obtained."

    but i read in a Polish site that Finnish director of WL matches in Finland said quota will be given to AUS or Puerto. maybe because if we there was no Cuba, Puerto should have gone to Tokyo. so they hold a match between them.

    Thank you for this great analysis, as you mentioned Mahmoudi was very tired and had some injuries, like others. IMO this team is much better than Kovac's era, but some of the problems can't be solved easily because players don't experience a real professional life in their clubs.
    Iranian League is actually a charity institute for the players and managers to earn a lot for just in 20 or 30 matches. and not a single player is introduced to NT by clubs, they dont have any effective talent finding/ educating programs except 2 or 3. All the players are found by federation itself from all around the country for under age NTs and then clubs hire them.

    But what I think differently from Kazisky is that OG is not at all a good tournament to asses teams' real power. because of its format. WCH is a better tournament that we can say teams that are really more powerful can get to the semis. but at OG the only and the most important match is quarter final that sends you to the hell or heaven. Iran must play against one of the USA, BRA, ITA or FRA that normally they can beat Iran even if Iran plays good. but in that single match many things can happen

    Having the host in the preliminary round is a big problem, I suggest for the host to have matches like others, but the results not to be counted, this solves many problems and the host can have preparatory matches like they have it now.

    Japan is 11th but because Portugal which is in 12th place is the host for final 4, Japan should go (probably) to level 3. Japan missed everything this year and was very disappointing, and the coach is talking about 2020 Olympics in the press conference! I don't know what a coach could do more to be sacked. :wavy:

    The system with the 'hawk eye' was stopped at the frontier, so they use the old methods.

    They even had signed a contract with hawk's eye, but the company said that we can't come because of sanctions, (they belong to Sony that I think some of its stock belongs to an American company), although the sanctions are lifted.

    Speaking about the Iranian fans, I appreciate that the hall was so full also for the previous match on a friday (in other countries is quite rare).
    Well, they weren't cheering for Italy, but I will forgive them :P

    Still, I keep wondering if this is a stadium suit for volleyball: the people in the short side of the camp seem very, very far also from the first row O.O

    :teach: Well it has two reasons: First that Friday is a holiday in Iran :whistle: .
    and second that that ticket selling system is totally a mess in that stadium, there is no number on tickets and they sell more than capacity :down: so people go there sooner to find a better location!

    The stadium is originally for ice skating but rarely is used for that purpose.