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    I'm hoping Taylor Agost continues to play pro volleyball. She had an outstanding season in Greece as part of her first year transformation from OP to OH. She was one of the top scorers in the league. I think she's ready to handle OH at the German league level.

    in a local Portland Oregon interview Kim Hill has already stated that she's going to continue to play so she can try and make the team for the 2021 Olympics. Hopefully Conegliano will keep their team together and she'll play there again.

    Let's not forget the dark horse here, Taylor Agost, switching from OP to OH playing in the Greek league and the leading attacker in that league this season and making great strides in her reception. From what I saw she's already at the level of Simone Lee for reception.

    If Erdegon says there are no cases of CV19 in Turkey then there will be no cases of CV19 in Turkey. He's got more clout then Trump when it comes to controlling the public dialogue. Now flu in Turkey may reach an unusual peak this year....

    Just just for a historical perspective the Spanish flu at its peak lasted for over a year. We are just in the ramp-up phase of cv-19. At some point states are going to have to decide the trade off between economic collapse and protection of the citizens. It seems like it must be time to go back and read Camus.

    Also if they are going to allow fans will they let Italian fans into the chosen country or just Turkish and Russian fans? It's going to be a mess no matter how it works out. An exciting season on the verge of collapse....

    I think there is the strong possibility that the cl season is lost this year and also a very strong possibility of the vnl being cancelled with the hope that the Olympics could go forward. We are just in the beginning of the cv-19 problem and the national governments are taking it seriously because if they did nothing and it went out of control then they would lose their political power.

    Corona virus hits Northern Italy. Tomorrows matches may be cancelled and a potential dark cloud hangs over the season. From Imoco's website via google translation.

    OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION OF CONI "On indication of the Government, the Minister for Youth Policies and Sports Vincenzo Spadafora asked CONI to invite the National Sports Federation, the Associated Disciplines and the Sports Promotion Bodies, to suspend, for the day of Sunday 23 February, all sports activities scheduled in the Regions of Lombardy and Veneto. "

    We are awaiting further communications that will be promptly communicated on our site and our social networks.

    Is women's volleyball just not popular enough in Germany to attract rich hobby investors or corporations like we see in Turkey and used to see in Azerbijian and Russia before the oil price collapse? It seems Germany could certainly have one super team in the way RC Cannes used to be in France or Volero in Switzerland. Germany is a popular cultural destination for Americans. I can imagine many would like the Berlin life style.

    Is Rolfson seen as a defensive OH or more offensive? Has she improved enough to be considered for the USNT as an offensive OH say to back up Bartsch? Is she on target to move up from Germany to Italy. BTW Taylor Agost, last year Aachen as an OP, is now playing in Greece transitioning to OH and is one of the top scorers in the league. I hope she can play her way back to Germany.


    If Fenerbache decides to start both JT and Vargas at the same time, similiar to the Polish NT playing Smarzek and Stysiak at the same time. Which of the two would be hitting from position #4 and which would receive? Would Fener be able to institute a two person reception line with Krob and the libero and protect the other two from blowing up the offense and pick up an advantage by trading reception for OOS attacking.

    The CWC really has meaning when it is played right after the end of the Club season. Unfortuately with the new VNL format that seems to be a thing of the past. When played in the fall many of the teams don't even have the previous years players and of course instead of being red hot at the end of the season they are just jellling and getting back together. So yes we get to see many of the best teams play but CWC in fall no longer truly represents who the top Club team was for a given year.